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  1. I forgot to add---- " still waiting another few months for a 2nd shot ------right after the Montreal Canadiens win the Stanley Cup!!!
  2. What are" all the incentives " he missed out on that he's " very upset " ? Trust me, I'm very upset also--- still waiting another few months for a 2nd shot !!!
  3. We are with you on that--- What " really " bothers me is : At every port there is an ambulance taking someone to hospital -- And, I can't stand watching people taking pictures/videos from their balcony of the scene.
  4. Sir, I have read so many of your excellent posts. Regarding the above, Good for you !!! Agree 100 % . I hope you are not being " apologetic " for cruising in a suite. And, why would anyone think that folks that cruise in a suite are " snobs " ? Who's " business " is it anyway ? ( We prefer a large balcony on the hump on deck 9 ). LOL-- We have been on over 40 cruises---Until I started reading CC just over a year ago , I never thought for one minute of anyone's " Status ", what accommodations they are in, or , or , Who's going to be on board ( Captain, Cruise Director , Chief Engineer ).
  5. What's there to " conquer " ??? Who are you going to " fool " by sneaking on board ? I have a " feeling " you are still counting votes, you know, the ones with bamboo. Please read post # 180 --- 16 times, then think about it.
  6. Pages and pages and pages on the same thing--- Be smart ---get the vaccine, protect yourself and others, never mind that " I got my rights " BS--- So, if you need to prove you've been vaccinated, big deal-- show your proof. It will take less effort than getting a fake document and " sweating bullets " throughout the whole cruise hoping you don't get caught. It's getting extremely frustrating reading some of the nonsense comments posted lately on CC. Yea, I know---- " You don't like it----- Bye Bye "
  7. Agree --- However, I believe the " back of the house people " are included in the " Gratuities Include " portion of the cost of the cruise. I just think giving an extra gratuity directly to the Server is the right thing to do when someone provides such great service. It makes them feel good--- and , us also.
  8. We have always given an extra gratuity directly to our server so they can keep it without sharing in the tip pool. If it's added to the bill, it goes into the tip pool for that restaurant. ( We were told this by Servers as well as Maitre'Ds ).
  9. Off topic --- A Leafs fan , no doubt ?? --- Go Habs Go
  10. LOL--- Some people have all the luck -- Pinboy, would love their system to " think " they owe me a few $$$$ ( US ).
  11. Good idea. LOL---- Why even bring it to their attention ?? However, before you buy that new Lexus with it , just keep it in mind. ( Time to change your face mask ) ?? Go Habs Go .
  12. You are 100 % correct--- In my rush to reply I did not notice the " readily available " term. It's so damn frustrating that we have to wait until the end of July for our 2nd shot !!
  13. ( Hope you don't mind that I added a bit above ) Excellent, as always-- and Thanks for taking the time and effort to inform people like myself --appreciate it.
  14. Check the watch !!! The guy selling it told me it is a real Rolex and said he recognized me from our last visit when I bought 5 Lacoste tshirts for $ 20.00 ( never been there before ). He got out his calculator and told me to move to the end of the counter. I know he was telling me the truth because he punched in a whole bunch of numbers and whispered the price so no one else could hear. Bye the way, If the time is still 4.05 on the 7th of the month it's the same one.
  15. Perhaps folks not wearing a mask, not observing the rules, and being a " pain in the a-- " to everyone in sight , should stay the hell home ??? It's a " guarantee " that there will be 100's of mini police everywhere on the ship and the entire cruise experience will not be worth the $ 1000's spent------ ok, ok -- IMO. I'm looking forward to the day that we can cruise again and hope that $125.00 Rolex is still available in that t-shirt store on Grand Cayman Island.
  16. 1---- Total nonsense --- won't happen. 2---- Correct----- will happen Come to think of it, how are they going to enforce social distancing in the casino ? Seating at the tables and the slot machines are very close together. ( Social distancing won't be a problem at the " $ 200 -- Men's Only, Botox seminar " ).
  17. " Without prejudice "--- On another thread you questioned why I post on every vaccine thread to which I mentioned that I had not --- I'm not qualified to comment on vaccines or whether to " take 2 aspirins and call me in the morning ". However, I have read quite a bit on this thread and appreciate the advice from whom you refer to as " experts ". IMO---- they are Experts and I'm very appreciative of the time and " effort " they take to inform us. So, If you do not rely on what " anyone " says on social media , why waste time reading and posting on it ?
  18. No worries--- However, I don't think I posted on any vaccine thread ??
  19. Not propaganda--- A TV Show to entertain and " Sell " What a nice guy/gal ( Company ) we work for ". It's part of the Company's Advertising budget . How much time do you think Mr/Ms " Big " spends in the trenches making the show ? How do they select the employees to be rewarded ? " MBWA- Management By Walking Around "--- Of course-- excellent, and companies have been doing this forever. I believe they are referred to as Mystery Shoppers or Inspectors today ? I'll bet the results are not the same as a tv show .
  20. It's called an " Infomercial "---- A one hour " Promotion " of the Company showing empathy from the CEO for 3 employees enduring hardship --They all get rewarded , hug Mr/ Ms " Big " etc.etc. Same theme on every show.
  21. Enough already-- We " got " it-- Some of us supported you--- Sit, enjoy, laugh at " people "-- FYI--- You don't need to go on a cruise to do the same thing---- Any buffet works. And besides, the Moderator removed lot of the posts---
  22. LOL--- You Da Man !!! Pinboy ain't No Elite Plus -- But -- I agree with YOU --- I'm learning from the " Best ". In fact, LOL-- I would love to see a sign : " Welcome to the Slugfest on 14--- Wash Your Fxxx Hands , Don't taste NO food and Only Push in front of other people if YOU are hungry ". Maybe one day you and I can meet at the pool --- You in the pool, me outside --- Guess why ??
  23. Really ??? So he/she is sitting there having a cup of coffee, watching people ,and having a " chuckle ". No " Big Deal "-- We all do it. " Mind blowing selfishness " would apply more to the way people behave in the " Slugfest on 14 " , reserving lounges at the pool for 3 hrs and never using them , etc.
  24. LOL--- THAT would make a great sign at the entrance to the " Slugfest on 14 ". I have a feeling that you are the " New and Improved " Marketing Manager (s ) ??
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