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  1. Absolutely correct -- I hope like hell Canadians are permitted to enter the US next winter so we can get out of minus 40 degree weather . I also hope like hell there are police to protect us . I also hope like hell my golf game improves later today when I " hit the links " .
  2. Thanks, however, perhaps I'm a wimp or maybe even smart. We do not want to take any chances after what happened in the US where some city officials were much too lenient with the rules and welcomed a " Love in ". The fact that so many younger people didn't observe anything didn't help either. I could see the same crowd at AI's.
  3. Going to an AI in the future would be similar to a cruise regarding social distancing, wearing a mask, etc, etc-- Pas pour moi, merci ( Not for me, thank you ) .
  4. IMO everybody is so frustrated with what's going on , not only regarding future cruising, but " Life " in general. Because I must stay on topic, a TA is like any other service provider. Some are good , others not. About " When will be able to cruise again ? "-- pages and pages on this, but, who " really " knows ? What will the new regulations be , and are we willing to pay for it ? Cruising is a privilege and a pleasure , however, at this time aren't there are more important issues at stake --- like getting the Economy going ?? However, CC is still a nice diversion from the " real world " .
  5. Oh Boy -- Here we go again . Everybody is different regarding the risk they are willing to take about cruising . For us it's simple--- If it ain't gonna be no fun with many restrictions , we will stay home . Over the years we enjoyed many cruises and what's the purpose of spending all that money and be limited in our overall cruise experience. I just talked myself into cancelling our November cruise.
  6. The mask is very nice--- The team is terrible. IMO-- one of the worst run professional sport's team in history.
  7. Happy 4th of July to our American friends. Be safe and you will be happy .
  8. The best and most famous hot dogs were served at the old Montreal Forum. Nothing like going to a game there , having 2-3 hot dogs and watching the Canadiens beat the Leafs . Much better than the chocolate covered strawberries we pay $ 1000's for on a cruise.
  9. Merci Mon Ami ( Thank You My Friend )
  10. LOL---I hope you are not the guy I referred to too many times on CC ( Loud, Cowboy hat, young lady 40 yrs younger than you ) ??
  11. I'm pretty sure it was in December 2019. It's across the hall from the jewelry store where they sell " previously loved " Rolex watches to old men with " much " younger women. Never mind what I was thinking -- She even gave him a kiss !!
  12. Western Canada- Banff, Lake Louise and Victoria are beautiful vacation sites.
  13. We could use something new at this point. I tried earlier today, but no " bites ". Is it within the guidelines to play " What's My Line " if someone starts a thread and we try to guess their occupation or former occupation if they are retired ?
  14. Best to say nothing more. Yea, yea, I know , you got your " rights " .
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