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  1. Hey just curious I’m looking at October 2021 cruises . Which one are you booked on ? Glad to see the steamroom is still there and saw a video of it from 2019 looks like a good time and relaxing thanks
  2. I guess if the window is out to sea it’s not a problem but you can pass by and look inside yea not good. I don’t need an audience lol
  3. Grand class Princess ships have free steamroom and saunas . Both are good size and lots of fun
  4. The Criwn does have formal night , slacks and sport jacket is fine or break out the Tux . They do have anytime dining or you can eat early or late with the same dinner mates. There are specialty restaurants, steak , Italian, Seafood . Cruising out of FFL there are plenty of hotels close to the port . You'll love the Crown it’s a great ship
  5. Congratulations on the retirement, Princess cruise line has really nice sauna and steam in the men’s locker rooms . Nice larger showers . Always had fun in steamroom had 4 cruises canceled but I’m really hoping that our B2B overvv be Thanksgiving this year sails on the Princess Caribbean
  6. Had looked at Cunard for transport to England from the US and hang out in England and Europe then catch a cruise home. But both would need to have a sauna area cause I like the banter as well
  7. I’d just wear a towel but wearing a suit is ok too as long as you strip when you get there . Had this one guy come in fully clothed , shoes and socks included. Just strange to say the least
  8. Have cruised on the Crown , Caribbean Princess . Great steam and sauna set up in the men’s locker room . Private showers and lockers . Had a lot of great conversations in the steam and saunas. My 27 day Sydney to LA on the Emerald Princess in April 2022 just canceled. Disappointed to say the least cause it has the same set up and several guys from Cruise critic and Reddit were going on the cruise. Hope our 15 day B2B on the Caribbean sails over thanksgiving this year . It’s been too long since I’ve had a steam
  9. Princess Cruise lines , Caribbean, Crown, Ruby,Emerald,Sapphire, and another they all do and very nice . Large steamroom with a smaller sauna but still can get the job done. Not sure if they will be open on the Caribbean in November but can hope . enjoy
  10. I’ve been wondering that myself and haven’t found an answer yet. I really like princess steamroom and sauna and the showers are larger in the men’s room. Late afternoons are great . Booked on Princess 20 Nov 21 and 28 Nov 21
  11. Went on the crown in 2019. Large steamroom and a smaller sauna . Nude was the normal with one guy came in trunks and shoes CCL and socks was odd but ok . Showers are bigger than room and of course the conversations were always great
  12. Have only used Princess Crown for steamroom , booked Crown and Caribbean both canceled. Have you ever seen a list of which ships have free steamroom?
  13. Sounds like you know the Ins and outs of cruise ship steamroom and saunas . I love everything about them. Princess has been my go to for free steamroom but I’m open to travel on other lines as well when this thing opens up
  14. I’ve been on the Crown and had my cruise canceled for the princess Caribbean and crown in 20and 21. Love the steamroom. Was looking the Emerald for 2022
  15. I had submitted it for a June 2020 cruise and it was credited to the account , then the cruise was canceled.
  16. Thanks , just got an email the cruise just got canceled. Trying to find ships still with free steamrooms seem few but I’ll find something thanks
  17. Seeing post about extension cords getting confiscated on a Royal . I’ve always brought a 16 ‘ on Princess for 2 cpap machines never an issue . will they take mine and provide me with one ? thanks
  18. Going on the Grandeur of the Seas was wanting to know about if the Steamroom and sauna is free and in the men’s locker area . And if there is showers . Thanks for any info
  19. On Royal Caribbean inside room and have been told there isn’t a fridge in room . Have always had a balcony or above but wanted to try something different and cheaper . So question is how to keep meds cold ? Ice bucket ? thanks for the help
  20. Going on the Grandeur of the Seas , inside room . Anyone know if there is a fridge in the room and outlets ? Usually get balcony but tried something different and cheaper . thanks
  21. It layed out like the Crown ,Caribbean and the Gem Class ships . The steamroom is 2 rows in a U shape . Fairly good size and sauna about the same . 4 individual showers and a nice locker and changing area . Have a great time , I did .
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