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  1. It could be said that it might be up to the individual ports or countries to determine what the procedure might be. However, even if the port says it's OK to come ashore and wander around, the cruise line might say, "hold on here, we don't want you wandering around and bringing the virus back on board with you!". So, who knows?
  2. It was early on so I would guess they still use it or the Carnival site since they can't go ashore in any of the ports at this stage.
  3. Not sure what source you are looking at, but Marine Traffic site showed only the Odyssey there yesterday and still there today. The Coral Princess has docked at terminal 2 to get provisions and most likely fuel. I show Nieuw Statendam anchored off of Stirrup Cay in the Bahamas along with the Caribbean Princess, other Carnival ships, RCI and Celebrity ships as well.
  4. Seabourn Odyssey is the only cruise ship in there at the moment. The other ships are tankers, container or dredgers. The Caribbean Princess that was in port briefly a couple of days ago, anchored off the Fort Lauderdale coast yesterday is on her way to the Bahamas.........again.
  5. I don't think it is as long a shot as folk might say it is. Princess is still banking on her sailing on time and is reading the ship and crew to go through protocol trials at sea. Being the eternal optimist that I am and also have the same booking as you are, I am ready to be called to drive down the hour it takes me to be part of the preparations if need be. Keep the faith and we'll see you on board the 15th.
  6. First of all, it's not if our cruise actually even sails as you say, there are plenty of other scheduled sailings following that which we have the luxury of booking the next one out when that happens. The real issue is one of the Cayman government doesn't really need to have cruise commerce to return any time soon. Their economy can survive without the influx of people that may or may not bring any health issues to their fair island. Having been to Grand Cayman many times during our 45 cruise history with Princess, I do enjoy making a brief walkabout in the city and vi
  7. I have answered this question previously, but I am happy to provide a second more emphatic response........ALL OF THE ABOVE!!!!!
  8. Currently, she is at anchor off the coast of Fort Lauderdale. Hope she stays in the area and begins to do her "test" voyages soon. We are ready and able to drive down the hours drive to be a part of getting this show on the road/sea. Go to the link in post #1 and then scroll down to the area which shows other port cams and click on the one for Fort Lauderdale Hilton web cam. This one pans from right to left and if you look at the furthest right portion of the pan, there are two ships at anchorage at the time of this writing. The one on the left, or northern position, is the CB a
  9. Since I don't know where your previous $200 is or if it was applied to this booking. However, you have answered your own question regarding what to do with this booking. Princess, or any other cruise line, doesn't know with any certainty whether there will be some successful negotiation between our State Department and the Canadian government to allow a "technical" stop or a change in their permission for ships to enter their ports. That being the case, it is more probable that 2021 Alaska bookings are gone. If you aren't able to make a 2022 commitment then you shoul
  10. Interesting to see that our May 15th voyage on the Caribbean Princess still shows that there is a stop at Grand Cayman. Even though it's listed in the itinerary with excursions and port timing information regarding having tenders to go ashore, the map of the itinerary doesn't show that stop, rather it shows a stop in Costa Maya instead, so I guess we'll have to wait and see what the real situation is.
  11. As mentioned above, you won't know until you get there. The production itself will be very good, but the wild card is how successful the ship will be getting really good entertainers back on board early on. We are booked to be on the Island Princess as she does her TA back to Florida in December. If all goes well and we are really onboard the ship, we won't give a rat's patootie what the entertainment is like because we are really on board again.
  12. This is probably the case which makes it very difficult for those that have to travel long distances to get to the port and having to wait another 7 days to board a ship again. It's easy for us that live very close to Port Everglades to get off the ship, drive an hour or so home, do the laundry and drive back again a few days later. This is a fluid situation and might change soon going forward if the process works out.
  13. Obviously, no one here knows for sure. We are booked for May 15th and then later in November for a TA into December. Our plans are to stay prepared for the May voyage and we are also looking at opportunities after that date if things get postponed. Living here close to the port and being retired, we can be flexible and rest assured that as soon as the ship releases the lines, we will be on board.
  14. Hopefully the answer is yes. We have our completed vaccination card packed right inside our passports ready for the May 15th voyage on the CB.
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