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  1. Just an FYI regarding British Airways and cancelled flight: o Had flights on BA for 5/31-6/15: Houston to Rome & London to Houston, purchased online direct from BA for June Med Cruise o BA sent email cancelling flight on 4/20, with instr for voucher (online) or $ refund (call) o Called BA on 4/21, was on hold approx 30+ min, requested $ refund o Today, 4/24 a FULL $$ Credit appeared on CC account!! BRAVO British Airways! Now the long wait for refund on cancelled Cruise. Stay safe and healthy!
  2. Just re-read Azamara’s “Cruise with Confidence” policy and don’t see anywhere written you can get both a “cash” refund and FCC? It clearly only says 100% FCC. It does sound like some travelers were able to get both which was good for them. All this being said, totally understand the frustrations and concerns with this situation. We are scheduled for our 1st ever cruise, Azamara Journey, Italy Intensive, leaving June 4th. “Bucket List” trip we have been planning (and saving) for 2 years. Not much we can do but wait it out and hope things improve for everyone.
  3. This may not be a popular opinion, but IMO: You should NOT get both. Either Cancel and get a 50% refund (standard cancellation policy) or cancel and take the 100% FCC using the “Cruise with Confidence” new policy. You shouldn’t benefit (50% refund and 50% FCC) because of the world wide health and virus issue.
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