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  1. Hello Terry and other sports fans, Big 10 channel is having "school days" where they re-run thrilling games from days gone by for 1 school per day. PSU was a few weeks ago and football players from the 1987 National Championship game were on FaceBook/Zoom providing commentary. Quite fun to listen to their comments. They were obviously told to keep it clean but 1 guy forgot about midnight and dropped an F bomb. He apologized like a dozen times. I also got to see this January's Iowa/PSU basketball game at the Palestra in Philadelphia on TV; I attended the game and forgot to tape it. Was in the 10th row behind the bench but couldn't find me in the sea of white shirts. Heard on the local news today that 9 U of Maryland football players tested positive for Covid so they've shut down practice. Sigh. I suspect fall sports and maybe baseball are a no go. Missy
  2. Sorry, should have been more clear...ask me on October 24 who I bleed blue and white for. Or check your Ohio State schedule for October 24...if we have a game!
  3. Hey Terry, ask me again on October 24...IF we get to play Big 10 football at all. I'm also missing baseball. Actually got to go to the game where the Nats clinched the National League, to the 4th game of the World Series, and to the Parade. I looked at the map of the Parade, figured out where they must be lining up the buses, and went there instead of the parade route. Got some good pictures. Working in DC for almost 30 years paid off. A couple of Nats players are sitting out and a couple have tested positive so I'm not sure we are going to re-start baseball in 2 weeks. Anyone else think yes/no? M in M
  4. Well, Terry, our Big 10 football season just got a lot shorter. Unless each university agrees to add games with other in-conference universities. We are already playing Maryland, Indiana, and Rutgers so I hope we call Purdue quickly!!! Missy, who lives in turtle territory but bleeds blue and white
  5. Booked on the Whisper in November....IF she goes it will be the first one for her after the shutdown. Did not expect that but with the Canadian ports closed, there are no previous cruises for her on this side of the pond. Booked Seabourn Encore November 21 which is a re-booking of the same cruise (Just opposite direction) I was supposed to have been on in May from Dubai to Athens. Looking for something amusing Jan-Feb-Mar of 21 but not sure what I want to do. Would also consider July-August 21, maybe a river cruise for a change. Guessing that leads to a YES answer.
  6. I was assigned my Vista GTY about 9 months out. Probably the worst suite on the ship, very front, next to laundry. IF the cruise sails this November, I will inquire about upgrading a few weeks before, as the ship is currently quite empty. Perhaps they didn't care for my solo status and the fact that I "only" paid 10% supplement. I hope the butler enjoys bringing bubbles down the hall.
  7. There are some decent "solo sales" out there now, 10% for example. 25% in other cases. IMHO, Pick the Size and Style of the cruise line you like first. For example, Disney kinda caters to...kids.
  8. I'm on Whisper, Nov 10 FLL>Barbados (I hope). Was on similar time last year and saw 2 children. There are some great solo deals out there now. I"m comparing one on Moon and one on SB Encore for Nov 21 now. SB may win out because of the stop in Petra. Missy
  9. I was browsing the Celebrity site and they are still taking bookings for August 2020. There are several Caribbean ones on offer that are tempting just to get me on a cruise! However, the new "sale" with free perks only includes cruises for October 2020 and after. I am going to wait until July to see what happens with the August cruises. Melissa
  10. Just make sure you have a 2nd pair of walking shoes. On the first day last year, I rubbed blisters on my heels walking in St. Thomas with my Sketchers. Thank goodness I had a pair of Walmart slip-on Keds-type sneakers as back up along with my evening shoes. I put big band-aids on but my heels wouldn't tolerate the Sketchers for more than a second. So the slip-ons went on tours on the other islands.
  11. MHF

    Price Drop

    I am looking at SS Moon to the MidEast: new ship, there's no guarantee it will be ready (scheduled to be ready this October), might change ports. She didn't want me to tie up my funds for 18 months for an 18 day cruise/flight that is rather unknown. I usually pay in full early and receive a discount. Flights are also a big unknown as are the countries in the MidEast and their policies. SB is running 2 similar itineraries in Nov of 21 but they haven't hit the solo sale list yet like SS. That's another reason to wait: if those are added to the solo sale, then that gives me the choice of 3. I certainly understand the logic; perhaps I"m just looking to have a cruise on the '21 calendar!
  12. MHF

    Price Drop

    Now that I've received my refund from SB, I was looking to book Nov 2021. My TA said to wait which is not something she's said before. I"ve known her 25 years so...I'm waiting.
  13. I saw my refund on the online credit card statement today; it was dated May 21. Included cruise and air. I"m in the USA. Hope others see credits soon, MHF
  14. What did you think of Celebrity? I"m looking at a 5-day cruise out of Fort Lauderdale later this year just for a fun run to the Caymans (SW points which are easily refundable will get me from BWI to FLL). May do Aqua class but am waiting until July to book just to see how things go. If you can get flights or drive, what's the latest anyone has booked a cruise? A week before? What's the latest you can book? I could easily drive to Bayonne and I have driven to the Brooklyn terminal for QM2. I'm headed to Tampa in a week to check on Mom and Dad. Will be interesting to see how flying has changed. I have my mask, hand sanitizer, plans, etc. M in M
  15. I put together one of two chaise lounges this morning and realized there was a missing part: Home Depot forgot to include one of the SS pool bartenders! It's not quite the same thing to sit on the deck without someone bringing fruit skewers, Pelligrino, and drinks with umbrellas. For my new home, I've managed to install "magic mesh" over the deck door, put together a wooden table, and put together a storage unit and table for my Cricut. I'm sure the delivery people and recycle people will be glad when the boxes stop coming. Missy in Maryland
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