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  1. This explains it all very well. Thanks for posting the link.
  2. I guess everyone is confused now. We are still planning on being on the Emerald Princess November 6th for a R/T Port Everglades partial transit through the new locks at the Panama Canal. Where she goes after that is a real mystery until April 2022 which is one that we have booked as well. She must be going somewhere and we'll just have to wait and see.
  3. Let's hope the anxiety is over now and you can calmly prepare to be excited.
  4. OK, then let's consider the Senate Coney Island or possibly National Coney Island and then there's Leo's.
  5. Great information. I have written to them asking for a link to further updates regarding the vaccination progress..
  6. The only good hot dog is one from Lafayette Coney Island in Detroit, smothered in chili, onions and mustard! (I just drooled on my keyboard!!)
  7. You are on the same page as I am with this. On a back to back you still have to go through customs and that might not occur until around 10:00 or so because you are "In Transit" and then you can leave the ship. I can see that the OP is on the ship for 24 days if I have the bookings right so they may want to have their hair and nails done, but my guess is that they might be pushing it to try and doing that after the ship docks after the 10-day booking. Then there's the issue of what will be the protocol upon returning to the ship considering we are still in a "Covid" state? Are there more delays and testing? My opinion is why not try the ship's salon and not worry about it.........but then, I'm a guy and what do I know?
  8. I wonder if there are differences in when you can book your arrival times depending on what port you are embarking from. Capabilities vary with different terminals. Port Everglades is well established for the medallion whereas others will still be in a learning cycle and size limitations.
  9. There will always be exceptions to the what we have known as the norm. Generally, if you are one of the first to board the ship you will find that most of the cabins are made up but might be missing some of the last minute items like setups and maybe the welcoming paperwork. If you are just carrying a backpack and your main luggage was checked in at the dock, you might want to just take that with you since it probably has more important items in it.
  10. A big fat NO because it is a heating device and on the prohibited list.
  11. I agree. You would think after all those voyages they had it would be possible to have figured that out by now. We always love waking up to a sunrise through our balcony window and then later in the morning the warmth of the sun while sitting on the balcony and reading a book.
  12. There is nearly 100 days before the ship sails and a lot of time for things to change. Granted a decision should be made before final payment and for some, that date is approaching within a month. As reported elsewhere, the EU is reducing requirements for travel within their countries, however, the UK is not part of the EU and might be pressed to follow suit to prevent more income losses. The only thing for certain is that no one knows for sure.
  13. Grego


    Great news! We need more folks reporting success after following some of the CC posts here.
  14. We have had success using our iPad 6 and iPhone 12 devices. It wasn't always that way, but after sending an email to the "team" they solved the problem in two days. The only thing remaining, which has nothing to do with the app itself, is the ability to pick an arrival group and health screening both of which are tied into the timing of the voyage with is over 100 days away so not available. Ordering the medallion and other inputs have worked well.
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