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  1. I understand that, however, what I said was that they are eager to have the ships return when the ships are available to return. I would think that the 14-day quarantine will have to be lifted at some point or both the cruise industry and the ports themselves will be out of business and hopefully that lifting will be on or before November.
  2. I am still remaining optimistic that the timing should be good that the Enchanted Princess will sail with passengers on November 21, 2020. The ship is virtually finished in her build out and what remains are the sea trials that were delayed when Fincantieri had to shut down for a few weeks during the Covid-19 outbreak. The shipyard is back to work and there will be sea trials and then she will sail to Port Everglades when it's time to do so and probably without passengers. The Enchanted Princess was positioned to be in the Caribbean for the season replacing her sister ships, Royal and Regal, and partner with the Caribbean Princess. The whole area of the Caribbean is eager to have ships working as soon as possible. We are excited to be on what could be her maiden voyage. Until something changes, we are going to be on board for our 48 Princess voyage.
  3. Thanks for your recent posts. You are reiterating what I have been saying on this and other threads. My thinking is that Princess is taking a prudent and cautious approach to working their way back into the flow. The Enchanted was virtually completed leaving the ship trials and final touches before sailing. With the issues still going on in Europe there wasn't a viable way for them to fill the ship with passengers that potentially might still be contagious. What made better sense would be to start filling the ship with the crew and have them go through the quarantine process for safe arrival in Florida. Florida was destined to be the work area for the Enchanted as the other Royal Class ships were moved to other venues for the winter season. The Caribbean will be ready and needing to be open for this season and makes perfect sense to get the Enchanted here to work with the Caribbean Princess to fill the need. Of course, we have a vested interest to have the Enchanted sail on November 21st as this is the voyage we booked months ago to be part of a birthday celebration. If it is still a go.....this will be her maiden voyage!
  4. The only certain thing about everyone being home sheltered is that we have too much time on our hands to issue comments and theories without any facts to back them up.
  5. First of all, you have to think that the ship was virtually completed since it was only recently the TA was cancelled and the shipyard was only closed for a short period of time. Fincantieri has just opened back up with production which gives them plenty of time to complete if needed. My guess, and I'm hoping I'm correct, is that the ship will continue its prep and start bringing crew aboard under a proper quarantine period and then bring the ship to Port Everglades on or before November 21. That date would be her inaugural voyage and one that we booked months ago.
  6. Very nice gesture for a great Captain.
  7. If you check the cruise calendar, there aren't any voyages planned now for the Enchanted Princess until the November 21st voyage. Now, there might be the case that the ship will be carrying other personnel than the normal crew and those might be other crew persons that will be joining other ships in the Caribbean. At this point the only Princess ships that will working the Caribbean are the Enchanted, Sky and Caribbean Princess - all subject to change. Normally, the Regal and Royal would be doing the east and west but those have been taken over by the Sky and Enchanted. We are still excited to be on the November 21st voyage and hopefully that is her inaugural voyage.
  8. As it stands now, we are going to be on the inaugural voyage November 21, 2020 sailing out of Port Everglades. Fortunately, we booked this voyage a couple of months ago to coincide with a birthday celebration. There aren't any itineraries posted before 11/21/2020 at this time. Unless something awful happens between now and then, November 21st is it. They will finish up construction and probably bring the ship across with no passengers until she reaches Florida.
  9. What does any of this have to do with Princess Cruises?
  10. I agree with that. We have been to all the ports that Princess calls on many times during our 45 cruises. Nothing more to see there, but we still like to look around and buy a little something to help them out.
  11. It will be hard to believe that the Caribbean ports would not welcome cruise ships later this year. Most live on those ships visit those ports and will do what they need to do to make sure it's a safe visit for all.
  12. It's becoming annoying to read all the posts regarding guesses as to what is going to happen without any facts to back it up. So maybe I should not continue to read them and just concentrate on our upcoming November voyage on the Enchanted Princess.
  13. True, but remember that during this crisis the crew that has remained on the ship has been able to use Princess Cays and they had to use the tenders. Also remember that Princess doesn't always use their lifeboats to tender but the boats hired by an outside contractor. They have more space to spread people out. Regardless, we are booked on a late November voyage on the Enchanted Princess that does both the western Caribbean and then back to PE to do the eastern with a stop at Princess Cays.
  14. I think you might need to get a life. I also think that if you took the time to read other threads regarding cruise fare refunds you might see that you aren't the only one waiting because there are thousands of cases to be resolved and that does take time. Princess isn't going to cheat anyone because they want everyone that booked a voyage to return. Check your account within 60 days of cancellation and you'll not be disappointed.
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