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  1. We were on the Reflection 4 times --- She's a great ship, as are the other " S" class ships . I could care less whether a door opens inward or out , whether there are 4 " or 5 " between tables, the staff to passenger ratio , what deck the pool is on ,or a whole bunch of other " nitpicking " things. To avoid waiting in line at the MDR or in Blu ( Aqua class ) --- make a reservation ahead of time for each day and show up on time--- Your table will be available within a minute or two. Never had a complaint -----Just go and enjoy---
  2. Sounds like you don't " Attend " the daily " Slugfest on 14 " where that behavior is a common " activity ". It's a disgrace to witness these Slobs -- so, we very seldom get to enjoy ( ?? ) that " entertainment " (?? ).
  3. I guess she wanted to " average down '' the cost of her cruise. I'll bet her suitcase was also full of toiletries , soap bars, and a dozen of the sticky buns and scones ( uumm goood ). Is anyone reading this the man sitting at the table next to us who ate a large chunk of blue cheese every night with his other appetizers ??
  4. By your photo, you don't look the " type " that would wear the same shorts, tank top, flip flops and dirty baseball cap every day for an entire cruise. ( WE gotta make more room on the Senators bandwagon )!!!
  5. How about a few more to get the adrenalin " going "--- Gratuities, Slobs at the " Slugfest on 14 ", Chair Hogs at the Pool , and, LOL-----the ever famous " Who's On Board " .
  6. Ya being funny ??? Ya think there aren't " Goofs " that come into the MDR or go to the " Slug Fest on 14 " wearing pj's at breakfast ? It's the same people that wear shorts, tank tops, flip flops, and their baseball cap backwards . " Slobs " that can't or won't follow the guidelines of the cruise line. And, sweats , you know the baggy, sloppy type some folks have been wearing since the beginning of the pandemic , should not be worn into the MDR at dinner --- period. ( Ya, Ya , it's My Opinion ).
  7. ( 14 pages on the same old, same old , that was discussed months ago )---- Ok, ok, -- I know--- " Move on " !!!! So, while this is not a forum for " sports talk " other than '' sports " talking , wouldn't it be nice if Celebrity had a current or passed , oops, former " Sport's celebrity " on board every cruise as part of their entertainment program ? I believe NCL used to do that.
  8. Very good observation-- I never thought of that. Great to see how well the Senators played the other night making their best comeback in history. Any room on the " bandwagon " for Pinboy ??
  9. Correct--- LOL--- Maybe " Most " times rather than " Often " times ??? While this is not a site on " How to operate a business " , your statement reminds me of the philosophy we always used ---- Treat our employees the way they " deserved " to be treated, and , the Company's best " Insurance Policy " was ---- Pay the bills on time. That way we always had excellent employees and received great service from companies we dealt with.
  10. This is getting " nuts "--- " Blah, blah, blah -- Ya wanna go , here's the price, here's what ya get " --- end of story ". How about we move on to some " good stuff " like: 1--The dangers of Silent Disco dancing ( ?? ) . 2--The " I didn't really mean it " conversation in your cabin after participating in the Newly Wed game. 3--Great " deals " on jewelry that were not so great when you brought it/them for an appraisal at home. 4-- Who's on ?---- forget it --- there would be too many pages .
  11. ( A little sport's humor for whom I think is a "good sport "--- ) LOL----Is the above comment how you felt the last few nights after the hockey game ? I gotta "give it " to the 1st goalie last night--- He had no difficulty getting out of the way when the puck was " floating " towards him and straight into the net.
  12. Very nice-----I did say "Just for fun---- no offense " and glad you took it that way.
  13. Just for fun---- no offense: I noticed the picture on your CC Id--- What was your complaint for receiving the bubbly, the flowers AND the chocolate covered strawberries ?
  14. LOL ( Big time ) --- That is funny !!! Love it !!! ( Mrs P say's the same thing )
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