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  1. No It's not just you. I'm beginning to think I've done something wrong and have been grounded. Can't think what it could be though cos I'm a good girl I am.😈 Avril
  2. 🎼🎢 But it's raining , 🎢 Raining in my heart.πŸ˜„. A tad off key but not too bad if I have to say so myself. Avril
  3. I can also vouch for the miserable weather here in South Yorkshire. The heating is back on for the first time in 3days. It's a big change from yesterday. We're waiting for our Asda delivery at the moment including a few interesting subs. Ordered broccoli receiving curly kale😞. Could be interesting with tonight's risotto. Might start a new trend. Tomorrow is supposed to be nice again. Lets hope so. Avril
  4. You beat me to it . I thought that could work too. Avril
  5. Do you think it would work if you didn't take your daily hours exercise for a week and save them up. You might have enough hours for a quick trip.😊 Avril
  6. Reading your post has just made me realise it's Good Friday and Easter this weekend. It's amazing how one day blends into another now. Stay well. Avril
  7. We all appreciate the efforts of the workers who are still out there helping to keep our country functioning in this crisis, and they do need our thanks. Whether by small gifts or kindness, patience and politeness. Even a genuine "Thank you " would be nice. Avril
  8. In Malaysia one year the waiter thought we were German. I thinks it's the gutteral Yorkshire twang.πŸ˜‰ Avril
  9. You didn't worry me at all Brian. We're both self- isolating because of age and our daughter has a weak immune system. Joe the youngest has been furloughed and I'm pleased because his daily return journey for work involved 4 buses. Dave the eldest goes to work on his motorbike, so has no interaction with anyone until he gets to work. At work everyone follows the strict guidelines and there are antiviral gels around. I have a bottle in in the back porch to use if either of the boys have been to the local shop. So if the virus gets past that lot I'll shoot the little perisher. 😁. Stay well. Avril
  10. Our daughter and two grandsons live with us at the moment and they're being extra careful. All's good so far. Stay well Brian. Avril
  11. Well you see Brian, they're always nice to workmen in the home. Cups of tea/coffee and bikkies to make sure you do an excellent job, which I'm sure you did without briberyπŸ˜†. We weren't so lucky. I don't know why but '"customer service '" seems to lead many to believe that that we're an inferior species. I have been insulted, shouted at, spat at and on one occasion a drug addict tried to come across the counter at me because I wouldn't let him have a Mars Bar for free. These kind of people were in the minority but they began to become more frequent during the 4 years before I retired. I can understand why Jackie and Vampiress88 feel as they do. I used to finish my day and say " Right, I'm now going home to kick the cat 🐱" thank god I never had oneπŸ˜‚ and thank god for an understanding husbandπŸ˜‰ Avril
  12. There are others on these boards that are having an even worse time at the moment.Kalos, Harry, Peteukmcr, Graham and Pauline, Andy and Michelle are just a few that come to mind, and I know there must be many more who must be struggling with their own personal issues. This forum is a wonderful way to forget your own worries for a while, try to help others where we can and above all LAUGH.πŸ˜‚. Stay well. Avril
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