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  1. I am in the no travel insurance camp. Our medical insurance covers emergency care anywhere in the world, (and yes, i have that in writing), and we have medical evacuation covered through our credit card. We have traveled so much and have never cancelled. We have saved the amount of the policy premiums many times over.
  2. keep in mind that on an expedition ship, things change OFTEN. What you sign up for may or may not happen depending on weather. There is often a default to plan B or plan C which may mean ending up with a lot of sea days. That is the nature of expedition cruising.
  3. We have been to St Petersburg twice on Regent. Once we did all private tours, the next one day private tours and the rest ship tours. We were docked up the river, very near the Hermitage the first time and at the dockyards the second. Pray that you are docked on the river. The dockyards is far away from anything you would be interested in seeing and it adds up to an hour each way to a tour because traffic is terrible. You will be able to get off the ship as soon as it is cleared. The first day, it takes quite a long time to get through customs and immigration, but after that, it is very quick. We got the tourist visa through the tour company that we hired and couldn't just go walking around on our own. We had to stay with the guide. We are from the US, so that rule may be different for non-US citizens. I am not sure. I do know that when we went to eastern Russia and had to get a regular visa, it was much more difficult with tons of paperwork to fill out, but we could wander wherever we wanted.
  4. We stayed in the new downtown Hilton property in Reykjavik (doing our own precruise). It was wonderful! And we walked to the ship.
  5. If you have been assigned an actual suite number, that is the suite you will be getting as far as I know.
  6. looking forward to some world cruise blogs!
  7. Tips are included. Do not tip extra unless the person you are tipping has done something clearly above and beyond their normal duties. You can order drinks anytime from room service, don’t need to order food as well. and yes, you can order room service course by course, though we have never done this.
  8. I have really enjoyed your reports. Thanks so much. We have been to many but not all of the ports before. Totally agree about Cartagena. I speak passable Spanish, so we went out on our own one day ( we were there two) and it seemed to be better that way, not as much of a target for hawkers. Loved going through the canal and would do again.
  9. Flossie, I share your thoughts about “grasshoppers”. Looks like some sort of industrial fluid to me, not to be swallowed. i will be interested to here how things go in Turkey given the current mess.
  10. Too bad about the missed ports. But I have been to Boston many times and Bar Harbor once so would like Portland as a new place to visit. Plus when we were there, Bar Harbor was a tender port, so not so great for those with mobility issues.
  11. you definitely can order a bottle of the included wine to be delivered to your room. we often have enjoyed a wine and cheese tasting in our cabin. if you have a butler, they will arrange this, otherwise you can order from room service.
  12. We will be onboard with you! They will give you a 2 piece parka (outer water resistant and inner fleece) which is very nice and warm. You will need to buy or rent boots. We are renting as the boots take up so much room in the luggage. You will need to buy waterproof pants to go over your regular pants. Lots of layers is key. I have thermal tights from UniClo that I love as they provide good insulation. I usually wear those, either jeans or fleece pants then the waterproof pants on bottom. I wear some good thick socks in the boots as well. Probably won't need separate hiking shoes--just the boots. On the top layer, I wear a turtleneck pullover, a sweater over that then the 2 layer parka. I wear a cap which covers my ears and gloves which have the fold back fingers to that I can take pictures. Don't think hiking poles will be necessary here.
  13. Very jealous of your voyage on Slendor! We don't get to see her till next June. Also, I thought I knew a lot about cruising, but I did not know about the 3 1/2 stripes for the officers uniforms.
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