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  1. Thanks a million for your feedback, great to hear that 😊
  2. Thanks very much 😊🙏 I haven't been letting the bad reviews get to me, I'll see it for myself and develop my own opinion then but I am sure we will have an amazing time. The only concern I had was the balcony, but at the same time I was thinking I was getting paranoid so great to hear feedback from someone who knows what they're talking about 😊
  3. Hi everyone, Never been on a cruise before and going for the honeymoon for the 7 day Hawaii cruise on board of Pride of America. I have read lots of bad reviews about the ship, but not getting discouraged as we've picked the cruise for Hawaii, not for the cruise itself or for the sake of spending the holiday on the ship, I know there are more modern ones and better ones out there. I just have one question... We were given cabin 10140, which is a normal balcony cabin. All fine, but only after we booked it I started looking into the ship, dining options, activities etc and came across these photos online. The balconies on deck 10 seem very 'built up' compared to deck 9 or 8. The pipe in the photo is a different cabin, so please ignore it, our own doesn't have anything blocking it but I am still a bit worried that the balcony is so covered up. If you see the deck below, the walls end where the balcony railing is, whereas deck 10 balcony walls 'stick out' and there is the roof above as there is a pool and a cafe on deck 11 above. I'm worried it will obstruct the view but I could be getting too worked up about it. Not sure what to think as this is our first cruise ever. Would you say I'm being paranoid or better to change for deck 9? Any advice will be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.
  4. Do you mind me asking more about your experience as we're doing the cruise in September for our honeymoon and read so many bad reviews 🙄 thanks
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