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  1. I have been to both Peru and Macchu Picchu as well as the Galapagos many times. If you are doing both on one trip, it is a packing challenge, as Macchu Picchu is cool and high elevation while Galapagos are warmer. For Galapagos, shorts and t shirts during day, maybe jeans on a cooler day. For Macchu Picchu you will need long pants, and maybe a light jacket. Hiking shoes for both, and water shoes in the Galapagos. For evenings, I would wear a nice dress or pants with cute top in Peru. In the Galapagos, sundress or not too fancy cocktail dress, but many peopl will be very casual.
  2. I loved going up to the observation lounge for my morning cup of tea and to write on my blog before anyone was up. When we had good butlers, they would figure out my schedule and have the tea ready and waiting for me. loved that curvy staircase as well between restaurant and bar. remember the day when we were crossing between northern Canada and Greenland and the entire salad buffet ended up on the floor. Also remember a couple of times when it was just me and George and 2 other couples in the dining room for dinner as it was so rough. Dr Ron and Rojaan were also the
  3. We were there too. Fun times. George particularly loved that little ship. He loved standing out front on that forward deck in freezing cold blowing gales.
  4. well, about 2 minutes after posting the above, I received a message from Chase that my $3537 deposit had been refunded by Crystal. Now waiting for the additional $6000 they owe me, but at least it is something. BTW, also received my deposits today from Oceania for a cruise they cancelled--less than 60 days after they cancelled.
  5. Still nothing here. I filed a complaint with the BBB which Crystal did not respond to and also a complaint with the Florida Attorney General's office. Still nothing. My TA has tried to call them. Was told we are to be in the next group of refunds. We will see. I have lost all patience.
  6. We will be onboard Aug 27. So too late to answer questions for your friends, but I too am very curious about how things are going so far.
  7. my husband and I have over 100 nights on Silversea Explorer and Cloud (after it became an expedition ship). I like to dress up, he doesn't. I bring a couple of cocktail dresses then either slacks with fancy tops or sundresses depending on the climate, along with sparkly shoes or sandals. He wears slacks and a collared shirt. He might bring a sportcoat, but he has never worn a tie on an expedition ship, and we have never felt out of place.
  8. I have a patient who has repeatedly tested positive over a period of 6 months. She has never been sick at all
  9. I don't like snorkeling and have been to the Galapagos twice. Snorkeling is just a tiny part of the trip. My husband loves snorkeling, and he loved it there--a penguin landed on his back and used him as a diving board. However, you will definitely get your feet wet getting on and off the zodiac. Usually the water is pretty shallow, but once was almost up to my waist.
  10. I love roses. Really need to visit this garden!
  11. I replied over on the Silversea board.
  12. well, I have over 250 days on Regent and over 150 on Silversea. For traditional cruising, we prefer Regent as we prefer the dining on Regent in general. Not to say that Silversea doesn't have great food. It is just more European. The suites are very comparable. Both very comfortable. We mostly do expedition cruising on Silversea as Regent doesn't offer that. We like the active excursions, etc. Sometimes depending on itinerary, you can find a hiking excursion on Regent, but not routinely. But I would happily sail on either. I would just pick the itinerary that appealed mos
  13. When we did the xpedition, it was prior to Silversea being in the Galapagos, so it was really our only viable option. The ship is very old, even older now and cabins are quite small and dark. The expedition staff was fine, but food was definitely not good at all. On Silversea, mind you this is the old Galapagos ship, not Origin, the cabins were nicer, though still very small, but not as dark. The food was way better as was overall service and attitude of the staff. We are very much looking forward to trying out Origin.
  14. Not true! He has gotten yelled at multiple times in the Galapagos for going off course.
  15. now that's a novel and good idea!
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