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  1. Welcome Back Lois and congrats on the retirement! I head out Nov 10 on Whisper.
  2. I have the TravelSmith 360 spinner, purchased years ago when I traveled for work. It does fit under seats but it did get stuck once. The pilot came and pried it out after people got off the plane. I think it caught on something. The spinner wheels are great but an inch smaller all around would be better.
  3. There is a pretty good list of SS solo prices now on the website. I'm looking at one for 2021. Missy in Maryland PS. My SS countdown clock says 21 days!!!!!
  4. Master Echo, it appears that our M&M minimum will not be met. I board in San Juan on Nov 11, assuming United can get me there on Nov. 10. Missy in Maryland
  5. MHF

    Cruising Alone

    Except that I do not eat meals for 2 which is also included in the price.
  6. Hey Terry, Your Petra tour guide and your Israel tour guide both responded within a day...they are both setting up private tours for me next May. THANK YOU!!! Big 10 Buddies Rule!!!! In other news, photos and video for house listing today. Open House Sunday. This is all so complicated. Missy
  7. The house is painted and re-carpeted. Cleaners came Friday but left smears all over the windows so I've invited them to come back. I scrubbed all the cabinets inside as they did not. Last pile for donation pick up in the driveway. If all goes well, Realtor is doing pictures Wednesday and then open house on Sunday. Need a rest so decided to do some research on Arabia/Holy Lands cruise next May. Missy PS. Lois, post about your river cruise! That's on my agenda some year. PPS. Terry, I emailed your Petra tour guide. Hoping he can arrange something.
  8. Thank you! That must be it! I need to wait another 4 days in order to book that Monday we want to leave. Our cruise leaves Aug 5 for a week. We are looking at flying home on Aug 17. Time to call another cruise meeting of the 3 ladies traveling together to work on return flights next weekend.
  9. What about after the end of a cruise? We want to spend about 5 more days on our own in Alaska, not on a Princess tour. But when I try to book homeward flights, it will only let me select the day of disembark or the day after. Am a first time EZ Air user. Thanks, Missy
  10. I am booked on this for May 2020. Looking forward to resting on sea days so I can go-go-go to Petra and Israel and Athens. Missy
  11. This is so true! The painters took down all my blinds, including the one by my shower, even tho' I requested that one stay. I was looking for some curtain panels to put on a tension rod and of course couldn't find them in the 5 boxes I opened. Not opening the other 30 in the basement. Now have a "lovely" large towel over the bathroom window instead. Should be on the market in about a week. Realtor says if it settles while I'm on SS in November, she can deal with it. Missy
  12. Hi Mysty, love the moving day photo! My realtor came this morning and I signed everything. Hopefully on market in about 3 weeks, after paint, carpet, etc. done. Are you sold yet? Missy
  13. Hi Lois! Hi LionsFan (is that NITTANY Lion?)! I have only been on SS as a part of a couple. (My first solo is this November.) I observed that the solos are at officer or other invited tables and that the pool bar staff takes good care of them. My first Seabourn will be next May so will report back too. Missy
  14. MHF

    Virgin Cruises

    Website is open and cruises ready to book for 2020. There are both solo inside cabins and solo window cabins. It's over-18 only. I"m looking at a late Nov 2020 one. This is after booking Arabia and Alaska for 2020 already. Being a widow stinks but retirement is good. Lois...you are next! Missy
  15. And be still my heart...Virgin has solo cabins, with windows. Missy
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