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  1. Won't matter what Carnival does if some of these ports (like Maryland) are not reopened by the Governor after 4/11. I'm on a 4/12 out of Baltimore and I'm betting the farm it's a no-go.
  2. That's why the OBC offer was so high on the FCC. I'm willing to bet they get a federal lifeline greater than the $3 billion credit line they are blowing through.
  3. I would say it's probably a no-go (and I have a cruise going 4/12). Experts are predicting we won't even see the peak of this for at least another 45 days.
  4. I wouldn't even be worrying about something in September with a situation that is so fluid things are changing by the minute.
  5. 26 ships, 4+ weeks of cancellations, giving customers the option of cash refunds or FCC. It's not an overnight automated process.
  6. When you have government "intervention" it's bond to happen. I was told RC and CCL got little to no notice when Maryland Gov. decided to close the cruise port.
  7. https://cruiseradio.net/carnival-cruise-line-temporarily-halts-all-sailings/
  8. This was literally just announced. Just be a little patient.
  9. I' curious to what they will do with 4/12. Those cruises are exactly 30 days out. It's a Sunday so a high volume embarkation day for a majority of the ships. It's also "traditional" Spring break week (although that has been changed now with schools closing)
  10. I'm thinking we will see what we saw for some of the cruises that were recently cancelled, i.e. the Baltimore 3/15 sailing. Option of either cash refund or 100% FCC + $600 OBC per cabin.
  11. My cruise is at 30 days out today. So that answers nothing for me. lol
  12. https://boards.cruisecritic.com/topic/2741336-port-of-baltimore-closed/
  13. Thanks. I would prefer this over playing the find the credit game and you know credit card companies are shady AF and just won't send you the credit. I don't even have online access to these accounts. Companies closed my access as soon as a I paid the balance and closed the account (for example, Bank of America).
  14. As seen above, looks like they just cancelled the 3/15 cruise. They probably won't cancel future ones yet until it gets closer incase the port is reopened by then.
  15. https://governor.maryland.gov/wp-content/uploads/2020/03/Prohibiting-Movement.pdf
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