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  1. Fox News love it could watch it all day just not on a cruise
  2. Did you have to take a covid test to get on the ship if you are vaccinated?
  3. Isn't the ship getting some kind of work done to it right now?
  4. What kinds of things do you need to book ahead? Shows?
  5. How early can you go on the cruise planner to book things?
  6. Hi everyone. My wife and I and our 2 kids (18 and 14) just booked the explorer of the seas out of san juan for Jan 16. We have been on 6 Princess cruises but know nothing about Royal Caribbean. I havent started my research yet but I figured I could get some tips, tricks, or anything you can tell me about Royal Caribbean or specifically the Explorer of the Seas. I have read some reviews saying how old and tired she is and she was supposed to go in for a dry dock but i guess it got cancelled. We are very easy to please and are just excited to cruise again. Anything you can tell me would be great. Great menu items, must do's on the ship, do they play movies every night? We have never been to San Juan either so any must see's there? Thanks for your comments.
  7. I thought I read a article that said on the beginning cruises they would not have anyone in inside cabins. Does anyone else recall this? We have 2 insides on the Horizon on aug 22 and final payment is quickly coming up.
  8. I happened to look last night and our August cruise on the horizon went up 20$ per person
  9. How was the main pool during the day? Was it completely packed? We are going Aug 22 and hoping it's not too crazy.
  10. We have only sailed Princess. On the Regal they would sometimes use the basketball court to play pickleball or they set up batting cages a couple times. Does the Horizon do anything like that?
  11. How were the regular pools? Were they packed with people?
  12. We are booked on the Aug 22 horizon cruise. We have 2 interiors next to each other. we were thinking of booking 2 Havana interiors so we could use the private pool. I can't find anywhere on the site when I do a mock booking about Havana cabins. Where do I find them?
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