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  1. UPDATE— I was finally connected to a supervisor at Princess Customer Relations. For those of you who are asking, when I paid for the final payment I clearly asked the question if the fare had dropped, would the company honor the lower fare, the agent stated yes they would. Any credits would be refunded back to the credit card. So going on the advice on what I had been instructed by the Princess agent, I called and was able to refare once already. The agent advised me to call back in and there would be no problems. Hince that was what I was doing. My initial locked in rate was $1549 per person, and we had already $150 per person onboard credit thru a sale promotion. When this fare rate was advertised as of $996 per person that was a no brainer, that’s why I called and requested the fare adjustment, going off what I had been instructed to do. After speaking to the supervisor today, she saw the error on the website, and the website is very misleading, there is no fare at the rate being advertised, the lowest fare was $1279 per person. She was going to get in touch with the IT department and get the website corrected. Long story short, I was given the $175 per person onboard credit. The supervisor reviewed the call notes from the previous agent who had advised us about the incorrect fare adjustment and will be get the proper training for the employee so there is no more confusion for future customers.
  2. I usually sail with Carnival, and i know on their operations, if the fare drops they will match the advertised rate, and credit the account if need be. Its about getting the best deal possible for the cruise. Otherwise why would individuals want to book ahead of time, if they know as the cruise gets closer that rate usually falls, in the last couple of years the rates actually have not gone down, they have actually increased in fares, prices vs demand.
  3. Just wanted to see if anyone else out there has had any issues with getting fare adjustments after final payment date. I am sailing on May 13, 2019 to the British Isles on the Crown Princess, and the advertised rate dropped to $996 and I had last locked in at $1564. Called customer service and they advised that it was only for new bookings only, when I questioned the customer service staff they also verified that they did not see the new booking only on the website, but could not honor the rate, due to being new booking only fare. I then called the customer relations department and spoke with an agent but she was not helpful, but did acknowledge that the advertised rate was not being advertised as new booking only on the website. She then tried to upsale to a outside cabin on the plaza deck (5), which i respectfully declined. Then tried to offer me a $175 onboard credit. I requested to speak to a supervisor and is awaiting to hear back from them. I am very religious in watching the fare before any of our cruises and have always been adjusted on the fare rates before, this is the first time that this has ever occurred. Has this happen to anyone else, or does anyone have any other recommendations or solutions on how to proceed!
  4. Shuttle To and From the Terminal Every 10 Minutes Included! Reserve Here or Call (888) 418-3361 to Speak to a Live Person! Book Today! Now Selling 2018 Cruise Parking for $147 USD Per Week Price Includes Shuttles To and From the Terminal Holland America • Princess • Royal Caribbean Carnival • Celebrity • Norwegian • Oceania This is by the far the cheapest I have located and is only 1 mile away from Pier 91 terminal. From what I was able to learn that its about 40-50 dollars higher to park at the Port, and there is limited availability at the port. Going off previous posters who have parked here, I will report back after my May 22, 2018 cruise for an accurate review of the parking facility.
  5. DO you have the website to prepay for the Armory parking, I am down to about 35 days, and need to get my parking prepaid. Also if you have the phone number also that would be great.
  6. Great Idea! I am surprised this thread is not getting more people to comment on this topic!
  7. Thanks for the information, do they require precooked parking or can you pay the day you drop off your vehicle or when you exit the parking lot.
  8. Has anyone from the board parked at the Armory nearby from Pier 91? If so could please advise if this would be a good alternative to leaving the vehicle versus leaving at the Port of Seattle at Pier 91. Second question-- I would have is how is the security of the facility? Third question -- Was it easy to get to the pier from the Armory? I have read they provide a shuttle to and from. Or if any other person knows of any other cruise parking other than out by the airport. We will be driving into Seattle and just looking at the options for our vehicle.
  9. Man I love Gaidos...its not a chain operation....they are a ma/pa type operation....great location, and they have since added free shuttle service, and have always had free parking......hotel is on the seawall, its not a 4 star, but the location and the beach directly across the road makes up for it......we loved it! Would highly recommend!
  10. We used public transportation when we were on Aruba and Curaco I believe both ports were under $2.00 for the ride on a city bus, which was a great and safe way to see the island and view the local attractions. We loved it, and was greatly affordable. We walked acrossed the swinging bridge into town, it was not that far, and then we hopped onto a city bus and toured away.
  11. Thanks that is where it was...just couldnt remember where!
  12. Does Carnival keep a list of the ships that I have sailed on? I know they use to display the past cruises you had been on, and I cannot locate the link or area on the website to find my past cruises, to check and make sure that I am not missing any cruises.
  13. Man, You would have thought I would have remembered this stuff from high school photography class. If you dont use it you lose it...thanks for refreshing my memory on using the skills that I had learned, and keep them coming...I am also learning again what I learned over 25 years ago.
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