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  1. Which lines or ships seems to have the best reputation for great food? We are a family of foodies, so this will probably be a big factor in choosing our trip.
  2. My mother-in-law has requested that all 3 of her kids and her 2 daughters-in-law all go on a cruise with her in 2022 to celebrate her 90th birthday (we're all first-time cruisers). She has asked us to give her some ideas about where we might like to go, and then she will decide on which destination. However, I think that the quality of the ship experience might be a more important factor than the destination. I say this because my in-laws are quite fussy and picky about things that I would probably let slide or which would make me shrug and say "Oh well." So, I want to make sure that: the rooms are clean and well cared for (if not "luxurious"); the food is excellently prepared (doesn't have to be "fancy"); the service is warm and accommodating; and the entertainment is of a good quality (jazz would be a bonus!). I'm sure that we can all can find interesting things to see/do/buy in the ports, but the time spent on the ship must not be fraught with frustrations and disappointments for this group, or else no one will be happy. So I thought I would try to find the highest-rated ships, and THEN see where those ships travel to. But I'm not seeing a tool on the site that lets me sort by ship rating specifically. Therefore, I invite your comments about best ships and worst ships, based on those parameters I mentioned (the rooms, the food, the service, the entertainment). Thanks in advance.
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