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  1. 42 minutes ago, Oville said:

    Kate does a pretty good job of promoting herself and Celebrity.  She has 308,000 followers on…

    That's part of her job -- and, she's very smart to do it. She " sells " the Celebrity brand.

    Just look at all the attention this thread is getting-- really over a simple announcement of who the Captain of the Beyond will be.   It's " Beyond " believable ( LOL ).


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  2. 14 minutes ago, TeeRick said:

    To answer your question,

    With due respect--- I meant to ask a " general " question to anyone on CC, not specifically to you.

    As with yourself, we've met many Captains, enjoyed some " small talk " with them and so many other Staff members --- never had a bad experience on our many cruises no matter " Who was on board ".


  3. 14 minutes ago, TeeRick said:

    Show the public (you?) that she is best for the job? 

    Celebrity Press Releases are marketing and investor purposed.

    Excellent post---Bang on.

    IMO-- It's none of our ( customers ) business who or how Captains or any other employees are selected by the Company. 

    It's no different than who the Manager is of your favorite restaurant , store , or " wherever ".

    I've stated my position -- but here's a question :

    Let's say you book a cruise because Captain X is scheduled to be on board and later find out that he/she has been re-assigned ? Now what ??  


  4. 2 hours ago, Ipeeinthepools said:


    Same here -- and, I don't mean to be rude.

    I've said over and over, it really doesn't matter who the Captain of the vessel is or who any of the other staff members are. We never had bad service and enjoyed every cruise.

    I just don't understand " why "  so many people " care "  who the staff members are. 

    Yes, there are those whom we remember and are happy to see again, but, that's it -- until we meet again on a future cruise. 






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  5. 4 minutes ago, miched said:

    Never understood that term of put your hands together.

    How about :

    " GIVE IT UP FOR XXX "   LOL-- What are we  " giving up " and WHY should we " give it up " ???  

    " DO WE HAVE ANY CANADIANS ON BOARD " ?? -- And we all cheer like crazy -- even though the CD could care less who's from where.  ( Hey, it's a job ).

    And, " DON'T FORGET TO FILL IN THE SURVEY "---- every second day. 

    Lastly, WHY do we cheer and give a standing ovation for the 92 yr old couple who are on their 26th B2B cruise ? There seems to be a couple like that on every cruise.

    Yup--- I've been on too many cruises.



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  6. On 10/6/2021 at 3:05 PM, UnMe4ever2gether said:

    Is there a way to find out which Captain will be on which ship?

    YES !!  Take the cruise and on the first night attend the " Welcome Aboard " reception in the theatre.

    When the CD shouts " NOW, PUT YOUR HANDS TOGETHER FOR THE CAPTAIN OF THE VESSLE " --- That's the Captain !!!

    He/she will get a louder " shout out " and more cheers ( ?? ) than the Chief Engineer , the Assistant Head of Security or the other 23 Heads of " Whatever " they introduce.

    Here's a funny one ( ?? ) you might hear from the Captain  ---

    " We welcome you on board as Guests and will bid you good bye as Cargo " .

    LOL--- Guess who's been on too many cruises ???? 

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  7. On 9/20/2021 at 11:20 AM, GottaKnowWhen said:

    I think that bribing, aka early tipping, is not only not classy, but it also disrespects the server, steward, whoever. If I were in their position, I would resent the implication that I have no pride in my work, and that I would not do a good job unless given cash incentives up front. 

    In the " real world "---

    " NOPE-- I ain't acceptin no $50 tip --- and DON'T disrespect me . OK - OK , go ahead -- I'll get over the implication ( in about 10 seconds ) that I don't have no pride in my work " . 



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  8. On 9/17/2021 at 7:55 PM, Spif Barwunkel said:

    Too many folks feeling entitled and therefore incapable of a dignified retort. If the cruising cost included room and board only with everything else a la carte and no perks or rewards,  would you still be cruising today?

    Some people on sites like this will pick a fight no matter the topic-- easy to tell who they are after a while.

    Perks are mini " teasers " to make you feel important --- until you find out ( as we did ) that 90 % of the people on board are Elite or higher.  And, to think how much we paid over the years for that free bag of laundry and that ONE scoop of gelato ( LOL ).

    Because we are non drinkers, don't really need the internet or a scoop of gelato we would prefer an a la carte pricing structure-- prior to 90 days of sailing when the selection of cabins is better.

    We have been on many cruises with Celebrity-- never had a bad one--- great food, excellent service , clean ships, so my answer is yes.




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  9. 1 hour ago, zitsky said:

    We always get the free scoops

    So, when Pinboy graduated to Elite-- with all those " Free " ( ??? ) perks after spending thousands of $ US and couldn't wait for the gelato stand to open--- Yup, I asked for 2 scoops --- bragged ( ?? )that I'm now Elite, not knowing that 99.25 % are Elite or higher.

    The young lady just nodded and said " Elite guests are only entitled to one scoop "  and out came the larger of the two scoops.  

