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  1. Thank you. What late night food is available?
  2. Hello everyone, it’s been a long time since my last cruise. When we used to cruise, we sometimes didn’t feel like going to the MDR for dinner. What time is dinner served in the Buffet? What are some options? We will be on the Carnival Sunrise. Thank you.
  3. And the price is for two people. Right now it would be $431 extra.
  4. The cruise is a four night (Carnival Sunrise) to Bermuda.
  5. How would I know if I’m offered an upgrade? Do they call or do I need to login online?
  6. Thank you all. Our cruise is to Bermuda. Does the Sunrise have those picture window cabins?
  7. Hello everyone, Rogjt now I’m seeing a Balcony on our upcoming cruise would be about $500 or so or more dollars than I paid for our interior. However, it’s in the rate where you can’t pick your room. My cruise in July. If I decided to upgrade, when would you recommend it? Thank you again.
  8. My husband wasn’t crazy about cruises, so he prefers a shorter cruise currently.
  9. So although not recommended, a regular drivers license and birth certificate is fine currently?
  10. Thank you. How was your cabin? We have an interior booked on Deck 7.
  11. Thank you. We went with Sunrise due to dates being better. Now to figure out a what do do in Bermuda. I think we may just make it a beach day.
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