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  1. I wanted as long as I could get, a 10 year multiple entry would be great, but was given 30.
  2. HAL said days at sea in Mediterranian Sea counted, and days at sea in Atlantic did not.
  3. I FULLY agree with your statement. I now call each countrys consulate office about Visa information. Not rely on internet posts. Visa information changes with time.
  4. 10/31/19, train to nearest airport, cheapest same day flight we could find out of the country to another "non Schengen" country.
  5. Visa advise to all, learn from my mistake. I had a 30 day Schengen Visa, spent 25 days in Italy and then went to embark on a 14 day transatlantic cruise to America aboard Holland America. There were 5 European ports in the itinerary the rest were days at sea. I thought I was in the clear, 25+5=30. But Holland denied me boarding and escorted me out of terminal , NO REFUND. They said they count the days at sea when we are in European waters toward my visa time. No discussion about it. I could not board. Be sure you have enough visa days.
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