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  1. Jam: It was great sharing this adventure with you both virtually and in person! Madeline
  2. Paperwork lied.....there is has been a top tier event on every sailing since early September (we got on 9/6). They have limited the event to D+ and Pinnacle (not certain of Diamonds are invited or not) for spacing issues.
  3. In Nassau today....three ships in port: Mariner, Adventure, & Brilliance. Adventure is going in for a face lift soon so Mariner will be gaining approximately 100 crew members from there. It seems like soon there will be a 1:1 ratio of crew to guests. Every week Brilliance has been sitting off the coast in Coco Cay. She is probably in port to re-provision. Tonight is top tier party which is always a nice event. An FYI....champagne, mimosas, and some fruity drink are still offered and don't count off the drink allowance. Also, it is 'Dress Your Best' night - seems like that is Royal's new term instead of 'formal night'.
  4. I am just catching up on the thread. As Jam has said, the internet has been very spotty and I finally gave up trying. I saw that someone mentioned a cabin under Izumi. I would be careful of cabins in that area. The reason is that the Schooner Bar is right next to Izumi which means music late into the night and people stomping their feet, etc. If you are a light sleeper, I believe you would be bothered. Casino was busy this evening.....lots of 'younger' (i.e. 30's - 40's) players. Guess it is because of the weekend. Captain said 1,400 guests on board. Still does not feel crowded
  5. Boarding Day tip....... Even before you can enter the terminal you will have to show your vaccination card AND your negative test results so have these out and ready. Then, don't put them away! Keep them handy. You will need to show them three more times.
  6. Saw Jam at Playmakers.......he recommended the sundae. It was definitely a WOW. Two of us ate it and still could not finish it. Recommended!
  7. They are plastic 'jell' bands. Quite stretchy and easy to pull on and off. They must be worn whenever outside the cabin.
  8. Covid test result back - done this morning on the ship - negative. Whew!
  9. For the UDP on boarding day, your options will be Windjammer, Jamie's Italian, or Johnny Rockets.
  10. The casino is a fully vaccinated area (must wear the bracelet - this week it is green - to prove it). There are people at the entrances to check. No spacing is being enforced in the casino - neither at the bar, the slots, nor the tables. Masks are suggested but not mandatory in there. It has abeen a very busy place even with the reduced guest numbers.
  11. Jam: If you like lamb, it is really good at Chops...... Madeline
  12. Jam: Go meet your new room steward the night before this cruise ends. Explain that you will be moving into room #....... Ask if they will flip that room first. They generally will. Also, with as empty as this current sailing is (1,200 guests, 29 children, & 12 Pinnacle), your new room may not be occupied now so it could be immediately ready. The reason crew may not get off the ship is that Royal is trying to maintain a 'bubble' around them. They are tested every week for Covid. They do not want them out-and-about and risk them bringing something back to the ship. Madeline
  13. They delivered them back to our cabins later the same day.
  14. Since we have been on the ship for B2B's thought I would respond to a few questions: 1. The day before disembarkation you have a Covid test (deck 2 conference room) in the morning. They ask you to make an appointment using a QR code they provide or to to a provided website. The test is quick and painless. It is very well organized and 'sanitary' - including plastic on the floor and everyone in the equivalent of hazmat suits. They e-mail you the results by the afternoon. 2. On turn around day, about 9:00 they ask all B2B's to go to the Star Lounge on deck 5. While there, they distribute new sea pass cards. As soon as the departing guests are all off the ship, they walk everyone down to deck 4 (elevators for handicapped) where you 'bonk' off the ship using your old sea pass card (once, they collected them but the last cruise they did not) and walk down into the terminal. In the terminal, they do the face recognition scan. When everyone has done that, you walk back on the ship. If you are staying in the same room, you can return to your room. If you are moving to a new room, you will need to wait until the cabin attendant sanitizes it. Rooms are ready for everyone at 1 PM (but the signs say 1:30 just in case). The bars are closed until regular boarding commences. When that begins, bars open, windjammer opens (you sign in and out of the Windjammer with your Sea Pass card), Jamie's opens ($), and Johnny Rockets opens ($). It is very painless. Lastly, someone asked about crew. Right now, Royal is not letting crew off the ship to go shopping. This means that they are limited to what they can buy in their commissary. Based on my conversations they can use items like snacks, candy, soda (particularly Coca Cola as they do not sell Coke soda in the commissary), and laundry pods. I hope this helps...... Madeline
  15. We did the King Kong Vs Godzilla movie on deck after Chops. The speakers by the big screen were not working so it was a bit hard to hear (even after calling Guest Services twice). Next time we will sit further back. Not getting off in Nassau. On the weekend cruise mostly everything was closed. No Senor Frogs, No straw market, etc. Only a few jewelry shops were open. Going to stay on board. Will add - Cocoa Cay was amazing. The large pool and the food was great. If you want burgers head to Snack Shack. If you want tacos, steak sandwiches, salads head to Chill Grill. The music at the pool was great. The first time we were there (last 4 day) we shared the dock with Freedom. On the weekend, we were the only ship there which made it super uncrowded.
  16. Nope. Like you, we could not justify the cost even with the discount. We had Johnny Rockets for lunch and went to Chops for dinner.
  17. Jam: I think we sat next to you are Izumi's last night! We were at the sushi bar to your right. Madeline
  18. We are also on the Mariner right now. The cruise director is Marcelo Alvarado. He is highly visible everywhere on the ship and seems to do a great job with his staff. For C&A lounge guests, he does walk through the lounge frequently to speak with guests.
  19. Ah, John.....you bring back fond memories. Remember how they set up that beautiful buffet by the 'wheel' and all the officers walked around and spoke with guests. Desmond served drinks ("Everytime") and John Denton was everywhere. Miss those days.
  20. As John has said, if you are looking for a beach break, just head to Lori Wilson Park. If you want to stay very close to the port, there is Jetty Park which has both the beach and and the pier that you sail by on the way in/out of the port. For transportation, there is the bus that John mentioned and there are also numerous Ubers in the area whenever a ship is docked at the port. If you are looking and just getting off the ship and walking around, you can easily stroll to the Cove area which has bars and restaurants which overlook the harbor. You can't go wrong in the area.
  21. We have done Taste of Royal and it is a lovely event. As Biker19 has said, just let your waiter know that you would like to be finished at a certain time and you will be. BTW - the menu we have had has consistently been amazing. Appetizers from Izumi (if you don't like sushi they will substitute) and Giovanni's, Pasta from Giovanni's, and Steaks from Chops. Wine was served as well as a specialty cocktail. It was VERY filling and lovely.
  22. I respectfully disagree. Think about times where Royal has moved ships to help others. Just recently the Explorer was moved to Miami to house emergency personnel. That was not revenue generating and they did it. My idea would assist crew......their own workers and not cost them anything as the guest is already on the ship and has paid for a sailing.
  23. Wouldn't it be nice if you could get on aboard a ship, go to guest relations and ask about paying for an upgrade AND that the additional funds generated could go to the crew welfare fund? I know that the fund is used often when a crew member has to fly home for a severe family emergency or when a catastrophe occurs, Come on Royal; let's help out the crew who have had a hard year (and make a guest extra happy).
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