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  1. The one good thing to come out of this lockdown is that we have all found a lot of new friends. Avril
  2. I have very much enjoyed reading your recollections of your first cruises together with your partner. The beauty of cruising gives us some wonderful memories and some long lasting friendships. Avril
  3. I thought so too. We had one every day😋 Avril
  4. And I in invisible, and impossible😁 Sis
  5. I think it's frozen yoghurt on RC, or it was when we were on her. Beautiful. Avril
  6. It's been a beautiful day in our little corner of the world, 17 degrees and sunny. Summer returned for the day😎 We spent most of the morning in the garden cutting back the trees and bushes as it won't be long before they stop the green bin collections for winter. The next few days are looking a bit iffy weatherwise, so it could be the last chance we get. I hope all my CC friends have had a lovely day and some nice weather. Avril
  7. I know you are, and I'm working very hard to help by liking every one of them, and trying to catch up with you😉 Avril
  8. I don't think it can be that pete. He might be a Roger😉 but he's never very jolly 😊 Avril
  9. We never thought of cruising until Frank had a panic attack on the plane coming back from Borneo. He said he would never get on another plane again and I thought our holidays abroad were over. Moaning about this over a coffee with my friend she suggested cruising, and I said that it wouldn't be any use as he wouldn't get on a plane to fly to the ship. When she told me that some sailed a Southampton round trip I perked up. Frank agreed to try, so the following morning I headed off to the TA's. I told the young woman I was interested in a cruise, and then the questions started, and my answer to every one was 'I don't know' I was clueless about cruising. 'Okay' she said 'If I asked what would be your idea of a perfect cuise, what would you say?' My reply was 'Sailing around the Med with Hercule Poirot minus all the bodies' 'Then you want P&O's Arcadia' I booked a 12 night Madeira and Canaries cruise and we have never looked back. We were looking over the balcony as we left port and when we heard Arcadia's horn we just looked at each other and smiled. I knew then we'd found our next adventure. Time for us to discover Europe. The whole cruise was amazingly different from anything we've experiencd before. We were totally hooked. All thanks to Frank's panic attack. Avril
  10. Bruce Forsythe I think? on one of his many game shows. Avril
  11. I think Wales is trying to tell you something Jean😉 Avril
  12. Wartime spirit wowzz. They were made of strong stuff. My parents were the same. Avril
  13. Hi there, and welcome back. I hope you're feeling yourself again. We all need to let go sometimes to clear our heads😉 Avril
  14. Those itineraries look really good. All we need now are prices which will probably take my breath away, or hopefully not🤞 Avril
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