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  1. You watch FAST! 😄 They run over an hour. Glad you enjoyed. There are others from the Baltic Cruise on YT too!
  2. And Day two. Each is about30 minutes. Hope this gives you a feel for what yo expect:
  3. Assuming that CCdoesn't block the URL here are my two videos of what was in our Alla 2 day tour: Day one -
  4. In our case the Cruise Line (it was RCI) kept sending alerts to say that unless you had a VISA or were on their Tour - same places at 40% more than Alla - you could not get off ship. This scared folks though they don't mention that ALA and SPB have "group Visas". ItIS TRUE that - even with the ships tour or ALLA or SPB you MUST stay with the group. If you want to get off on your own, you need a visa which costs $400. Good luck with booking your tour Dog 55. You are obviously more optimistic than me at this point. Not only are we not certain it will be safe to travel next summer bu
  5. Anna at alla usually answered within 48 hours but the world is not the same now. Many are still trying to stay safe. It seems like you have plenty of time if for 2021. Btw the standard tours for alla and spb are in 16 passenger vans - which are roomy. Any smaller group will be a lot pricier. And the admissions in Russia are high. Hope this helps some. As I said earlier you can see video of our two day alla tour on YouTube
  6. We LOVED ALLA. They are similar but we opted for a box lunch one day to eat while travellinbg and saw an extra palace. I have a video ourr two day ALL tour on my You Tube Channel if it'll help.
  7. Sounds like you are happy and also a gambler (I'm not). Dare I ask if you bought directly through X or a TA. Since all the perks you mentioned come from X , I don't see any from a TA. I am surprised that yougot 3 perks for just a 4 or 5 night cruise though. I assume you are not in a suite? Anyway a sweet deal (pun INTENDED).
  8. I respectfull disagree with MPK. Until this week I have found EVERY TA's OBC refundable. As I always tell my friends - unless yourTA is your brother, cousin or other relative, it pays to shop. IMHO you should ALWAYS get a quote and then use the "Compete" site to find others. I am not recommending a particular agency (not allowed here on CC) but you will get at least 7 or 8 quotes from established agencies and my guess is MOST will offer refundable credits in addition to the ones the cruise lines are offering which - of course - are always non-refundable.
  9. Woody. Watch those OBCs when booking on BoArd. For even a Balconyy 12 night you only get $50 now and usually deposit NOT refundable. It used to pay to book but no more, OBCs got small. I use the compete site and have 15 bids and choose one. I can usually get what X offers plus about $500 OBC on a $5000 balcony and even get PPd gratuities BTW RCI treats the Refundable OBCs different than X. Just one more "hoop".
  10. Denny: Just to clarify. The NOn-refundable one used first. THEN refundable. If any refundable still left - always for me. it will go back on the credit card X has on file. As to Woody's question - you ASK the TA before booking how much is nonrefundable and how much is refundable. Anythingfrom X (like taking the $300 OBC as a perk - or an on board booking OBC is always NOn-Refundable. MOST (but not all from a TA is refundable this as I said the major TA I checked with gives you the OBC but it's NOT refundable. Simple to ask Any agent BEFORE you put deposit down. They better know or
  11. On our last X cruiose the accounts on the TV screen showed the refundable and non refundable OBCs separate and any charges (like dinner) were charged FIRST to the non-refundableOBC.
  12. I just wanted to share I surprise I got yesterday. I always use the compete site to get quotes. As we all (should) know the price for a particular category on a particular ship on a particular sailing is always the same no matter the agency. And on X there perks are offered by X. But the difference is the OBC the TA gives you OVER what the cruise line does. EVERY agency I've used has always BOUGHT the credit from the cruise line and so it has been "refundable" if unused. (sometimes you need to request but always refundable). Since we often choose perks like PPD gratuities and Classic Drink Pkg
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