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  1. Am I allowed to say MSC are “allegedly” operating under current restrictions? I’ve watched a number of Vlogs, the rules of masks, social distancing and not moving furniture don’t seem to be being enforced onboard. Plus some posting they didn’t carry out the mandatory daily temperature taking. I won’t lie that would stress me out, I am a rules person, that makes life tricky sometimes 😉but I’ve learnt to move on and find more compliant places/people. it could be said, but they haven’t had infection, but how would we really know?
  2. I hope not. P&O have always said they will be following Government guidelines at the time of sailing. So I have every confidence that they are on top of this. The only impact for us sailing is that all their requirements remain in place, as stated at time of booking. whereas some may have been hoping that wasn’t the case. we haven’t been privy to their booking numbers, so we don’t know if they may need to start looking at Move Over Offers. I guess time will tell.
  3. No. terms and conditions say spirits will be served single measure with a draft mixer. https://www.pocruises.com/content/dam/po/marketing-assets/onboard-activities/all-inclusive-beverages/Ultimate-terms.pdf double shots not allowed as count as 2 drinks.
  4. https://www.pocruises.com/cruise-with-confidence/preparing-to-sail?fbclid=IwAR3FOm_A07yH6mhMC8V5VBq6u7GnxxmcuAiFq3LXXT20svCkp7YBpaTav64 it’s here. It refers to the Welsh having an app, I had read on the gov.uk site that there should be one available, shortly.
  5. So sorry you are in that situation, I think I would move my booking as it’s getting too close to the 30 day mark. If the vaccination issue rights itself you could try and move it back to the 15th. P&O are quite clear on the proof they will accept.
  6. Oh my goodness what a nightmare for you. I know the English and Welsh systems are working differently. I assume your 2nd Jab was long enough ago that it should be visible. In England it says 5 days, but to be honest for most of us it seems to appear instantly. you have your card so I would be contacting my GP surgery for them to check why your records are not up to date. I know the message is do not contact GP’s about Vaccination proof, but I would be concerned about inaccurate medical records. What if an issue came to light about the batch you had, but the system didn’t know y
  7. Another video today about how Carnival Cruise Lines are moving crew around. I find this all so interesting, but what a logistical nightmare.
  8. It’s your holiday, your choice. I think P&O deal with peoples choices well.
  9. Absolutely made the right choice for you, if that’s how you feel. To be honest I’m so keen to get on a ship I would have slept on it while it was in port in Southampton given the chance.
  10. It was all confirmed with details by P&O in one of their mailings for our upcoming cruise. https://www.pocruises.com/cruise-with-confidence/preparing-to-sail?fbclid=IwAR3FOm_A07yH6mhMC8V5VBq6u7GnxxmcuAiFq3LXXT20svCkp7YBpaTav64
  11. Don’t forget fully booked just means to the maximum they can allow, which is nowhere near a full ship. So you could be lucky, they don’t want to tell you as everyone else will be jealous 😁 I’m trying to do luggage that we can manage ourselves, 2 rolling suit carriers so can just hang outfits straight up, then an additional smaller rolling item each for everything else.
  12. I agree, although embarrassed to say my existing formals don’t fit due to weight gain ☺️,so have sorted a suitable outfit of separates, I need to practice wearing proper shoes with a bit of a heel. it might be exciting with a wonderful unexpected upgrade when you arrive. I’m trying to cut down on toiletries as it’s only 4 nights, as aiming to carry on and off, and I am generally an over packer. With sensitive skin I always feel like I need to cover every eventuality. Telling myself for 4 nights I could manage anything with a few good basic multi use items.
  13. Really that defeats there online check in where you do everything before arrival doesn’t it. Have you checked the make a payment page just incase it is there even if it’s not on the personaliser. Glad I’m not the only one with the little packing routine, I have memories of a normal world, and as half term approached a spare 5 minutes would see me jotting down the starting of a packing list in my work planner. I’m going in to this blind, and don’t want to check a long range weather forecast incase it says rain 🤣
  14. I’m refusing to allow any announcements that may come next week dampen my mood. Two weeks today I will be doing my final sweep of the house, disinfectant down the sinks and toilets all those kind of jobs. Clothes Rail going up in the spare room today, so I can sort our outfit choices ready for packing. Does anyone else do this? I know it’s only 4 nights so probably not technically needed but I like the routine. Health Questionaire now appears on the Personaliser but doesn’t need to be filled in until the countdown passes the 72 hour mark. It asks about your health over
  15. I also think it is almost impossible to isolate yourself from the world (unless you have to of course) now things are opening up. My course of treatment has restarted at the Dental Hospital, after 18 months of being on hold, I was there yesterday and will be there again in a fortnight. DH now having to be on site at work. So now we aren’t in Lockdown there is an expectation to fulfil obligations. I think as long as we respect social distancing and masks, we are doing as much as we can. 😊 feeling excited like I am on a proper countdown .
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