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  1. Thanks, Kirk, you have given me a little bit of hope 😀
  2. I have not seen any cruise line talk about a fully vaccinated crew and passengers. I am still waiting to see that because I am not sure we will cruise without it but maybe that will come in time.
  3. We could have gone to Ft. Myers, Publix, but we felt that was a little too far. The Publix pharmacy told me it is just luck who gets on their website. More hope with Publix tomorrow at 7 am or waiting for that phone call from the county. My next concern is will HAL make the vaccine a mandate. But I don't want to open up a can of worms.
  4. RedneckBob, I don't know where you got this 40 percent that had received the vaccine because I looked it up and it says 10.4 percent for first dose and 4.5% for second. We are in Pinellas County and the problem in the beginning was that the sites were crashing and neither did the phone lines work. I have spent 14 hours on the computer trying to get vaccines for hubby and me. Finally got mine but because we only have one email address I was not able to get his. My second is Feb 25. Tried 4 times with Publix and will try again tomorrow morning at 7 am. One time I was up at 5:30 am.
  5. Go down a few threads to "Canada and Greenland 2022" and you will see they are talking about the Nieuw Statendam for August 2022.
  6. Please correct me if I am wrong. The CDC report says that at any time they may shorten or lengthen the 7 day cruise. (page 32) Might this be the reason HAL has used the word temporary. However, I do not expect this to happen until fall or when we have vaccines to cover the U.S. population and the ports being used. For those of us wanting to cruise in the fall it is going to take time and patience.
  7. This also came through for those of us that use Facebook. It was HAL notice to everyone.
  8. There is nothing in there about the VOV. I looked several times hoping that maybe I missed it but it is not there. Hopefully we are still on that cruise. As far as the catalog goes, I was just happy to get something from HAL. I don't really care if it is out of date they are at least sending something. That should give us all a small bit of hope. Sylvia
  9. Kazu, I know but it is just fun and relaxing to look at it. 😁 Even though we know things will change I am just enjoying the pictures. It brings back memories. Funny how a magazine will pick you up for the day!
  10. Surprise!! Today we received the HAL 2021 Europe Voyages Limited Private Sale catalog. Take advantage of these offers when you book by Dec. 15, 2020. Did any one else get this? We are not going to Europe in 2021 but I was just excited to get it. I have looked at it from cover to cover. Now, if we can just get back to normal so we can cruise again.
  11. I don't think that HAL will get rid of the last two smaller ships right away but IF and when they do in the future what will happen to the Grand and World Cruises? I cannot see those cruises sailing on the Oosterdam or any other mid size ship. When this happens is when you will see the "wailing" really go wild. For now they will keep the World and Grand cruises because they are good sellers and people are willing to pay the price. IMHO
  12. I think that we are all reading this differently. The South America Jan 2021 was cancelled, which we mostly thought it would be, and that same cruise is being changed to the Volendam, South America, January 2022. Any cruise that was previously scheduled for February 2022 on the Volendam would obviously need to be on another ship. We can't have one ship in two different oceans. I do not see the Volendam as being sold, at least not right now. This is the way that I am reading this. Does anyone else see it this way? We can all speculate but no one really has the answer.
  13. We hopefully will have a vaccine by the end of the year or the beginning of 2021 but as I understand it 30 percent of the US population will refuse to accept it. Please correct me if I am wrong. Will the cruise industry make it mandatory? Will the vaccine be 100 percent effective. There are so many questions and we all try to be patient. We have cruises booked in July and October 2021 but waiting to see how the cruise lines deal with anyone not willing to take the vaccine if it becomes available. In the mean time we are still hunkering down, going only to the bank and the gr
  14. Oh, this is bad!!! I was on the Amsterdam for 56 days and I don't remember any clock. Tampa Girl, you were on the 2018 Grand Asia as we were also. Some days you had to pick and choose what to do because it was so busy. But everybody to their own liking. That is what makes the world go around!!
  15. Thank you for posting that picture. There is NO clock. It is the organ. Sorry for the mistake but you know, I can't remember everything because I am one of those senior citizens who loves my HAL ships and itineraries. So, for now are we still safe with the Zaandam? We plan on embarking on that ship next year in July in Boston!!
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