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  1. Does anyone think that Celebrity will extend the sail by date of 9-30-22 on the Future Cruise Certificates that are currently being issued on canceled cruises? In my opinion, this sail by date of 9-30-22 is very unfair given the fact that Celebrity is still cancelling cruises and we don't have a realistic date as to when cruising will return to full service. In my opinion, Future Cruise Certificates issued for cruises that were canceled by Celebrity should be good until at least the end of 2022.
  2. Does Celebrity offer transfers from Yokohama to downtown Tokyo for those of us who will be staying a few days in Tokyo after our cruise? If Celebrity does not offer downtown transfers, can someone recommend how we should get to Tokyo from Yokohama? I have never been to Tokyo before so this will be something new for us to figure out. Any suggestions are greatly appreciated.
  3. Does anyone know if Celebrity will be moving their Japan cruises from Yokohama to the new cruise terminal in Tokyo? The new terminal will be much more convenient for people who want to spend time in Tokyo before or after their cruise.
  4. I was told by a Celebrity agent that if you pay for the cruise in full and there is no balance due, you cannot have the fare repriced if the price you originally paid goes down.
  5. The benefit of only paying the deposit now is that I can have the cruise fare repriced if the price goes down before final payment. If I use the FCC to pay the balance in full now, I would not be able to obtain a price adjustment if the price on the cruise goes down several months from now.
  6. Does anyone know if you can use a portion of a Future Cruise Credit to pay just the deposit amount on a cruise or do you have apply the whole credit to the cruise when you book it? I have a FCC that I am going to use to pay for a cruise, but for now, I would rather just us it to pay the $900.00 deposit amount and I will apply the rest of the FCC to the remaining balance later. Is it possible to do this?
  7. We had a Greece and Turkey cruise aboard the Edge scheduled for July of this year. Celebrity canceled the cruise in January and offered us a refund or a 125% FCC. They would not let us do a Lift and Shift. We accepted the 125 % FCC and were planning on using it on the Edge in October of 2022 since that is the only month the Edge is doing that same itinerary next year. When we received the FCC, we found out that the sail by date is 9-30-22, which means we cannot use it on the only Edge cruise that is doing this same itinerary next year in October. I am very disappointed that these FCC have
  8. That is a very good question. The FCC sail by date should be extended beyond Sept 2022 on all European cruises that are canceled since Celebrity's European season does not end until November. We should be able to use our FCC on any European cruise in 2022, including the sailings that fall in Oct 2022. I hope Celebrity extends this date.
  9. My July cruise on the Edge was cancelled 2 weeks ago and Celebrity offered me a 125% FCC or a full refund. I would have preferred to do another Lift & Shift but they told me they are no longer offering that option.
  10. Normally, when the price of a cruise we have booked goes down before final payment, Celebrity will adjust the price of the cruise if I call and request it. Does anyone know how this works if you paid for the cruise with a Future Cruise Credit? If the price of the cruise goes down before final payment, will Celebrity adjust the price and give me the difference in another Future Cruise Credit?
  11. Thank you, everyone. This is good information. I have one other question. How does the Captain's Club upgrade work on these regular balcony cabins? For instance, can I book a 2A for the price of a 2B on deck 7 on the Solstice Class ships?
  12. Can anyone recommend a deck 6 obstructed balcony cabin on the Solstice Class ships where the obstruction is minimal? I am specifically interested in deck 6 on the Reflection but I assume all Solstice Class ships have the same design on deck 6.
  13. What is the difference between a Surf package and a Stream package?
  14. Can someone please explain to me how the Captain's Club cabin upgrade works regarding regular balcony cabins on the Reflection? Specifically, what balcony category can I get upgraded to from the least expensive balcony category?
  15. Does anyone know how to calculate the amount of the 125% Future Cruise Credit that Celebrity is offering on cancelled cruises? Is it based on the total amount paid for the cruise including taxes or is it calculated before taxes? And if you use it to pay for another cruise that is higher in price, do you have to pay the difference at the time you book the new cruise?
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