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  1. What does everyone think...will NCL cruise from Nassau or Cozumel this summer? Will there be an announcement soon? I’m hoping they do but I’m only going to wait another couple of weeks before I book RCCL from Nassau. I feel if they don’t announce it soon, they won’t be ready by June.
  2. Thanks everyone! I seen a video on YouTube where a guy said he was cruising in June on the Adventure and you had to be vaccinated 6 weeks before the cruise.
  3. I couldn't find anything on the RCCL website, other than you need to be vaccinated. I'm just wondering if you need to have it a minimum number of days before your cruise?
  4. Thanks but I’m Canadian and the cheapest I found was $3000 for an interior for June 12th and not much difference for the following week. With flight and drink package included I’m looking at $4600.
  5. The prices are absolutely ridiculous! I wanted to book a cruise on the Adventure but it’s $3650 for a solo interior cabin with the drink package and that’s without airfare! I’ll pass and book a 5 star all inclusive for half the price.
  6. I don't see any Adventure cruises out of Nassau either. I was hoping to book but I'm not willing to stay up all night waiting.
  7. Masks are the only deal breaker for me. I won’t cruise until they’re no longer required.
  8. What do everyone think the chances of March cruises from Miami? It looks like Carnival has started bring ships and crew back to the USA. I’m hoping they can give a better answer shortly.
  9. Looks like we have a Platinum cruiser with serious issues.
  10. I’m pretty sure Carnival’s marketing team knows a little more than you about marketing their cruises. They won’t miss you.
  11. There’s no way I’ll be wearing a mask outside on a Caribbean cruise. I’ll be doing land vacations until masks are no longer required outside on cruises.
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