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  1. I know last year when we L&S it had to be the same itinery a month either side. So if those rules are still the same this year then it would have to be the Allure. We moved from the Allure last year to Harmony this year. Looks like we will be L&S to the Allure next year. I did fancy the Odyssey but my wife prefers the Allure itinery. I think you may be able to take a FCC and if they offer 125% that might compensate any price difference if you switched to the Odyssey.
  2. Thanks for that. This is one more excursion I can tick off as planned 😄
  3. We're arrving on the Allure in July, and after a long day the previous day travelling and a few long days in port later on in the holiday we've decided to have a few hours at the beach. I stayed in Palma Nova 20 years ago and enjoyed it so thought we'd try there. As we dock at 8am we're hoping to be off by about 9.30 am. I believe a taxi round trip would be 40euros, but was thinking to save a bit of cash maybe to get the bus there and taxi back. I've had a check and it looks like it would cost 9euros (3 people) to Palma Nova. What I'm not sure of is how long it would take on the bu
  4. We've got a port visit to Rome on the 16th July and are looking to travel to Rome. The cheapest and quickest option seems to be the Express Train for 3 adults. So seeing as how there are 6 ships in port this day and the 2 trains will hold less than 1500 people I thought I'd get the tickets booked sooner rather than later. I've gone on the Trenitalia website and selected the 9.35 express and the 15.53 return from S. Pietro. However it's giving two prices. One fare is described as 30euro Ordinaria and the other one is 22.50 Civitavecchia Express A/r. I'm assuming the Ordinaria one is
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