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  1. For your info NCL has changed the drink package as of 4 weeks ago to everyone in your cabin that is over 21 (not sure if it is a limited time thing but I was told it was because everyone was complaining that it should be for all people over 21 in a cabin) and as I said 1 person doesn't drink nobody drinks beer but whatever, its not worth the conversation, I was just trying to let people that do not drink a lot or have more than 2 people over 21 in there cabin that this might (keyword might) not be a good thing for them, obviously for people like you who drink a lot it is a great package especially for all that who can start drinking at 9AM and go all day and thru the night. Please in all honesty, enjoy your next NCL cruise.
  2. WOW, don't need to be so rude, You are right my math was off (we can't be all perfect like you) I was talking about the drink package for 3 people not 1 and it comes out to be roughly 24 drinks a day for the 3 people and you have to take the drink package for everyone in your cabin that is over 21 now even if they don't drink and that is why I said you may want to consider a different option for the free at sea!
  3. I was talking about the drink package tips for 3 people and I was wrong on the 34 a day it roughly comes out to about 24 a day for the 3 people and 1 in our group does not drink and 1 drinks a little so I was just trying to say that if they are in the same situation they might want to pick one of the other free at sea programs and buy their drinks. Sorry I was so confusing. I guess I shouldn't have even put that in there because I was mainly interested in the pool deck.
  4. I was wondering if anyone has been on the ENCORE and what the honest opinion is of the pool deck. I have read hundreds of reviews of people that have been very dissatisfied with the ship and pool deck but almost all the comments were negative about the whole ship, I know all the complaints can't be true especially about how much the ship rocks all the time, that depends on weather and sea conditions. I have been on over 40 cruises and have had little to no problems finding a deck chair on the pool deck but EVERYONE is saying that the pool deck on the ENCORE is exceptionally small and not enough chairs, also they are charging $200 a person to have access to the adult only area, that is outrageous, every other cruise line has free access to the adult only area. Sounds like NCL is really getting into over charging and finding every way they can to squeeze every dollar out of you. They offer you a free beverage package as part of your cruise but then hit you with almost $300 in gratuity that you have to pay up front, that equals about 240 drinks or about 34 drinks a day, I don't think to many people will be drinking 34 drinks a day but anyway back to the pool deck, what are your thoughts if you have been on it?
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