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  1. We have celebrated birthday in Compass Rose a couple of times and it was very special. Needed the larger table. But the staff will make it memorable if you let them know in advance.
  2. I was sent an email from Silversea with a link to upload our vaccination proof. They tested us in Quito with a rapid test prior to flying to the Galapagos. post cruise, they tested again in Guayaquil before flights back to the US.
  3. you have to be tested and test negative prior to boarding. This is done in quito. They do have testing onboard as well as my friends who had to be on quarantine because of possible exposure on the previous cruise were tested daily.
  4. Great! That was my one big question. I can deal with wearing a mask all day if I have to, as that is what I currently have to do at work, but we love to wander around on our own and find a local place for lunch.
  5. No hat--I can't count the number of times George has been told to take his hat off for the photo.
  6. I just booked our excursions for our Sept 2022 Montreal- NYC cruise. Lots of choices in most ports, and I was able to book 2 excursions in 2 of them. Could have probably done so in more had I wanted. Same for our Jan 2022 and June 2022--no problem booking excursions at all. For me though, the looming question is--will we be able to get off the ship and roam around on our own? One of our favorite things to do is find a local spot for lunch and just wander. If we aren't going to be able to do that, I am going to have to book more excursions!
  7. I am plenty flexible, but getting in/out of that elevated tub is challenging. I have almost fallen more than once. I think my legs are just too short. Not a deal breaker, but if given a choice, I would take the shower only option every time.
  8. Clearly you need a new travel agent, as they should be able to tell you all this stuff in detail. Ours did. The precruise hotel and flights to/from Galapagos as well as post-cruise day room and transfers were included, even with not using their air.
  9. Agree with stumblefoot regarding the Cloud in Antarctica. It is amazing. i was on board Origin the week prior to you. I highly recommend doing your own air if you want to have a say in that part of the trip. We always do ours.
  10. Super easy to screw up if you use poor quality beef. Or beef plus fillers.
  11. 46 on board. We started with 48, but one couple disembarked the first night as they were going to have to be on quarantine due to being in contact with a passenger who had disembarked and had tested positive for covid in Guayaquil after disembarkation. They did not want to be on quarantine, so they left.
  12. George thinks the burgers on SS are awful. He even had a talk with the chef once as he was convinced the meat wasn't really beef. It definitely is not up to our standards.
  13. I think it is your iPad, because I am responding from my iPad, which is all I have ever used to post with on CC, with no problems. Reboot the iPad completely, and see if that works.
  14. Good comparison. Oceania is like Regent Light. Food on both lines is very good, though the MDR on Regent has a lot more options than on Oceania. Don’t ever have to show your keycard on Regent. Basic cabins are larger and nicer on Regent. we like both but prefer Regent. When we cruise on Oceania, we have to move several categories up to get a comparable cabin, plus we buy the drinks package, etc etc, so at the end, price is about the same.
  15. I was on board Silver Origin when this happened. Here is what I was told by the expedition leader. The computer system was hacked when someone in the system opened a phishing email. Therefore, as a precaution, they took the entire system down and had to examine every computer to make sure that no information had been allowed to escape or be corrupted. Fixing this problem takes quite a bit of time, and I am actually amazed at how quickly it got resolved. The same thing. Happened to the City of Tulsa computer system, and it took several weeks to get resolved.
  16. Great! I will be the petite silver haired lady with the husband in a cowboy hat, and a son with black beard and his vivacious wife.
  17. We are on the Jan 5 Splendor cruise. Took the credit.
  18. He saw lots of big and little fish. While he does dive, he assured me that anyone would be able to see a lot of fish.
  19. We did our own air, and the schedule was changed at least 10 times by AA. I finally just gave up. I originally had us leaving today in the morning but that flight got cancelled, so they put us on a later flight then the original flight came back, etc, etc. I finally just stayed with what they gave me.
  20. The majority of flights out were on American at 1:50 am. I would say 75% of us were on that flight. There were a couple on a earlier jet blue flight, but only 2. And a few on an earlier Delta flight.
  21. Forgot to answer the second part of the question. On the ship, we were supposed to wear mask when not eating or drinking, and most people did.
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