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  1. now hopefully a moderator will close this thread!!! PLEASE
  2. oh wow - my original question was about an email address. I was checking if royalguestrelations@rccl.com and mbayley@rccl.com were correct email addresses. The reason for wanting that information if not of anyone's concern. I not being rude or "obtuse" I asked a question. Whether the CEO physically types his email responses is also irrelevant. I can assure you, I would not be trying to email the CEO of a large organisation to tell him I was unhappy with the sheet selection in my cabin. I would only want to escalate if it was unable to be handled by sending a PM.
  3. I beg your pardon - I don't need to share my issues with RC in this forum. I was merely looking for assistance to make sure the email addresses I have been sending emails to are correct. My issue is not one which is straight forward and is incredibly personal (and medically serious) in nature. To Flacruiser99, you are correct, my issue cannot be resolved here, I was looking for guidance - not judgement.
  4. I agree, however sadly it seems unless you yell loudly, your voice is not listened to. Very sad indeed
  5. that's one of the email addresses I have tried. Speaking with a rep from Caribbean on twitter last night and they claim the email hasn't been received. I've sent it 4 times now. They have offered to chat via PM however I cannot provide all the detail which needs to be provided in that forum - as in I have too much info for a PM
  6. I have used a customer service email address as one of the email addresses
  7. well here's hoping my issue is dealt with so efficiently. Fingers crossed I have the correct email address
  8. thank you for your response. I guess my main thing was confirmation of receipt of the email as then I would at least know I had the correct ones. I will wait.
  9. I am trying to get in contact with the Executive of Royal Caribbean, specifically Michael Bayley or Richard Fain. Has anyone on here got any suggestions of contacts. I found what I believed to be email addresses, but so far no response. Also no response from royalguestrelations@rccl.com. I only sent the email 24 hours ago so whilst I didn't expect a proper response by now, I must admit I would have thought an acknowledgement at least. Any suggestions??
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