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  1. I am booked in an Oceanview but have two small kids so I am thinking that at night while my children are asleep and me and my wife are on the balcony the views from the boardwalk balcony will be superior to the dark skies. Any opinions before I make the change? anything else I should take into account? TIA
  2. Thanks Guys. Just called RC. They said I have to go through my TA but said they didn’t have anymore boardwalk balconies available anyway, they are sold out.
  3. So I can’t switch before that date? Thanks. I’m leaving on May 10
  4. I booked an ocean view room on the 12th floor of the oasis. Now I’m having second thoughts thinking maybe I should have done and interior balcony. Just want to know if it’s even possible before I call the TA tomm. I’m pretty sure the interior balcony’s were cheeper then ocean view.
  5. Lol I’m not small but do have two small children so the solarium is not helpful for me unfortunately.
  6. Thanks Guys. I have my fingers crossed for warm weather.
  7. I'm Leaving on May 10th on the Oasis of the Sea out of Bayonne for a 7 day. First stop is Day 3 in Port Canaveral. Boat leaves 4pm from Bayonne and Im assuming weather in Bayonne will be in the low 60's does anyone know how far the boat makes it by next morning? Curious if we will be far enough south to be able to use the pools on day 2.
  8. so I can only visit playmakers once a day right? if I get a few snacks for lunch (about $20) and try to go back at night for a bite after a few drinks I will have to pay right? just trying to make sure the UDP is worth it for me.
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