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  1. One of Disney's largest ships does only 3 and 4 night and I know RCL has mega ships that only do short ones too. IMO, getting rid of the Fantasy class is long overdue. I've never been on one but they always kinda turned me off. I know there's a lot of sentimental value with them for a lot of people but at the end of the day Carnival has to be competitive and those small ships just aren't what most people want anymore. They want all the bells and whistles.
  2. I think they are trying to catch up to Royal. They got rid of the flashy decor, and are now building mega-ships that RCL has had for quite some time. Plus it wouldn't surprise me if they are trying to distance themselves from the perception of Carnival being the line you go on to not be sober for three straight days and then come back to Florida.
  3. I just came across this thread and I'm looking forward to reading! But I am a Panthers fan and so far I'm not enjoying this.
  4. Is that why there's so much smoke coming from the smoke stacks?
  5. That ship is gonna be awesome when cruising returns. Where will it be sailing from?
  6. Maybe for the drill in the future, the presentation is on your TV in the stateroom instead of at your station somewhere else on the ship. And to make sure you actually go, you could either have some check in feature on the ship's app or the cabin steward has to knock on your door and report you as present. I could more likely see them doing check in on the app though. Not only would it be easier but it forces people to download the app, which is exactly what Carnival and every cruise line wants you to do anyway.
  7. When I went on Norwegian, I got the drink package and it was so nice to not worry about a bill. I drink at home and so to me it's worth it to have a package. I'll most likely get the package for my next cruise. I know that Carnival has a limit unlike NCL, but 15/day seems like plenty if you space it out
  8. We seriously considered DCL. However, it came down to price. Two 6 night cruises on Carnival is basically the same cost as one 7 night cruise on Disney. It'll be two adults and while I've heard Disney does a good job with adult areas, it came down to cost at the end of the day. I know you usually get what you pay for but it was still a little too steep. Plus, there's no drink package. We did a drink package on NCL, and it was so nice not to have to worry about a bar tab for the week. Pretty much set on the Breeze. Bigger ship, a better itinerary and Port Canaveral is still pretty
  9. Correction: Amber Cove and not Princess Cay
  10. Yeah I sailed on the Disney Wonder from Port Canaveral years ago and it was easy, both for embarkation and debarkation. It's not as close as Charleston but still an easy drive down I-95
  11. I was interested in a 5 night Bahamas (Nassau, HMC) on the Sunshine from Charleston, and a 6 night Eastern Caribbean (Grand Turk, HMC, Princess Cay) on the Breeze from Port Canaveral
  12. 5 night Bahamas on the Sunshine and 6 night Eastern Caribbean on the Breeze look the best to me. This would be an adults only trip so we would have some flexibility with scheduling. But we would definitely try to avoid Easter Break and the summer months. I think the Sunshine was in May before schools usually get out and Breeze was in late April after the Easter crowd. Of course this is assuming things are "normal" in 2021. As much as we want to go ASAP, we're gonna wait until it's safe and that there's protocols in place to keep everyone healthy
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