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  1. Hi- I purchased a gift for a friends cruise ( left on sunday 3/1) and i dont think they received it yet. I've talked to this person but never was it mentioned. For those who purchased gifts before, how many days till it gets delivered to their state room? thanks
  2. planning to stay at the comfort in Miami airport north. Free shuttle from airport to hotel., free shuttle to cruise terminal and a $10.00pp shuttle on the way back from the cruise to the hotel or airport .
  3. It may have been but I wasn't told if so! good to know I guess...
  4. Similar to my story... I booked via Priceline and I paid in full at time of booking. Noticed there was a price drop but because I paid in full there was no price adjustments. Im like ok... how is this logical? Im being penalized because I paid you everything you want up front... strange. After back and forth with Priceline who was on the phone with RC, they said we can give you a upgraded room ( we were in basic inside cabin which we wanted) to a window view for $50.00 I was like uhmm no... im calling to get money back ($350 usd) not pay more money. Their best and final was a
  5. I am also so lost on this UDP. We got a great deal on Black Friday for $179 pp for unlimited on a 7 day symphony cruise on march 7th. I was indeed so confused how this worked I emailed RC and this is what I wrote .This is our first ever Royal Caribbean cruise. We purchased the unlimited dining package and we were wondering does the Unlimited dining start as soon as we walk onto the ship at arrival or does it only begin that evening? The reason why am asking is I noticed there is a lunch for key program members at chops Grill but I did not know if we were able to eat there wit
  6. im just 2 days shy of 30 days till symphony... no tags or anything...should I be concerned?
  7. Sorry to piggy back off of your question. I am new to RC ( this will be my 2nd ever cruise) and we purchased Unlimited dining. 1. Is it really unlimited dining? Im no piggy but lets say we went to wonderland for dinner and I didn't like it, could I go to Jamies right after dinner # 1 on the same night ( assuming they could seat us)? 2. From reading the blogs and watching YouTube, it appears that specialty restaurants are only open for lunch on sea days? so on sea days we can take advantage of lunch and dinner, correct? 3. On embarkation day, I see chops is open to ke
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