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  1. Everyone in a Management position in ANY Company, Organization or whatever should treat everyone with honor and respect. I wouldn't expect anything different from the Captain of a ship. Hopefully we will meet Captain Kate one day and enjoy a chat with her as we have had with several Captains over the years. Hopefully we will meet some CC members one day and share a few laughs over some of our posts and get to see the " real " person behind the name.
  2. Pinboy's honest opinion re Lawn Club on Reflection and Silhouette: 1--- Go there on a night when you are in port overnight, if applicable --- no wind because the ship isn't sailing--- you are docked in port. Otherwise even with wind barriers it could be drafty, so bring a sweater . 2--- Do not, repeat not, fill yourself up on flat breads ( pizza ) and garden salad . 3--- Order the lamb chops as an appetizer -- maybe even a second order -- they really are good. 4--- The filet mignon and grilled shrimps are excellent and you can assist the Chef at the grill if you want to. 5--- Very important--- Read slowly --- for desert -- it's a must --- the warm chocolate chip cookie with ice cream --- Again, being honest , it's not the same dining " experience " as Murano ( the best restaurant on board ), but, it's really good. And, if you know how to say thanks ( $$ ) there's a very good chance you will be invited back at a reduced rate. Try it--- You'll like it
  3. YOU got it --- That's an excellent reply . ( I don't understand a recent reaction with a laughing face-- I didn't think it was meant to be funny ) ??
  4. Really ??? Says Who ??? All you have to do is read the Guidelines that the Company requests . It's not a " power play " --- as that BS some folks post -- It's to maintain a bit of decorum on a few nights of the cruise. And, I doubt anyone would go into any other restaurant on board wearing tshirts, flip flops, shorts at dinner on any night during the cruise. Maybe we should move on from the same old crap about dress codes ??? ( Save your replies about Bye Bye etc )
  5. Absolutely NO--- By the time the Server ( he/she ) speaks to the Maitre'D ( he/she ), and then the Director of Food Services ( he/she ) , and then the Staff Captain ( he/she ) , and then the Hotel Mgr ( he/she ) and then , etc, etc and finally the Captain -------- Your food will be cold. ( I love that politically correct he/she stuff ).
  6. It's called Marketing 611--- Here's how it happened ( ??? ): The Cutter in XYZ Jean Manufacturing Company wasn't paying attention ( in today's wording --- lost his " focus " ) and the blade of the cutting knife got tangled up in the fabric and a whole batch of denim got torn. What to do with all that torn denim ?? So, they got all their employees , their kids, their friends, etc to call retail stores asking if they carry the new style of jeans with the tear at the knee made by XYZ Jean Manufacturing Company. The big demand at the store level generated large orders of torn at the knee jeans, and a new style trend was formed.
  7. They leave it on to show the " classy " brand they purchased just for the cruise. Back it goes as soon as they get back home.
  8. LOL---So true. Pinboy don't judge nobody -- nope--- I just look at " slobs " that are tooooo "self-centered " , wont follow the Guidelines, and mumble words to myself that most on CC never heard ( ?? ) --- one starts with the letter " A ".
  9. Exactly--- But, you know ( better than Pinboy --- that's for sure) that there are many people who post on various topics just looking for a " fight ". I said basically the same as you in my earlier post ( #34 ), but, in a less " politically correct " way. ( Boy, I love that expression )
  10. Absolutely--- However, I think our interpretation of the word " control " might be slightly different regarding the Guidelines as set out by the Cruise Company. If they ask for us to wear casual or chic or come to dinner wearing ( oops, forget that one ) what's the " big deal " . I don't look at it as the Cruise Company is " controlling " me. LOL----Perhaps we can " settle " this big argument outside the pool one day ???? Just in case you---
  11. Dress code---- That's something new --- today !!! The way Pinboy looks at it, it has nothing to do with people controlling other people. Just follow the friggin rules, guidelines , or whatever the hell you want to call 'em as set out by the Cruise Company. What's hard about that ?? Never mind " it's my body, it's my vacation , I have to dress up for work " BS -- And , yes, I don't wanna look at " entitled " folks sitting there in tshirts, shorts, flip flops, etc etc. during dinner. LOL--- Here it comes----- " So, Don't Look " ( I know I'm repeating myself , but, it's frustrating to read the same old, same old , about the dress code ). LOL--- Here it comes ---- " So Don't Read It "
  12. Absolutely correct -- No discussion --- That's it---- period. Ya wanna wear a tshirt on a night when they request something a little more " classy " , go ahead . Ya might as well wear one with " I love ME " on it. Yup, I know, it's your body, you're on vacation, blah, blah, blah. And, bye the way--- they sell them on the " Islands " --- 5 for $ 20 -- excellent quality ----until they are washed. Too bad about the Habs--- Great season though !!
