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  1. Special thanks to PhilBenz and JCopp for contacting the reporter!
  2. I did read it...with both eyes open. I noticed how they cite the closure of Vietnam as a significant change. That’s it? Their statement says a lot but what it says much more in what is not said. Why would 1 change necessitate a cancellation? Oh...that’s right...this was the second major change already. The letter doesn’t mention having already altered the itinerary when changed the embarkation port from Hong Kong to Singapore. The letter doesn’t mention the social media backlash they are receiving outside of Cruise Critic which includes numerous bad news stories. It also doesn’t mention the current condition of the ship and people currently sailing on it or whether the ship will be able to sail on the 17th. Did they say anything about why the ship was refused by Vietnam other than they are being unreasonable? Blame others and divert. They know their actions are being scrutinized by cruisers and media outlets and their lawyers are telling them to say as little as possible. You trust their assessment of Vietnam being unreasonable? Plus, the Jade has not come back to port yet and when it does, expect some not-so-glowing stories. This letter is fluff and a weak attempt to control the narrative before the Jade docks, social media goes wild, and NCL is no longer able to control the narrative. I saw a lot more going on than the four corners of the letter when I read it with both eyes open 😃, not just one. 😉
  3. To the group - there are several other threads on Cruise Critic where cruisers are encouraged to share their thoughts and experiences with NCL. I have started posting and encourage others to do the same so that unsuspecting people know, at least, NCL’s nature and their priorities.
  4. I have cruised 7 times and found myself asking the same question. For my eight cruise, my wife and I booked the Norwegian Jade on 2/17 for a cruise in Asia. Thus far my NCL experience has been terrible. Most other cruise operators canceled citing the risks to the health and safety of the passengers and crew. Not NCL. They insisted on sailing during the Coronavirus situation and told us we would lose our money if we chose not to sail. They have been arrogant, unresponsive, and have lied about what is happening on the Jade now and on 2/17. I would be remissed if I did not share my unpleasant NCL experiences with others. If you do not want to take my word for it, here is an article about how NCL treats its guests. https://www.kentonline.co.uk/medway/news/dads-fears-for-son-on-coronavirus-cruise-222070/
  5. My number is NEVER! Is anyone on this thread aware of the current situation on the Jade? check it out for yourselves: https://www.kentonline.co.uk/medway/news/dads-fears-for-son-on-coronavirus-cruise-222070/ NCL has been lying, withholding, and bullying its customers in an attempt to profit during the Coronavirus crisis. Check out some of the other threads on Cruise Critic about NCL and then ask yourselves whether this is a company you want to continue doing business with. I was booked in the 2/17 sailing which was only canceled earlier this afternoon and I will never sail NCL after this ordeal. I would be remissed if I did not warn my fellow cruisers about cold, heartless, greedy NCL.
  6. My hope is they do right by everyone, including the people on the 2/6 and 2/17 sailings as well as take care of those impacted by the cancellations on the Spirit.
  7. They would have kept Vietnam on the itinerary and then invoked the clause stating they have the right to cancel, alter, substitute any port for any reason (again) while on the cruise and then told us to it was someone else’s fault.
  8. Getting information out of them is like pulling teeth. If they give you a hard time, try talking to the reporter who contacted this thread. Just because they caved on the 17th sailing doesn’t mean NCL won’t continue doing this to others.
  9. Continue putting pressure on them. They are still selling rooms! Contact the reporter who reached out to us, tweet them, tell your friends about their unscrupulous behavior.
  10. And let my hard-earned money go towards paying bonuses for Harry, Katty, et al? NCL offers nothing that Royal, Carnival, etc. don’t offer, too. I am with you: NCNCL (Never Cruise Norwegian Cruise Lies).
  11. Thanks to everyone for standing up for their values and for what is right. This never would have happened had we all not spoken up together but we forced them to acknowledge us and they blinked. Next time we book a cruise, let’s not forget how Norwegian Cruise Lies treated us throughout this ordeal and look at how other operators (Royal, Celebrity, etc.) treated their customers with respect. I wish I could ask Harry whether it was really worth it.
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