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  1. On my three Alaska cruises (though to or from Vancouver not Seattle), I've only been sick once in high seas when we were out of the Inside Passage into the open Gulf of Alaska. If you're not typically seasick in calm to moderate seas, I wouldn't risk the side effects for a drug to treat an unlikely problem.
  2. Thanks @sassyf. I'm booked in 4037 this summer and haven't been able to find any reviews about those 4 cabins with full length windows. From exterior pics it looks like 4037 is less obstructed than 4039, do you think that's true?
  3. It appeared a couple of days ago for my July Norway cruise. $9/day does seem to be the rate for Europe. Wonder what makes laundry cost more based on which side of the atlantic you're on.
  4. I wouldn't bother with bringing special dish soap, I'd just wash it in my bathroom cabin using bar soap or shampoo. They're all soap!
  5. Thank you for all the pictures and updates! I have to count down until July!
  6. I usually book independently to save money and get other options, usually in smaller groups. We've ended up with private tours when we were the only ones in the group on a couple of independent excursions. It was a ship tour (a different line) a few years ago where the guide kept telling us we'd get extra time at each stop and in the end we only had 10 minutes instead of 90 at the beach because he'd gotten the all aboard time wrong. I also like to know I'm supporting a local business rather than it being funneled through a huge multinational corporation. I feel like there's more opportunity for real interaction with locals to learn the truth about the destination when it's owner-operated or a very small company with smaller groups.
  7. I keep wondering if that's part of the psychology at work behind their program, that people will decide they saved money by not winning something they didn't buy in the first place, but instead splurge more onboard.
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