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  1. I really don't think this mindframe is very helpful to be honest, we are allowed to be disappointed without someone telling us cruising isn't our thing. We have also cruised numerous times where ports were missed and rerouted but nothing has ever been this drastic. This is a completely, not even remotely close to the cruise we booked. If it's one or two or even three stops then it's all good, which has happened before, but it was all of them, not once but twice over. You can see how it would be disappointing when we booked a south pacific cruise, got told it would change to four different city-style ports instead of 6 Beach ones which was fine with me because it was still warm, but then to be told we are instead getting cold NZ cruise with two stops and then back to the coast of Australia. It isn't RCIs fault, we know, but we are allowed to be disappointed.
  2. I did press for more than one day as its one day minus taxes which comes to a measly 70 USD or 108 AUD, which I dont think is enough. I had several other issues with this cruise though (unrelated to itinerary change). Ive never been an overly difficult to please person, very go with the flow, its never any sole person's fault, but have had several issues this cruise that I am not happy with. I've never complained before in my life but I did tonight. Was told it was a Miami decision and they couldnt do anything about it. So I guess i'll be emailing Miami!
  3. Yep. Theres two kinds of people on board, half are disappointed and the other half are like "you guys are so spoilt you're on holiday just chillax" But honestly I signed up for a summer cruise with six stops, not a cold one with four! I understand nothing can be done but I'm allowed to be disappointed.
  4. Someone actually told me (a passenger, not staff, so take it with a grain of salt) that we haven't even been cleared to stop in NZ at all so might not dock tomorrow/day after, after all. Again, I've got no confirmation of this but I wouldn't be surprised to be honest. Tensions are quite high onboard, especially at guest services. Wouldn't be surprised if even more people get thrown off. We will still be tipping etc. Not the staffs fault. They are in fact working extra hard to make it better for us.
  5. I think the main issue is people wanted a beach holiday. Original itinerary included isle of pines, mystery Island, lifou, mare, Port Vila and noumea. That's alot of islands and the sole reason I chose this cruise to go on. Then it changed on boarding day to Noumea, Port Vila and Luganville, still a little disappointing but oh well well make do. Booked new excursions we were very excited for. And now we are going to NZ and back to AUS which isn't as warm and far more expensive to do anything. I didn't even bring a jacket lol.
  6. I'm onboard now. We are being refunded one day of the cruise fare and obviously all shore excursions pre booked are refunded too. People are generally unhappy. New itinerary is Tauranga, Bay of Islands, then Eden AUS. Lots of people complaining but what can you do. Interesting re brawl cause I saw security guards sitting outside a few rooms but didn't know why.
  7. Anyone have any word on Voyager? If not, we're leaving next Tuesday, will be able to confirm then. Fingers crossed as I am not a big drinker and these look YUMMY.
  8. We aren't eligible for royalup so not sure if the sailing isn't or if it's just us? 5 cruises in the last year on different RC ships and different rooms and it has never been available to us. I think it's not offered on many cruises here in Australia honestly
  9. Would be interesting to see if they do this on this cruise as upgrades department have told me only a GS is available.
  10. Interesting! I've never seen that sign before. Or maybe I never looked, lol. Thanks everyone for input, I guess I have nothing to lose by just asking 🙂
  11. Hi all! Leaving next week on VOTS. I have been calling nearly every day to see if any balconies are available as we are in a promenade room but no success so far. I've been put on the waitlist too. Our cruise isn't eligible for RoyalUp either. So, I was wondering if anyone had any success upgrading the room as soon as they boarded? If so, how? Just at guest services? My thinking is that out of a few thousand people not everyone can make the cruise so surely at least one room would open up. Happy to pay obviously! We didn't have the money to originally get a balcony but now we do but of course with my luck they are all sold out. Thanks in advance 😊
  12. Hopefully thats the case. I just read an article saying they closed due to the virus but dated over a week ago so fingers crossed. https://cruisepassenger.com.au/south-pacific-islands-turns-cruise-ships-away-due-to-coronavirus-fears/
  13. Hi Twangster, would you be able to tell me which islands? Have a cruise leaving 25th feb and have lots of island stops. Thnx
  14. Interesting! For us here that would require ward unit manager to be notified and a review request for a doctor put in to see pt within half hour. I'd be interested to see what RC are following in terms of guidelines.
  15. RN here, guidelines at hospital are 95%+ considered normal. If you have chronic respiratory conditions (e.g COPD) then we generally say around 93% is normal. Not sure how strict RC are being on those though.
  16. Shoe holder over the bathroom door. Gives you lots of little pockets to put stuff in.
  17. Good choice on the Taieri Gorge train - was one of my highlights of my last cruise. What I've found on cruises away from Aus is I can never really enjoy the karaoke because they sing songs I don't know. So, some songs to perhaps listen to in order to prepare yourself as they will appear numerous (and i mean NUMEROUS) times and are fun to sing along to: Khe Sanh by Cold Chisel Am I ever Gonna See Your Face Again by The Angels The Horses by Daryl Braithwaite You're the Voice by John Farnham Im sure some other Aussies could add to the list. Wishing you warm weather in NZ. Enjoy!
  18. Thanks everyone for replies! Hopefully we like him, maybe might find him a bit more personable/relatable for us given we are aussies and so is he. Personally find some CDs just a little OTT so maybe the relaxed attitude you guys are describing will be more to our tune. Guess we'll see 😁
  19. How is Mike Hunnerup as a CD? Have never had him before!
  20. Same thing happens to me with a hyphenated last name. Drives me bonkers because my C&A and all past itineraries i've used [lastnamelastname] no space, but when I booked over the phone for this cruise coming up they put a space [lastname lastname] so now its different. Told me to wait 24 hours for them to change it, it never updated, but my set sail pass still has my C&A number/status on it so hope its no issue.
  21. Young woman!* 😄 But yes, I have recently changed my attitude to that of "none of your business!", and will certainly be curt when the unofficial DL police tells me off on the next cruise.
  22. He does yes. But when I mentioned this on the phone they said it doesnt matter, its a no, whilst when I emailed them it did matter and it was a yes. Mixed messages.
  23. I use a hair straightener to iron my clothes, but they only get out a few wrinkles. You can also buy "wrinkle remover" spray bottles, they work surprisingly well.
  24. Just for reference everyone, I've had phone calls (Australia) where they rejected my partner for Diamond but once I emailed them through the 'contact us' form on the website he was made Diamond, I just said he lived at the same address as me. I think its just a matter of who is reviewing the decision and if theyre in a good mood that day, lol.
  25. hmmm.. maybe will get a drink elsewhere and bring that in then!
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