  13. Nice guy to " rub it in "--- ( LOL ). Tampa has a great team and deserved to win. Strong in every position. Les Canadiens did better that everyone thought, from even getting into the playoffs . They " took out " their biggest rival , the Sleepy Leafs , and we're still laughing about that. Now, back to our regular programming --- CC - Cruise CRITICS .
  14. LOL--- Funny how words can be taken out of context . ( MY bad )-- Are you inferring that you are the President of the " Swingers " club during your cruises ???
  15. From Pinboy's experience---- The embarkation day lunch is not worth anything-- nothing special at all. You can enjoy a nice lunch at the Spa Cafe instead of the " Slugfest on 14 " ( Oceanview restaurant ). As for the Concierge service--- the hours are limited , the lines are long---- easier to make Specialty restaurant reservations on your own and often you will be offered a discount -- Go Habs Go !!!
  16. Everybody's " needs and wants " are not the same , which can be observed on the 3 pages on this topic already. To chime in --- We tried a suite once and didn't find the value worth the cost. Being non-drinkers , non-entertainers of guests to our suite, and prefer eating in a restaurant setting , we really had no need for our butler. ( He was always there if we needed anything and was " rewarded " very well --- a very nice man ). We do enjoy a larger balcony on the hump and purchase a Specialty restaurant package --- never had a bad cruise --- service has always been excellent.
  17. That's US exactly !!! And, we don't even live in Toronto ( home of the Sleepy Leafs ) ---LOL
  18. Sir, Absolutely no need to apologize. You express your feelings in such a genuine manner. Yes, I was one who commented negatively on the term " trophy wife " , only because it doesn't " fit " our personalities. For folks like yourselves , I totally understand it as a term of endearment. Someone posted " but don't look down on those couples who do so " -- not fair, not called for, not true. Congratulations on your 40 year anniversary and hope there are many more.
  19. No worries--- Feathers still intact.
  20. Ok, but, what does that have to do with what I wrote ???
  21. Agree— as I said it is that I don’t like the term “ trophy wife “— I never look down on anyone and it bothers me when I see people that “ think “ they are “ entitled “. LOL—About the “ who’s smarter “ statement, trust me , Pinboy learned that a long time ago. Sometimes on the way home from a party I find out that I “ still “ have things to learn even though “ You know who “ was sitting on the other side of the room.
  22. IMO-- " trophy wife " is a rude statement, not funny, and is a " put down " . ( A " trophy for a week "---- well, I " assume " that's something to brag about ). Holy cow, if Pinboy referred to " You know who " in that manner, Pinboy would be looking for a " trophy " lawyer for " you know what " . I still wonder if that old fart buying his " 32 yr old trophy for the week " a pre-loved Rolex still has her " attention ".
  23. LOL--- We enjoyed many cruises on her even though we were never invited to dine with a Sr Officer . I can't remember or care who the Captain or the CD were, but, I do remember the great service we received from Staff throughout the vessel. That is more important to us than making " small talk " in a formal setting with Officers doing their " duty ". Rumor has it that if they want to " escape " they set up a call ahead of time telling them about the party in the Officers lounge and the fun they are missing.
  24. LOL---What do you expect ?? This forum is named Cruise CRITIC and folks are expected to CRITICIZE " stuff "--- like " I didn't get no invitation to meet XXX "--- Put your name on the " Subscribe to xxx list " and you'll get " Invitations " to spend all kinds of money----- and, that " Loyalty " BS---- What " Loyalty " ?? Spend lots of money and get some free " whatever " ?? Ya ain't gonna fool Pinboy with that " Loyalty " ---- All we gotta do is take 6 more cruises to accumulate enough points to get 2 bags of laundry and 20% off of photos !!!! Now, time to search for the " Who's On Board " thread --- Go Habs Go !!!!
  25. Does the number of " Free " drinks make the difference of whether to cruise Celebrity or not ???
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