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  1. Looks like a new group of countries has been added to the US CDC's "level 4" list, including my dis-embarkation and post-cruise trip country of Greece...which is also the port for the Moon these days. "The following 16 destinations moved to the CDC's "Level 4: COVID-19 Very High" category on August 2: Andorra, Curaçao, Gibraltar, Greece, Guadeloupe, Iran, Ireland, Isle of Man, Kazakhstan, Lesotho, Libya, Malta, Martinique, Saint Barthelemy, Saint Martin and US Virgin Islands."
  2. Yep, I found that out about 45 minutes after I booked the Rome to Lisbon flight! Thank goodness it was only about 8,000 Visa points for the ticket. ($100 for Premium Economy w/1 bag) Spain was moved up too and we have 2 stops in Spain. I am now wishing I did like you and hoped on a Greek cruise this summer! \
  3. The quick question...can anyone recommend a luggage forwarding service that is not the Ss one? I'm looking at Luggage Free but hoping for suggestions. The long explanation...a college friend invited me to Italy for 3 weeks in October. We're done 3 days before I'm boarding the Shadow in Lisbon. My thought is to fly over with day touring clothes (she doesn't do dressy dinners) which can be washed before I board. Then ship "fancier" clothes and a few other pieces to Lisbon. I will fly to Lisbon from Rome a few days before boarding Shadow for 3 weeks. We are doing a lot of trains
  4. Received same message from TA today too. Departure 5 November but wondering if I can actually sail given then new Spain and Portugal CDC restrictions. Fingers crossed.
  5. Finally heard from them...not terribly interested in me as a solo. They suggested I put together a group tour instead. Will look elsewhere.
  6. Thank you for recommending Premiere Tours in Lisbon. I have booked a full day "Templars" tour and a 1/2 day of something TBD. Jorge has been a delight to email with. This is in contrast to a well-known company in Rome who, when finding out I was solo, suggested joining a large group tour and letting them decide where to go. Uh, no. Thanks Wes W and I hope you get to board the Dawn in Lisbon and I get to board the Shadow there too. Missy in Maryland
  7. I emailed RomeInLimo about a week ago (via their website) about an excursion from Civitavecchia in mid-November. Have not heard anything. Does this mean they are booked?
  8. I remember wandering down about 6 to the Bars on the Shadow and the Whisper and having canapés, chips, nuts, and other nibbles before going into dinner at 7. My butler also would bring me Ruffles after shore tours (once he understood what they were...aka those crisps from the Bar) and even kept me stocked with M&M's. Missy in Maryland (just made final payment for November Med cruise on Shadow...fingers crossed!)
  9. Only been on 1 Regent (Explorer in the Med) but was not a fan of the way they handled the tours. Take your tour ticket to the theatre, stand in line to turn it in for another ticket, sit until they call your number, parade out to bus with group. The food was great, the service was great except for the morning buffet. The ship seemed glitzy-er than Ss ships. Would those prevent me from sailing Regent again? No. However, as someone said above, Regent's current solo fares are a deal breaker. I am constitutionally opposed to a 100% markup.
  10. I love my small ship cruises, especially those with open seating dining. I also enjoy the all-inclusive ships so I don't have to worry about who's picking up the bar bill or ordering wine at dinner. With a small ship, it's easy to see same people all the time and thus strike up a conversation too. And it's easy to say, "think I'll go read/do a crossword/take a nap" if you don't want to socialize. My first solo cruise was a year after my husband died. Some people thought I was crazy but it was what I wanted. I've had 3 (4?) canceled by Covid and am ready to get back on a ship.
  11. beignets.pdfGuess where I just got home from? YUM! IMG_0685.pdf
  12. I am booked on a B2B from Lisbon to Civitavecchia to Athens on the Shadow this November. There are currently no Rome shore excursions showing for in-transit passengers. If I am allowed to book a non-Ss tour, I'm contemplating Orvieto with winery and olive oil stops along the way. What time are in-transit passengers allowed off? Do I have to wait for all other passengers to disembark according to their color codes? Ship is in port from 7 to 8 so this is ample time for a tour. Also, any suggestions for tour companies? Or any suggestions for a different place to visit (not in Ro
  13. Ask your TA for your ticket's "record locater" (usually a series of numbers or numbers/letters). Then input that into the airline's website to search for your trip. I have my record locater for November and was able to switch seat on United as well as add my FF #. No such luck on Lufthansa but it appears I've been assigned a window which is fine. Cruise is due to be paid in July. I typically monitor flights/seats at least once a month and once a week the month before sailing. I had a United flight canceled a few days before a cruise and was never notified. Called UAL and was
  14. Interesting note by TLC about RC changing their Israeli-departure cruises. I was scheduled on the Shadow this November from Rome to Jordan. After the latest unrest (and much "input" from my mother), I switched this week to an only Mediterranean itinerary, Lisbon to Athens. It's a B2B with only 1 duplicated port. Hopefully I can do Jerusalem and Petra one day but for now, I'm just hoping I can GET ON A SHIP. Missy in Maryland
  15. Hi Lois, I am now booked out of Lisbon on Nov 5. Gave up the Mid-East cruise and am now doing B2B, Lisbon to Rome to Athens (I hope) on the Shadow. Missy in Maryland
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