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  1. You know you are old when : You remember your first date but not her name . You go to a drive-in movie and watch the movie. You remember Elvis when he was on the tv show Stage Show ( Tommy and Jimmy Dorsey ) . You remember when pizza was called " pizza pie ". You know what " necking " was . You still watch the The Honeymooners on a disc player . You think sustainability means setting drive control at 72 kph. Memories and chocolate are real good.
  2. In a previous post ------ " Dh says I must look mean! " Trust me----I worked in the Service Industry for over 30 yr--- Looking " mean " only helps the other guests that are polite, as in "please and thank you " . In the situation that the Hostess is in with Select dining, we have to put ourselves in her shoes, and ,understand that there are some people you just can't satisfy. So be it.
  3. It's in addition to the mini soap. There will be 4 small plastic ( hard ) containers in the bathroom - shower gel, body lotion, conditioner, and shampoo, plus 2 bars of soap .
  4. No pictures -- We are not currently on the ship.
  5. On our last cruise, we even shared a laugh with the GR staff about the wooden pens. Perhaps you were on earlier cruises where they were the plastic ones. The wooden ones are more environmentally friendly and nobody takes them.
  6. Not meant to be " biggie " -- just an observation. We were recently on the Silhouette ( December ) and on the Reflection last March -- what I mentioned is what was supplied . I didn't mention wine brought on board-- was referring to the fact that some guests are entitled to a complimentary bottle of wine and the stateroom attendant will only bring it if it's asked for. Yes, GR will give you a wooden pen, yes wooden , if you ask for one.
  7. We noticed that the stateroom amenities have changed . The shampoo, body lotion, shower gel ,and conditioner are in hard plastic containers which makes them difficult to use. Also, the soap has been changed . Not even worth slipping a few into your bag to take home. LOL-- That's probably why they made the change. There is no pen or pad to take notes from the 4 voice mails per day " reminding " us of the art auction, specialty restaurants , etc. You now have to ask your stateroom attendant for an ice bucket and for the bottle of wine ( if you qualify for it ). Any thoughts ??
  8. In reading the Cruise Critic 2019 Cruisers Awards , Celebrity ships are in the top 10 in the categories that we care about. We have been extremely lucky with Select dining . I know Select means come any time , however, we try and make it easier for the dining room staff and ourselves . We make a reservation for a specific time for each evening , arrive on time ( that's the key ) , and are seated in the same section. It takes stress off of the Hostess , the Servers, and the Guests . As a courtesy to the Hostess, we tell her ahead of time if we are dining in a Specialty restaurant the next night. That way she can coordinate the dining and not hold our table and keep people waiting. It works very well for us.
  9. That's great to hear--- We have been on 12 Celebrity Cruises and never had bad service in any dining room ( MDR, Blu, or Specialty ) or from our room steward -- Please and Thank You go a long way . To quote a Sr. Officer from our last cruise ( Silhouette-Dec 2019 ) " All our employees want is to be treated like human beings and they will do anything to please our guests "-
  10. You are correct that Blu menu items cannot be ordered in MDR and not " guaranteed " that you can order MDR menu in Blu. Regarding the gratuities handed directly to your Room Steward or Waiter, we were told by them on several cruises that they can keep it for themselves. In the Specialty restaurants we were told they contribute all gratuities to the pool for that restaurant. Surprised to hear that stationary is not supplied in Aqua.
  11. We have been in Aqua class a few times . Depending on your wallet , is it worth the difference over the Veranda class ? In both dining rooms ( MDR and Blu ) on most ships you can order from either menu, except possibly the appetizers ( shrimp cocktail as an example ) . You can view the daily menus online prior to boarding . Also, for MDR you can reserve Select dining times online . About the seating-- in both dining rooms the seating is very close together . We have been asked, after the first dinner, whether we would like to be seated in the same area --( good idea ) -- We have always had excellent service in all dining areas ( MDR, Blu and Specialty restaurants ) . At the end of the cruise we always extend an extra gratuity directly to our Servers and Room Steward which they do not have to share in the Gratuity pool . Aqua class guests also have complimentary access to the Persian Garden spa -- very relaxing , quiet . Oh yes, not to forget--LOL--- Celebrity does not provide a pen and pad in rooms anymore unless the guest is in Aqua or higher.
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