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  1. Thanks for all the info and advice about sweet 16's. We booked 6030 in December...I can't wait!!
  2. We’ve booked this room for December…hope it’s good!!
  3. Wow Tom's Guide is very informative! Thanks for the tip!!
  4. Sorry I missed the gmail part. please send to Just4mattd@gmail.com thanks!!
  5. I would also like to see what you put together. We are staying in Old San Juan for 2 days before we sail at the end of March. Please send it to jdhunt21228@yahoo.com Thanks
  6. We are already booked! Love hearing what I have to look forward to. Also any must take, fo, see advice is always treasured!! ENJOY your trip!!
  7. We are going later in March. Would love to hear about your experience!!
  8. Trying to decide if it's worth the drive to do Foursquare tour over Mt. Gay? Looking to see how its made. Thanks
  9. Thanks for the recommendation! I emailed Levi and he got back to me the same day. We are booked for the Roseau Treasures...can’t wait!!
  10. Can you tell me how long the tour was?
  11. great info, looks like everyone had a fun day. How was the snorkeling? Thanks for taking the time to post this!!
  12. how far is the walk from Mullet to Maho?
  13. looks like your persistence paid off...Enjoy Bermuda and the Summit!!
  14. bummer! hopefully something will come through that you are happy with. I am going on my second cruise in march. the first time i booked directly with Celebrity. This time i used a TA recommended by a friend. I am very pleased to have used the TA. She got us a great deal with heaps of perks!!
  15. So glad it worked out for you. Enjoy your cruise!!
  16. I was concerned about this too! My TA and I both called X, the beverage package perk INCLUDES gratuity. You will NOT pay anything!
  17. We are booked in one under the Persian Gardens for March 2020...thinking it will be quiet!
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