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  1. I also had a tour with them booked for June. I cancelled more than a month ago and paid the 5% fee. If I were you I'd wait for them to cancel since it's a known that they will. At the time I cancelled it was unknown.
  2. What particular shore excursions are you interested in? In my experience of planning my Alaska cruise (which I haven't been on yet, just FYI) it seems like there are lots of things to do that don't have any sort of requirements like that. Like the train in Skagway. For example, I was worried that I wouldn't find things for myself to do b/c I'm not that physically fit but there were many options in each port. I agree with whomever suggested calling Royal Caribbean, even if you find some info online, b/c they might have ideas you haven't thought of. Also suggest looking at Royal Caribbean
  3. kruzyns4me, you're not imagining things: I still see this same map when I look at my reservation, which is a different sailing date than yours. I just checked and the same map you're showing is also on my reservation under "itinerary." You see the alternate Royal route map on other parts of the Princess website. I dislike that but at least am grateful for somewhat of a heads up. I learned about it from a Facebook group about the cruise I'm on. Someone noticed that if you look up the cruise as if you weren't booked on it you'd see this new map, with the dotted line that says "Royal Prince
  4. I used Tripadvisor, as I've used for most of my land vacations. Then I went to the websites of the companies I was interested in. It became obvious very quickly that there are several tours offered independently that are exactly or almost exactly the same as the ones offered by the cruise line b/c they are the contracted company offering the tour (in my case this is Princess). Oh and I should say that my first step was to look at the offerings by Princess for each of those ports. I also got a lot of my ideas from this forum. A lot of people post here asking things like "what are the must
  5. I'm on a Royal Princess northbound in June 2020. I don't know how to link another thread here, but if you see my recent thread Royal Princess in Alaska: What to Expect, it will give you some more insight about that option.
  6. I haven't been on my cruise yet, so I don't have advice about specifics, but I have traveled with a 2 yr old (actually 3 of them at different times.....). I think the most important thing would be to have the option of babysitting. Since the 2 yr old is so young they might like that part of the cruise a lot if it involved playing with new toys etc. So, look into the kids clubs and their age restrictions etc, which it looks like you are already doing. If it were me I'd just call Princess and ask. You might get recommendations or one ship versus another etc.
  7. MartinCath, thank you again so much for your good advice! I am tending to think I'll want to board ASAP and would do the show up early option, but I will keep late departure in mind in case I come up with so many things to do in Vancouver that I want the extra time. I will wait and decide after I book flights, which I won't do for awhile. Since I've never been on a cruise ship before I like the idea of maximizing my time there.
  8. Related question: I'm assuming that when people say "take a small ship to Alaska" they mean a much smaller ship than the Royal? What is the definition of a large or small ship for Alaska?
  9. Has anyone done Chilkoot Charters and missed Emerald Lake? I'm just asking b/c I remember reading somewhere (on this forum, somewhere) that someone was upset their tour missed EL. But I don't know what tour she was on.
  10. I haven't gone on a cruise yet, but my Alaskan cruise for June will visit all of your ports except for Victoria. It looks to me like in all 3 ports there is plenty to do within walking distance of the ports. In Juneau the tram (Mount Roberts Tramway) is right there. A lot of the Ketchican attractions, such as Creek Street, are close to the port (if I'm wrong please others correct me). I'm less sure of Skagway but I think the town is also close to port. That one has a really wonderful railway that goes through the mountains that's one of the main attractions; it's what I'm planning to do.
  11. Wow, thank you MartinCath! That's really useful info. My hotel (at the moment, but I'll probably keep it) is the Pan Pacific so I'll probably do the steam clock and the garden that is the closest (I think that was the Chinese one). The rose garden at Stanley Park sounds great as well. Of course, this depends on weather too, b/c if it's pouring I'd just go to the two museums you mentioned instead of choosing one. Everything sounds really fun! I've only ever been on the Pacific coast to go to LA so everything in Vancouver and Alaska will be completely new to me. I really don't know yet wh
  12. If you watch you tube videos about going to Nugget Falls you can see the walk. It isn't really a "hike" per se. It looks doable by most people, just long. Of course, disclaimer again, I haven't been there yet. But I'm not that physically fit and the idea of a "hike" scares me.
  13. I'm similar in that I'll have about 1.5 days in Vancouver pre cruise, and it's just me. I also thought about Buchart but discarded the idea due to time. Things that I'm thinking about right how: Gastown mostly to see the clock, Granville Island, Capilano suspension bridge, art museum (b/c I'm a museum curator). I might try to find a tour that would knock out some of those without my having to get transport. Of course I know I should probably see some of Stanley Park as well. The size of that seems a bit overwhelming--I'd probably only see a small part. I might do at least one of the gar
  14. I've wondered exactly what you said: should I bother seeing Mendenhall? But, to me, the Nugget Falls is the main attraction there. I think I'd enjoy standing next to the waterfall with Mendenhall in the background. My cruise is also doing Glacier Bay. My plan for Juneau is to take it easy b/c it's my middle day of 3 ports in a row. I booked a sled dog (on land) excursion around 1 pm. I might do Mendenhall before or after that on my own. It seems relatively simple to get transport from the port to Mendenhall visitor center. If I feel like doing a lot of stuff I'll also do the tram, als
  15. Not a dumb question. Exactly what this forum is for.
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