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  1. I agree. Book Concierge or a regular veranda and use the money saved to dine in one of the speciality restaurants. I booked Aqua Class once and I personally did not find the food in Blu to be much better than the food in the main dining room. The service in Blu was better but the food was just ok.
  2. If I am Elite Plus but my spouse is Elite, would Celebrity raise my spouse to Elite Plus as well? And if so, how would I go about making this change?
  3. How do you find out if the Power Up points were posted to your account? When I log into Celebrity, I do not see where the Power Up points are listed. All I see are my total Captain's Club points. Where would the Power Up points be?
  4. Does anyone know if there is a way to purchase Celebrity airport transfers using on-board credits before the cruise takes place? Airport transfers do not show up in my cruise planner so I am not sure if there is another way to purchase them with my on-board credit.
  5. I was supposed to be on the same 11 night Apex cruise to Turkey, Greece and Malta. I paid $7,200 for an Aquaclass cabin with 4 perks plus an extra $400.00 on-board credit from Celebrity. I did a Lift & Shift to the 11 night Edge cruise next year that has almost the same ports and Celebrity let me keep the original price I paid on the 11 night Apex cruise. They also let me keep all 4 perks plus the extra $400.00 on-board credit. The prices on Aquaclass cabins now with 4 perks on the 11 night Edge cruise are almost $11,000.00. And this price does not include the extra $400.00 on-board credit Celebrity gave me. That is a huge increase. Thank you Celebrity for allowing me to Lift and Shift.
  6. Can you Lift & Shift to a cruise that is one day longer for the same price you paid on the original cruise? For instance, can you move from a 7 night cruise to an 8 night cruise for the same price you originally paid?
  7. This is so encouraging. I really hope my Apex cruise in August can still happen. It feels so good to finally ready a positive post about cruises resuming soon.
  8. As of yesterday, Celebrity has drastically increased the prices on all Apex cruises in August, September and October of this year. The prices for these European cruises are more than double what they were a few days ago. I wonder what that means? I wonder if people are trying to use their 125% FCC to book these cruises since Italy and Spain are opening their borders to international tourism in July?
  9. Can someone tell me which concierge class cabins on the hump of deck 12 have the largest balconies on the Solstice class ships?
  10. Thank you. I just tried to make a reservation in my cruise planner and 9:30 is the last time it will allow me to reserve a table. So I guess 9:30 is the latest time they will allow you to enter the main dining room.
  11. Does anyone know what time the main dining rooms on Celebrity Solstice class ships stop allowing passengers to enter for dinner if they have Select Dining? For instance, can you show up for dinner at 10:00pm if you are returning from a tour that ended at 9:30pm? Would the dining room allow you to be seated and served this late?
  12. Taking a cruise is a part of living and enjoying life for many people. If someone decides that they want to take a cruise out of Brazil in spite of everything that is happening, that is their choice and should not be judged for it.
  13. There are all kinds of things happening on this planet. More people are dying from cancer, heart disease, obesity, gun violence, terrorism, car accidents, alcoholism, drug abuse, etc. You cannot stop living your life just because things are happening on the planet.
  14. I totally agree. Right now, I would feel safer in any country other than the US.
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