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  1. We had a deck 8 aft balcony 1 time and won't ever get one again. Constant vibration when the ship is moving.
  2. We could deal with the loss of channels in the rooms... Discovery and travel channel are enough to watch before bed. My main issue just off the Mardi gras was the sports in bars. They literally only had ESPN. So it was watch cricket and drink beer or no sports at all. A complete joke. Tried asking them to put on preseason football Steelers vs cowboys and they didn't have fox at all. Just cricket and beer.
  3. How is it a vacation to be on a ship with more rules than your own hometown or city? Sounds like a floating prison. No thanks. Someone that's afraid of covid shouldn't be cruising anyways. We're on the Mardi Gras now and it's a great time no masks and nobody cares. We also won't be cruising again until the mask onboard garbage is over with. I got vaccinated to cruise maskless and that's all I'll do.
  4. We also did Disney for 4 days masked up. I wouldn't pay a 1/5 of what I did to do that vacation again. Brutal. I'd much rather spend my vacation at home than be masked up. We're on the Mardi Gras now. No masks. It's a great time onboard. Getting off is terrible 90+ degrees masked up is ridiculous. My advice is reschedule till carnival quits with this mask stuff or your not gonna have a good vacation. 100% vaccinated cruise no masks is what they need to do.
  5. They made an announcement onboard for people to stop telling guest services.. the coast guard was out already nothing we could do for them. I slept through it all.
  6. On the Mardi Gras now. San Juan was pretty much a dump. Once you leave the main road seems like a good place to get robbed. Entirely too hot to wear a mask around. A few nic nac stands along the road, a Walgreens, and a CVS to shop at. I won't get off there again. Amber Cove is a really nice place. Alot more decent shops to look around while masked up. Then they have the pool, waterslide, Zipline area where very few people were masked. Nassau is tomorrow not sure what to expect we went once before and did the Atlantis watermark but I refuse to wear a mask around vaccinated so we may just stay onboard. As for the new protocols starting the 7th or 14th no thanks we will be rebooking our future cruises until Carnival goes 100% vaccinated no masks.
  7. I'm on the Mardi Gras right now and there is no way I would get on here with a mask required indoors at all times. It's a vaccinated cruise. Why would we wear a mask around?
  8. Pick a time for dining. YTD has been a disaster so far. Atleast at the MDR.. Waited 40 mins for a table after the HUB app said 10 mins. Once inside it took us an hour and a half just to get the food and eat. That will be the last time at the Flamingo restaurant for me.
  9. No clue it's all on the hub app. You check in prior to coming down then a table number shows up on your app. It said 10 mins for me and its been 30 so far
  10. Hopefully soon we're gonna go to dinner then waiting on that casino to open 😂
  11. The ship is awesome. The drinks are flowing. Almost time for dinner and to hit the casino tonight... Can't believe it's been so long but we are beyond glad to be back.
  12. Yep mine is gone also. The hub app is still working though.
  13. I know where I'll be next week...
  14. Actually after talking to a CSA earlier they are able to move rates to another passenger as long as I'm on that cruise too. Not casino deals but carnival deals/rates.
  15. How do you tell if a deal is transferable to another party? In this case a family member of mine who has never cruised before. I read about transferring deals on here before but I can't find it anywhere.
  16. Idk like I said I atleast break even on them. I also only hit the maxbet button on it the whole time so the payouts are alot larger when it does hit. I usually dont win much on any other slots.
  17. Time on the slot machines is key. Room key in the machine. "The Gold" is my machine play it every night for an hour or so and seem to break even atleast.. Once you get the offers book as many as you can at that time and you can gamble with Funplay for the most part.
  18. Just got an email about the departure time changing to 6pm from port Canaveral.. Will this also change the check in times?
  19. Being from a small town where bbq is a restaurant pouring sweet baby Ray's all over some chicken I'm sure it'll be good to me.. lol a good beer or two will make it even better!
  20. I'm ready to try some of that bbq and some of that brewery beer already.. saturday can't come soon enough.
  21. Pizza lines on the pride took forever after a show and late at night after everyone had a drink or two..
  22. I would imagine they will if they want any credibility in the future. I'm sure they were put in a tough spot having hotels booked already and having people on the payroll once cruises stopped all the sudden they couldn't get that money back to refund people. I'll give them a chance like I said if they don't show up morning of a Uber will bring us to the port.
  23. So it's on your sail & sign card? Or what?
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