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  1. Hi, first cruise here, so although this question may seem dumb have mercy! I recently naturalized as a US citizen (yay), and one of the things I did to celebrate was reserve a room aboard a 7 day cruise for me and my girlfriend on Norwegian Cruise Lines from Tampa to Mexico and Honduras. However, my parents just moved residences, and somehow managed to lose a box carrying our recently delivered certificate of naturalization.. The certification of naturalization, which we need to apply for a US passport can take 6-12 months for a new certificate to arrive, however the cruise leaves in 3 months.. So basically, it seems a US passport/Certificate of naturalization are out of reach. Could a potential compromise be to utilize the valid Bolivian passport I have and receive travel visas to the cruise destinations? Additionally, the NCL website merely says a valid passport, but I'm assuming this means US and not just any country? You’re required to carry: A VALID PASSPORT OR Proof of Citizenship (see below) AND Government-issued photo ID State certified U.S. birth certificate Original certificate of U.S. naturalization Original certificate of U.S. citizenship U.S. Consular report of your birth abroad This post may be confusing. Sorry!
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