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  1. This last line tells me that they are reluctant in implementing this as it will affect their bottom line. SMH. Looks like my next vacation will be a land vacation outside the US.
  2. It doesn’t prevent you from cruising, but it does make it a more unpleasant experience and it does cost you more money at the end. You may not be allowed in certain places on a ship, you may not be allowed to get off a certain ports, you’re subject to more testing on your dime … why would one want to subject themselves to that if you are fully vaccinated but the cruise line won’t recognize you as such?
  3. This will all be moot point as epidemiologists in the US are recommending those who got a J&J shot get an mRNA shot as a booster. Give it time … guidelines are going to change.
  4. I have a feeling that they will reverse their mixing vaccine policy sooner rather than later. Barbados had that policy in place and then they reversed their decision once the publicity was placed on them and they were forced to review. I think with enough pressure by the UK and the Canadian government, they will reverse it.
  5. I saw Hairspray on Oasis years ago and there was a guy who used to be in sitcoms back in the 80s who played Edna (his name slips me) but he was PHENOMENAL. That entire production was fantastic. I was a bit underwhelmed with Mamma Mia on the Allure. We’re supposed to go back on the Oasis next August and I hope CATS is up to snuff. If it’s anything like the movie, I have a feeling we won’t last longer that the first 20 minutes.
  6. It's my husband and kids ... I'm assigned to one room and my husband is assigned to the other room (the one adult per room rule), but I booked both rooms. Hopefully, I can go down without him. If not, no biggie if I drag him downstairs (probably have to drag the kids along with him).
  7. Thank you . I read through the thread and it was informative. It looks like our first stop will be at guest services!
  8. I have two adjoining balcony rooms on the Horizon and I was wondering if the partition between the balconies can be removed to create one larger balcony?
  9. I didn’t ask for it … this was the cabin that was assigned to me. I asked for 2 adjoining rooms and that room is what they gave me. I just asked if these rooms were any different.
  10. I recently booked adjoining rooms on the Horizon for me and my family. When I checked the deck map, it says that one of the rooms is an ambulatory accessible stateroom. What is that exactly? Is it any different from regular balcony rooms?
  11. Can anyone tell me if you’ve encountered any good glass bottom boat excursions in Ocho Rios, Grand Cayman or Cozumel? That’s the itinerary that we’re taking in August and I would love to bring my kids on one, as they’ve never been. I went on one in Roatan and it was great.
  12. That’s exactly what I was hoping. We booked 2 rooms for our family of 5, with an adult in each room with the kids. My husband is more of a drinker than I am, so I didn’t see the point in getting 2 cheers packages. My kids don’t even like soda, so the Bubbles package would be a waste for them.
  13. I know that if you purchase the Cheers package then all adults in the cabin have to get it. Supposing you’re the only adult in a cabin with kids? Do I have to buy the Bubbles package for them since I’m buying the cheers package?
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