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  1. Yep this. There are lots of AirTag holders on the market & I assume more will become available. So I was curious if they might be interchangeable, if I find one I particularly like. Thanks for your thoughts!
  2. I've been curious about that too. I hope somone might post dimensions of the AirTag and of the Medallion for comparison!
  3. So has mine, on June 3 2022
  4. I believe Emerald goes to Glacier Bay & Discovery does not. Having priced Alaska cruises for 3 years now, that usually makes for a big price difference - Glacier Bay is seen as "better" by some folks, thus can ask a premium price.
  5. Out of curiosity, what would happen to cruises scheduled on these ships if they are sold/recycled? We have an a Alaska cruise on the Sun scheduled for June 2021. Would they cancel or would they try to assign a different ship? (Obviously all assuming we are cruising at all in June 2021!)
  6. Thanks, y'all! Nice to know I dont have to have everything decided in the next 2 weeks before final payment is due! Appreciate the insights!
  7. Hi all! First time cruiser here! This is sort of a silly question but I did a few searches & didn't find any info on the boards about this. Do I need to have all onboard options (specialty dining, spa, etc) booked before final payment date to do it through the cruise personalizer? If I want to do it after that date, must I wait until onboard the ship? Thanks in advance for any help!
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