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  1. Thanks for all the updates and important information. My guess is that we'll have a passenger total about double that of what you are having now, but it still will be like we have the ship to ourselves.
  2. They were on the Pacific Princess and my wife remembers that he told her he liked her formal night dress. Hope they we will still be on board when we sail on the 6th of November.
  3. Yeah, me too so maybe they will find something else to find fault with.
  4. We aren't taking any chances so we made an appointment with one of our Dr.'s to do a PCR test two days before we embark with results back in 30 minutes for our Nov. 6th voyage. The same Dr. is doing our next test before our December 28th voyage because of the issues with the Christmas weekend before that and Monday being the first day we can be tested after that. There is a fee for doing it, which may or may not be something to submit to insurance, but the peace of mind that we are getting them done with the results back right away is worth the cost.
  5. It's usually on Deck 7 near the midship elevators on the starboard side.
  6. That's absurd! Anyone that knows Jan would tell you that she is anything but incompetent and has had a great career of leadership and builder of future leaders. You obviously have no idea what you are talking about. I probably should had taken the route of not dignifying your comment with a response.
  7. Yeah!!!! I wonder if Carlos from Portugal is still on Rui's team as a head waiter? We are excited to be with Rui again.
  8. I can see all six of our upcoming bookings and had no trouble entering in the information so I have them all at the Green Lane.
  9. Thanks gmcwalker for doing this. We will be on the Emerald November 6th and excited to be back on board one of our favorite ships. Keep us informed as to how they are handling the buffet and casino. Have fun and enjoy the voyage.
  10. That's our understanding as well. The ship leaves tomorrow and we look forward to reading the first of the experiences that folks have aboard the Emerald Princess as see returns to Port Everglades.
  11. My wife and I both are and anytime we can do something to support the effort, we do.
  12. It was a strange move considering he really doesn't have cruise business experience other than the implementation of the medallion. The medallion does exactly what it was intended to do and the full implementation of all it can do will be exciting. If it weren't for the possible poor choice of app design and delivery it would really be a game changer for the industry.
  13. I know of your frustration, but stay with the process........it has to get better.
  14. Good fun information. Looking forward to our November 6th voyage on the Emerald Princess and enjoying the ship again.
  15. Really? You are equating the pandemic to the issues you are experiencing? For all of us that have been able to successfully navigate the app without having to make numerous phone calls I would suggest to relax and even if you can't make the app work, what's the worst thing that could happen? You would have to board the ship with the medallion and proceed like we all did before the app and that's not even close to what we all faced with the pandemic.
  16. Sorry for all those that can't make the app work or work to their satisfaction. I am happy for all of us that have had success in downloading, inputting and enjoying the features that it does and will employ. We will have an opportunity to exercise the app while on our upcoming voyage, now less than four weeks away.
  17. Not a requirement at all. Princess is well set up to welcome you aboard and get you underway without using the app. Fill out what you can on the website until the site has completed the changes needed to put in the information that would normally be entered in through the app and this should be ready by the end of next month. Princess staff at the ship will help enter in the rest of the information if you are traveling before the website additions are functioning. Once on board, you'll be able to do everything you were able to do before the app by using the medallion.
  18. You will never know, but one thing I do know is that you don't know Jan well enough to doubt what she says.
  19. So I guess he does repeat himself! No matter. He is a great guy and we'll have fun when on his ship.
  20. Our November 6th voyage on the Emerald Princess had Grand Cayman on the itinerary but replaced it with Grand Turk over a month ago and just flipped the stop with Falmouth, Jamaica because of the issue being able to stop in the Caymans.
  21. Good news. We are ready to start packing for Nov.6!
  22. ......and she would probably help or find someone that would. That's the way she is.
  23. Thanks in advance for doing this. If you can grab a photo of the ship's officers picture that usually is hanging on deck 7 that would be even better.
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