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  1. Thanks for the info Martincath. A cruise is cheaper than flying business class. And I'm tall so flying coach is torture. I thought maybe a cruise would work. After posting I found that what I was after was a repositioning cruise. I didn't realize that cruises were set up to do loops. Effectively you have to do a round trip. I had planned to fly to Spain this summer for a vacation. Even though it's another long flight, to see if it was a good fit to live. After researching this more after learning about repositioning, I decided to fly to Spain in a couple of years as i end my contract. Ships reposition from the Mediterranean over to the USA at that time. I can kill two birds with one stone by delaying my trip to Spain. I'll do a long vacation in Spain, then take a repositioning cruise home to the USA from there. One more question as I'm new at this. If you buy a long repositioning cruise, are they cool with disembarking part way through and not finishing the trip? Or do you pretty much need to go all the way to the end?
  2. I finish a work contract in Korea in Aug. of 2022. I'm looking to avoid having to fly home, so trying a cruise. It would be our first cruise, and we know nothing about cruises. Aug. or Sept. would be ideal. But could stay and go later. On this site I'm finding spring cruises going this route. But nothing in the fall. It seems that in the fall, they reverse course. I wouldn't mind going a longer southern route through the South Pacific, but they seem to leave from Australia, which would be another long flight. I don't care how long of a cruise it is, I'm just trying to avoid long flights. Stringing multiple cruises together would be fine also. Could someone with experience with transpacific cruises help me with my options to go from Japan, or Asia, and end up in the USA or Vancouver? Ideally in the Fall.
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