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  1. I had a $500.00 price drop by lost $250. in OBC. Still a savings of $250.00 not matter what. I'll take that.
  2. We did this in September. Very easy. Treated like a taxi.
  3. Does not look like any NCL ship in the Caribbean for 2020 in the fall. Drats. 30th anniversary and wanted to go back on NCL for that.
  4. I'm on Allure in September and have been able to access and book shows and dining.
  5. It was doing the same thing for me yesterday. Only showing 6:30 for MTD. I needed earlier as state above for the shows. Not sure what the turn around time is and I'm sure it varies by ship to ship and crew to crew. I believe we should be able to tell them we need to be out by a certain time in order to attend a show.
  6. I did check the beaches out on Tripadvisor. I like that Saunders has patrols. Would you recommend a day pass at any of the hotels? I want to get off the ship, but seems time is working against us.
  7. CruiseApril, how long did it take back and forth? Also did you buy a day pass at the Melia?
  8. Scubagirl. Are there any facilities /bars at those two beaches? Will be our last beach day until we hit the next summer in the North East.
  9. We have it down pretty much, but I think there is always room for change/improvement. I will order some closer to our next cruise and see if they work for us. I am always up for new suggestions.!
  10. This is a great idea. The only thing is, DH and I bring one suitcase and one garment bag. Boy, if only I could get him to give up his suit we'd be all set.
  11. Scubagirl. How far are those beaches? We have been to Cable Beach. Just seems such an odd time for a cruise ship. But they changed the times on us due to an ongoing issue.
  12. We always go up a deck. We are out there early and can move other loungers down and away from us so we have more room. And yes. We stay in them all day long except for quick lunch. (and bathroom breaks)
  13. We are going on the Allure in September. We were going to stay on the ship for this last port. However, RCCL went ahead and removed St. T from our itinerary and I feel if we don't get off on at this stop, we will only doing one beach stop at St Kitts. We will most likely walk around SJ as we as they shorted that time. Ugggg. My question is, what beach will let you hand out until 4-5:00? We don't want to do the beach close to port as we have heard stories about oil from near by boats/ships and I know I won't be able to get hubs there no matter what. So beach it or boat (ship) it?
  14. What a nice story. Glad it turned out for the better for you.
  15. Wondering if they are authentic?
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