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  1. We hopefully will have a vaccine by the end of the year or the beginning of 2021 but as I understand it 30 percent of the US population will refuse to accept it. Please correct me if I am wrong. Will the cruise industry make it mandatory? Will the vaccine be 100 percent effective. There are so many questions and we all try to be patient. We have cruises booked in July and October 2021 but waiting to see how the cruise lines deal with anyone not willing to take the vaccine if it becomes available. In the mean time we are still hunkering down, going only to the bank and the grocery store so far. Stay healthy every one!!!
  2. Oh, this is bad!!! I was on the Amsterdam for 56 days and I don't remember any clock. Tampa Girl, you were on the 2018 Grand Asia as we were also. Some days you had to pick and choose what to do because it was so busy. But everybody to their own liking. That is what makes the world go around!!
  3. Thank you for posting that picture. There is NO clock. It is the organ. Sorry for the mistake but you know, I can't remember everything because I am one of those senior citizens who loves my HAL ships and itineraries. So, for now are we still safe with the Zaandam? We plan on embarking on that ship next year in July in Boston!!
  4. Oh this is sad!! Ruth, we were just on the Zaandam and are booked for the Voyage of the Viking in 2021 but as I look at the pictures I do not see the picture of the beautiful clock in the atrium. I do not recognize that picture they show. Could this be the Volendam instead? I am hoping so as we loved going to watch the clock every noon. Maybe someone that has been on the Volendam could give us their opinions and if I knew how to link a picture I would do so. Such a beautiful and unusual atrium on the Zaandam.
  5. I don't post much on the HAL Cruise Critic board but I have to say that I am getting offended by the comments made about the Crow's Nest. And there have been several lately. Who cares if I or anybody else wants to go to the Crow's Nest and relax and watch the ocean. And who knows maybe I will fall asleep. There is a whole ship to explore if you don't like it. We do not like sea days as we are very active senior citizens, on our port days we are out early and are one of the last ones to re-board the ship. After walking for 6 hours or so in a port we need to chill out and maybe it will be in the Crow's Nest. (The last two cruises we have had an inside cabin, one cruise was 56 days) Oh, by the way, the younger generation might become older some day and want to have a nice place to enjoy themselves. And, yes, we are one of those 4 star people.
  6. The Amsterdam is doing the Amazon in October 2021 and the Rotterdam is going to Africa in October 2021. For those of us who are booked on the Amsterdam Grand Africa 2020 we are thrilled as we question whether it will ever happen in six months. The Amsterdam has been planned for several months to go to the Amazon in 2021 and I don't think they wanted to change that itinerary. I would think the Amsterdam would go back to Asia in 2022.
  7. Well, I think it is time that I chime in here a little bit. We are very fit senior citizens but all of a sudden things can happen and did. We were on the 2018 Grand Asia ready to depart in Sydney and all of a sudden two days before departure my DH had to go to medical. The lady Dr. on the ship was excellent and after a few tests very quickly determined what was the problem. We were transferred to a beautiful, new university hospital and had a wonderful Dr. from Sri Lanka. The problem: He suddenly needed a pace maker. (Two days prior he was doing the "twist" in the Crow's Nest). Absolutely no warning!! While in the ER I received this call from someone that I did not recognize. It was HAL calling us from Seattle. Wanting to know if we were o'k and if we wanted HAL to notify our children. The next day they called again and then the day we were discharged they called my DH and told him they would keep track of us until we left the country. HAL and the port authority took very good care of us. The medical team on the ship called our insurance company to make sure everything was in order. The hospital Dr. talked to Travel Guard so the insurance company would know every procedure. Travel Guard paid every penny of the $16,000.00 bill. Sorry this is so long but I wanted to relay our experience. Oh, and by the way, he is doing excellent and just went on a 22 day cruise to South America. However, me lugging around two 29" suitcases and 4 carry-ons to get home from Australia was no picnic and therefore he has limited me greatly!!!
  8. I just received a Facebook message from HAL and it said the Zaandam would be disembarking passengers at Punta Arenas. We were on the Dec. 18 cruise to Antarctica and I am glad they got to see that part of the world. Just amazing!!
  9. A questions for the professionals out there even though I know no one can predict what will happen. Will there be a place where CCL will stop and cease all trading for the stock. Maybe at 20? I don't know but was wondering for those that might want to wait for it to go lower. Is there that chance that could happen? I know anything can happen. Just picking your brains!! Thanks to those that have been contributing to this CCL market slide. I have found it helpful.
  10. Kazu, Thank you for your answers. It was very helpful and as always we appreciate your input on Cruise Critic. Cheers and Happy Cruising!!
  11. Sorry, I am still a little bit confused when you can and can not receive the OBC from your CCL. We just took a cruise to South America on HAL but booked it 6 weeks before departure. (We had already been there but wanted a Christmas cruise). Would we have qualified for the OBC or would the last minute booking disqualify us? What is this "special price" that you have that sometimes disqualifies you, other than the "casino cruise" which I fully understand. Does it qualify for a "grand" cruise if you have already booked? Does the OBC depend on the cabin you have purchased? Can you book with a big box TA? Sorry for all the questions. We are thinking about buying the 100 shares because the stock is sinking and after this is all over the stock will eventually rise again. Thanks for any help.
  12. Thank you, Scubadawg, We have also been to this port in Cambodia and had a very enjoyable private all day tour. This is a third world country and would you want to go through the things they have had to endure during the last decade. I think not. These people are trying to pick themselves up after some terrible times. We admired them for the work they were doing and making a better country for themselves. Instead of calling a place a "dump" be thankful for where you live. Thanks for the previous blog. We looked at pictures that we took several years ago on our tour but did not know how to put them on CC. Floridiana, we were on the 2018 Grand Asia together. That was a great cruise with many happy memories. Any future cruises planned?
  13. I just received a notice on my Facebook about 2021 New England cruises that has some exciting ports in Greenland. Also, it seems that the Amsterdam is doing New England in the fall of 2021 according to what I was reading. That might mean that the Amsterdam will not be doing the Grand Asia again. We were on the Grand Asia 2018 and the ship was never near capacity. The Grand Africa sells out so quickly I do not understand why they don't do that itinerary more. Maybe someone else got that Facebook notice?
  14. I thought he said Amsterdam but I think you are correct and it would be on the Nieuw Amsterdam. Actually, I like playing some of those games so we would have a good time being a "kid" again but I don't think we would qualify going to Club HAL! On our Grand Asia we brought some of our own travel board games.
  15. My surprise was that he mentioned the "High Score" on the Amsterdam. That ship is used mainly for Grand and World Voyages. Not too many families are on that ship unless they go to Alaska in the summer. I hope they will not move ships around for those voyages.
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