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  1. There are many who do get away without tipping. They go to the GR desk and ask for the Auto Gratuities to be removed early on in the cruise. Because the Staff are made aware of it, the " brave sleezebags " wait until the last night of the cruise to " stiff " the Staff that provided great service throughout the cruise.
  2. Is that You ??? Now I know who you are --- You're that " popular " ( ?? ) guy at our golf course that Nobody will play with. LOL-- I played 9 holes with him once and said I had to leave because I was only 8 under par .
  3. Simple- as soon as they walk towards the building, people that “ forgot “ to thank ( ?? ) the Porters , somehow their bags fall off the cart .
  4. You still don't understand --- " unless the " Bag " is around my age ( LOL ) !!!!! "
  5. You didn't get my humor about the " Bag " -- Re-read it. And , Yes I expect change if I hand the porter a US $100 bill --- ( LOL ) -- but, not if it's a Canadian $100.
  6. You might as well have said $25 a bag --- There's no way in hell anyone on CC would tip $10 a bag--- unless the " Bag " is around my age ( LOL ) !!!!!
  7. We never had a pager in our hand as in " We'll page you when your table is ready ". LOL-- So, I spent another few $ US --- no Big Deal --- ( except for our Canadian dollar exchange rate )
  8. LOL--- Same in Canada BUT--- They end up filling in " Lost Luggage " forms and spend their whole vacation in a tshirt, sloppy shorts, and Birkenstock sandals.
  9. Good for you-- Anything less and your bags might end up in " who knows where " instead of where you were sending them to. Same with the Porters at the cruise terminal. They call it " Knowing how to say Thank You ". And, bye the way--- Handing a tip to the restaurant Hostess at the beginning of the cruise is a very good " Insurance policy "
  10. Understood--- But, if you are only contributing to the Auto Gratuities, you don't need a spreadsheet. Personally, I prefer to tip who I want and let the Cruise Line pay higher wages to non-frontline employees. Example--- We are non drinkers, but, part of my Auto Gratuities are added to their pool.
  11. So, what the hell do you keep a spreadsheet for ?? I'm not so sure I would like to serve you--- but, I'll have dinner with you any time and meet the " Real " you.
  12. Perfect--- I'm Exactly the same . I don't even take part in that friggin ,dumb , Silent Disco, the Newlywed Game or the How to look 16 yrs younger in 90 minutes " promise " ( ?? ) . ( OK, Ok so you like it----- Enjoy--- )
  13. 1-- Watch out--- You might get some backlash on that ?? 2-- Absolutely correct--- However , ever notice all the pages on " Who's On Board " ??? 3-- Years back a new employee asked whether the Company gave a day off on their birthday . The Boss answered ---" We also give you a day off if you drop dead "--- 4-- Absolutely correct --- It should not be permitted ---- ( even if the Server forgets to bring your 3rd shrimp cocktail ).
  14. Doin' Great --- 5 pages so far , going for 160 IF Pinboy was workin' on a ship he would appreciate $US , lots of 'em , as " Thanks for my service in doing my best to make sure you have a fantastic cruise ". $US don't have an Expiry date and would be accepted, and appreciated, at any time prior to the " Guest " leaving the ship at the end of the cruise. ( We really are " Customers "----- " Guests " in our house don't pay )
  15. They brought the stuff with the intent of giving it to their Room Steward as an extra special ( ?? ) reward for good service. Why else would anyone bring a fruit cake and/or a Disney mug with them on a cruise ?? " Hey, Honey--- Don't forget the fruit cake -- the one from 3 Christmases ago---that your uncle, that cheap xxx brought us-- it's in the basement beside the Disney souvenirs --- See if that mug , the one with Goofy on it is still there-- just wipe off the dust --- and pack it in your suitcase".
  16. Sure beats candy bars, photos of " me, me , me " , or trinkets from your home town, while you ( the Staff person ) are busting your xxx off trying to make a living and supporting a family that you are away from for " months " at a time. If I were a Staff person I would " snicker " if someone left me a Snicker bar.
  17. LOL---- To be honest, or, sort of --- Pinboy has been on lots of cruises--- and ONLY one time I " Almost " found an " excuse " ( ??? ) to remove ALL the Gratuities of our 14 day cruise !!! Our Waiter , The Bum , forgot to bring my 3rd shrimp cocktail with the 2 other appetizers I ordered !!! Lucky for him, " Someone " just stared at me --- That , changed my mind !!!
  18. Pinboy can't talk about bars ( not a drinker ) but assume the Bar Tenders would share the tips after each shift. In the Specialty restaurants , we were told on more than one occasion , if you add the tip to the bill , it goes into the tip pool for that restaurant. If you give a tip directly to your Server, that person keeps the tip-- no sharing with the pool. A tip given directly to your Room Steward is not shared in the tip pool--- and, why would it ??? It's awful when those " sleezebags " remove their Gratuities !!!
  19. It just shows you-- Just because some folks choose to cruise in '' Suite " class , doesn't mean they have any " Class ". I've posted many times that we avoid the " slugfest on 14 " , except the famous ( to me ) scones at 4pm , because of people like her--- and, there a lots of them.
  20. LOL--- The number of bags on board might have been cut in half also. Here's a " tip "-- I doubt anyone thought of this ???? Watch the porter put all your bags onto the baggage cart before rushing to the " slugfest on 14 ".
  21. We've boarded cruises xxx times in Ft Lauderdale and this " experience " is kinda hard to believe --- " I have never know any porter to look at their tip " ? Trust me--- they can tell by looking at you--- the old " fold it up the size of a postage stamp " trick is their clue to a lousy tip. I always let them see what I'm giving and get a " Thanks , Sir ". " Lined up and demanded to see boarding passes " ? Why would he want to see your boarding pass ? You wouldn't be allowed to enter the port without one . They check your pass at the entrance to the port. " Took his picture and called the port authority and gave it to them " ? How did you take his picture showing his badge and how did you give it to the Port Authority ? " Tips weren't required " ? Oh Yes they are---- IF you want your bags to get on board the ship.
  22. We also went to Bistro on Five ( $ 5.00 per person ?? ) and avoided the " Slugfest on 14 "-- But, since it no longer exists, we enjoy lunch at the Spa Café. Not to be negative, but, the Concierge Class really didn't justify the extra price. Pinboy has no patience to stand in line for 84 minutes for the Concierge to tell me " Sorry 'bout that , but , the XXX Specialty Restaurant is booked " , or , " I'll look into XXX and get back to you ". I prefer to take care of things myself. We've been on so many cruises-- can't remember ever having a bad time or poor service -- oops, except the time our waiter forgot my 3rd shrimp cocktail -- LOL-----Being a " good sport ", I didn't even go to GR and remove the Gratuities.
  23. I could never understand the focus of the 1600 pages plus of the " Who's On Board " thread . They are Staff members who are there to do their job and provide excellent service that " Customers " pay for to ensure the " Customer's " future loyalty to the Cruise Company. Yes, it's nice to re-connect when we recognize a Staff member from a previous cruise , but , we would never plan a cruise based on whether so and so will be on board.
  24. LOL--- I hear ya--- Hey, as a member of CC in "Good Standing " ( ???? ) and part of the 5,00,000 Club, haven't ya caught on to some of the " less than smart " contributors by now ?? ( Here comes the " Who are you to judge other contributors " posts ) .
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