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  1. I thought the shows were ok, the energy one is cirque like. The actors/actresses were fine. The props, stage etc was shabby looking to me. At one point the blue lights they used to back light the two trapeze artists just shined into the audience eyes and no one could see anything. My husband enjoyed the comedian, the singing and dancing show Killed an hour
  2. My ex mother in law!!!!!!! if you go to OSheehans you will know what that means.
  3. We just came off the Dawn a few hours ago. First and last cruise we will ever take. We were in 10608, it was a good location, but had a connecting door. The Brazilian restaurant was very good, the rest were ok. Make reservations as soon as you can, limited seating. The shows were ok, but don't give up something you really want for a show. IF you use the SPA, check your bill daily. Many, many overcharges on ours.
  4. We booked our first cruise ever through a travel gent. The cruise has now dropped substantially in price. The travel gent contacted the cruise line and the best we were offered is $105.00 OBC. I read about others getting refunds. Should I push my agent more, go to the cruise line or be happy with my $105.00 credit?
  5. Good morning, How do I find out exactly what room credit covers? Can it be used in the casino? We prepaid gratuities. I was told by an experienced cruiser to request a refund for that and use the room credit to pay it? First time cruiser!
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