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  1. I was almost 5 when George VI died so I don't remember how long the curtains closed, or if it was just on the day of the funeral, I only recall crying because it was dark and mum wouldn't open the curtains. Strange the little snippets that stick in your mind from a young age. Avril
  2. I do. The last time I left home was Feb 6th when we went for our jabs. I was shaking inside and I'd only stepped onto the pavement to get into the taxi. I know it's unreasonable, but I can't help it. Avril
  3. My haircut is Wednesday, and carefully looking at it, all the grey that's suddenly appeared is at the front. So my thinking is, once it's back in its usual short style most of the grey hair won't be as noticable. I hope🤞 Avril
  4. The Queen Mother is different than a ruling Monarch and his or her Consort, so coverage wouldn't be expected to be the same. The precedent for the death of a Monarch was set years ago and it is tradition. Many find it unusual as it's something that they have never experienced, but I can remember our house being dark when the curtains were closed for a while as a sign of respect when George VI died. Avril
  5. The Queen is from a different generation, and that's how things were done when her father died. Avril
  6. We record and watch later so we can skip the annoying adverts😊 Avril
  7. That doesn't matter Pete, the 12 nights Fjords was added on to our main 19 night Med cruise that was previously booked in 2019, and made a B2B. We only did it when our June cruise was cancelled. After the year we've just had, a month away whatever the weather, sounds like heaven. We never let the weather spoil our cruises, the sea, a good book, a glass or two of wine and no cooking or cleaning. I'm easily pleased. Thank you for your advice, and we fully intend to do some tours. Avril
  8. Our first will be October 28th this year, and looking forward to seeing the Fjords🤞 Avril
  9. Well I never said I thought it was a good idea wowzz😉 Avril
  10. It's been said that it can be difficult for to do these tests properly and could end up with false readings. So maybe best for them to be done by a professional if using the results for travel. Avril
  11. Thank you Kalos for the reminder, truly chastised, and I won't forget again😟🥺 In answer to question about essential oils, I would have thought it was obvious. Non-essential oils aren't essential, but essential oils are. Simple really when you think about it.🤔 I have a much quicker and easier way to sort out my laptop too, I shout for my grandson. The eldest one moved into his own flat, but if the youngest ever leaves, I'm snookered😁 Avril
  12. We visited Sri Lanka in the early 90's when there was unrest with the Tamils and security was high. We stayed at The Mount Lavinia and enjoyed our time in Sri Lanka, although not as much as other countries and had no thoughts about returning. The one thing that sticks in my mind is the total contrast between those that have and those that have not. We went through Colombo one evening and saw a family of 4 unrolling mats to bed down for the night in the doorway of a large gold and jewellry store. It's something you see everywhere in Asia, but for some reason that family with 2 small children r
  13. Our wintery weather is forecast for overnight and into tomorrow, so we shall see. Our hairdresser day is on Wednesday and it can't come soon enough, and the non-essential shops reopening is great, pubs and restaurants though, not as important for us. Life is slowly returning to somewhat 'normal' which is a positive sign. Onward and upward🤞 Enjoy your day whatever you're up to and stay safe. You too Andy x Avril
  14. Cold but bright again here this morning, snow and sleet forecast for overnight and tomorrow though. I like our immediate Royal Family, not so much the lesser royals, but with a few minor exceptions. I was bought up to have respect for the monarchy, and imo our Queen and Prince Philip have always deserved it, regardless of the shame that other royals have caused them. They are from a different generation when they new what was expected of them and did their duty without complaint. Times and ideas change, but why should they be pilloried for doing the job that they have given up so much fo
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