    You must be Super Duper Elite or even related to the the 18 yr old Server to get free scoop .

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  10. 18 hours ago, zitsky said:

    Is Lawn Club pay as you go or can you eat as much as you want?

    " This year, I finished the 12oz ribeye and 9oz filet mignon at tuscan.

    So I could have done 2 ribeyes."

    Just read the above from the poster and take a guess --- LOL.

    I'll bet he/she also had the lamb chops and three warm chocolate cookie deserts ( one without the ice cream to save on the calories ).



  11. Just yesterday while lining up a putt on the 18th hole I was thinking the same thing about the gelato stand ---- it got me so confused that I missed a 2 ft putt.

    The same damn thing happened last week when thinking about who the CD might be on our next cruise.

    I'm giving up golf--- too stressful with all this CC " stuff " to worry about !!

    ( Who's going to be first to " So Don't Read It " ) 





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  12. 1 hour ago, awinkl said:

    And where is the incentive of Staff, to provide (very) good Service on a fully-booked Cruise, when they already know, that they will receive their share anyway?

    What the Staff receive from the Gratuities Included portion of the cruise fare is really part of their salary.

    There is a huge incentive to provide the excellent service we always receive because " some " passengers are more generous than the sleezebags that line up at the end of the cruise to remove the gratuities that the entire Staff rely on. They are smart enough to know that if they remove the Gratuities at the beginning of the cruise, the Staff are made aware of it , and , treat them accordingly. 

    Knowing how to say Thank You ( $$$$  ) is not a "cultural " thing , it a " person " thing.





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  13. 5 minutes ago, dkjretired said:



    5 minutes ago, dkjretired said:

    They give a bill to add on the tip or if you get a drink without a drink plan, etc.

    We are non- drinkers but still received a bill.

     I assume they changed their policy since we last cruised ( 2019 ) prior to COVID.



  14. 3 hours ago, Esprit said:

    We never got a bill in Murano's on the two occasions we dined there the other week on Silhouette.

    Excellent-- I assume they changed their policy and eliminated the confusion.

    Over the years we were in most Specialty Restaurants on all the S class ships and I can't remember not receiving a bill. We always handed our Server a gratuity for them to keep.

    Food, service always excellent. 



  15. 3 hours ago, NMTraveller said:

    If would be nice if Celebrity made it obvious.

    If I remember correctly , in the Specialty Restaurants Celebrity gives you a bill and on the bottom there is a line that reads " Additional Gratuity " , indicating that there already is a gratuity included in the price.

    However, if you add a tip to the bill, it is shared in the tip pool. If you hand $US ( No $Can please ) to your Server, they keep it for themselves. 



  16. 1 hour ago, dkjretired said:

    Your reference to other posts means nothing. ..

    " Your reference to other posts means nothing " ---- to you.

    Ok, that's fair.

    How about this:

    Let's ALL be friends, tip what we think is appropriate based on the service and food we enjoyed.

    My post ( # 19 ) is exactly what we were told by Servers, Maitre'Ds and also a Hotel Manager.

    Therefore, we always felt comfortable tipping our Server directly --- ( but, not $100 ). 

    In fact, usually the same Server invited us to return to their table another night -- at a reduced rate.

    I assume they were happy with our tip. 


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  17. 56 minutes ago, dkjretired said:


    Since the first day that Celebrity had Specialty restaurants, the service charge has always been the tip, anything else is up to the cruiser.   If you buy a drink and don't have a drink package which of course now is rare, then you pay the price of the drink and a tip which last I saw was 18%, no different than if you went to one of the bars to get a drink.  

    "  the service charge has always been the tip "

    Who's going to tip $ 30-50 per person to eat in a Specialty Restaurant ???

    Kindly read #'s 19 and 24 --- Easy to understand.

  18. We have been to Murano, Tuscan Grill , Lawn Grill, etc , and in every Specialty Restaurant  this is what we were told on more than one occasion :

    If you add a tip onto the bottom of the bill where it says " Additional Gratuity " , it goes into the pool.

    If you hand cash directly to whomever serves you, he/she keeps it for themselves .

    ( Only $US are acceptable )



  19. 1 minute ago, GottaKnowWhen said:

    Which is good, because there are many who would tip nothing if they could get away with it.

    There are many who do get away without tipping.

    They go to the GR desk and ask for the Auto Gratuities to be removed early on in the cruise. 

    Because the Staff are made aware of it, the " brave sleezebags " wait until the last night of the cruise to " stiff " the Staff that provided great service throughout the cruise. 



  20. 26 minutes ago, davekathy said:

    Our luggage is always taken by the porter dock side, loaded into a large luggage bin with a lot of other luggage. Once the bin is full then a forklift driver picks up the luggage and takes the luggage bin to the ships loading area where the luggage bin is loaded on the ship. How does the forklift driver know how much if anything you tipped the porter and which pieces of luggage are yours?  

    Simple- as soon as they walk towards the building, people that “ forgot “ to thank ( ?? ) the Porters , somehow their bags fall off the cart .

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