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  1. Hello Just listened to United presentation. Hosted By Tahiti Tourism. First Tahiti tourism updated PG Issue. They reported the Health Protocol is Working. They consider the PG incident as a positive outcome of the Plan. Testing procedure has been strengthened by adding the Testing on the day of boarding. UNITED They Will start tonight with the first flight to Tahiti. The first flight back will return on August 5th. Mask Will be required in airport and in Airplane. Crew will have additional mask for passengers that need a replacement. Highlighted their Clean Plus initiative in partnership with Clorox. Information on the program is their website. Food services will be provided in sealed packages. No blankets or pillows will be provided in any class of service. International departure city will not check documents, The Documents will be checked in SAN FRANCISCO. Inquired about the Testing in San Francisco by United, They totally Ignored the question............ They reinstated that they have updated their website with the latest information. Sent in the Question to Sandy Everett United Leisure Sales Representative to see if she can provide an answer. It feels to me that they are going to follow Air Tahiti Nui Process of requiring testing 3 days prior to international portion of the flight. But today is the first day the flight departs in about 2 hours so we should start seeing some reports on how the real experience went.....
  2. Thanks This is exactly what I tough will be required. It is not a mayor issue to do the extra testing if they want to be able to cruise. I think this scenario gives a stronger case for slowly returning to cruising. It will be a lot easier to implement in small ships like PG and WS. Still hopeful the larger cruise lines are looking at this and learning what works and how many safety nets are needed.
  3. This is definitely a case study in the making. Did the testing plan worked as planned.? Was the response part of the plan? What will be the options if people want to continue or stop the cruise? What will the government in Tahiti allow WS to do? Was it part of the plan? They must have a plan in place with the possibility of this happening. You don’t really start cruising with no plan B or C. All cruise lines will be watching and hopefully learning best practices from this. Sent from my iPad using Forums
  4. Well it had been going too good to be true..... Best case scenario is a false positive..... Now time to wait and see if the procedure in place works.... Not exactly the way you want to see if your plan of action is valid... But hope the procedure works as intended and no other person gets COVID Sent from my iPad using Forums
  5. I will be listening to a webinar on Tuesday with United presenting regarding Tahiti. Once we hear I will come here and report..... Sent from my iPad using Forums
  6. We were on the September 10 and it got Cancelled by WS. We are now booked for the 7 day Jan 21 2021 Hoping for the best Sent from my iPad using Forums
  7. As of right now, I saw the video for the self administered test in Tahiti, It looks complicated but then again they spell every step in detail. It might work for them for the time being.... Paul Gauguin Cruises stated they have 2 Instruments on board that can do the Molecular test. So I would gather they can do the test without having to do the SELF testing kit...... Pauls G starts its cruises late July so we will monitor to see how that flows.....
  8. Link to announcement in English https://tahititourisme.com/en-us/covid-19/?
  9. https://tahititourisme.com/en-us/covid-19/? opening July 15
  10. Just throwing in my 2 cents..... You probably will spend more than $1200.00 In Hotel and Meals in Moorea Only. Meals are not included in most hotels stays and the Islands are very Very $$$. The cruise will cover your meals and your stay for those extra 4 days....... I am biased because as long as we are flying that far we rather spend more time in the smaller Idyllic Islands..... We have researched both Rangiroa and Fakarava and it would be a deal breaker if we cannot go to the Blue Lagoon once we are in French polynesia. Good Luck....
  11. First Wind Spirit Cruise is scheduled for September 2020. After dry dock in Singapore. Windstar Cruises announced today the 148-guest Wind Spirit will be its first yacht to resume sailing after suspending operations further due to the ongoing impact of the coronavirus COVID-19 pandemic. Wind Spirit will resume sailing in Tahiti with its first cruise departing on September 3, 2020 and other yachts will follow later in 2020 and 2021. 148-guest Wind Spirit:Resumes sailing September 3, 2020 in Tahiti on previously scheduled itineraries. Sent from my iPad using Forums
  12. We were on the Regatta April 4 cruise. It got cancelled on March 12 or so. Had first the excursions refunded , a week later had the rest of the refund... we are in USA For us it was less than a month, but we were on the first group of cancelations right after China ports. The number of cancelled passengers grew exponentially afterwards. Not all personal works in ACCOUNTING , so not everyone can process the refunds. It’s not an easy press a button process. Funds will come from different areas, tours, transfers, taxes, ports fees, cruise fare, pre paid grants, it’s not just one big bucket of cash to pay everyone back , it’s from many smaller buckets or accounts. So patience is key.... Sent from my iPad using Forums
  13. Just checked some sailings and it looks like it might be updating again. Could someone confirm... I checked some Wind Spirit dates and it looked accurate availability. This is a great Tool, Ed Sent from my iPad using Forums
  14. We are Hoping that September 10, 17 day cruise is a go with Windstar Spirit. We Booked our air directly with United From SFO. Final payment is in mid June. Hopefully will have a clearer Picture of the situation in Tahiti by Mid June. So far Tahiti is starting to open up for the locals so we will need to see how that rolling openings go and if they are going to start allowing tourist to visit by August/September.....
  15. Unless you had insurance and you submit a claim, that is the correct outcome. If you cancel for any reason the current cancelation policy is in effect. Your only recourse is insurance. Legally all cruise lines can change schedule of sailing due to unforeseen circumstances , this case pandemic was the reason for itinerary change. They are being generous offering a 100% FCC. They do not have to give you that as that is not their standard policy. IF THEY canceled and you were still booked Then and only Then they will follow their generous offer of giving you a full 100% refund (without you needing insurance submit all) or they generously provided extra offer to the people that THEY cancelled a 125% FCC. So clearly not ilegal and you have no legal basis for a claim. This will be a good time to read over all the Oceania contract. You will clearly see they are fully within their right to do what they did and you will see you actually got a better resolution than their contract calls for. Good luck Sent from my iPad using Forums
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