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  1. Surprised some here haven't bothered to read the details on the P&O website concerning dining arrangements. Please take a look: https://www.pocruises.com/cruise-with-confidence/your-holiday-experience Eating And Drinking "We all know that delicious food and drink are a core part of your holiday and this will certainly not change. You may be asked to pre-book a table in the restaurants; the buffets and deck grills will now be served by our waiting staff and you will only be permitted to dine with your household or linked travelling group, up to a maximu
  2. yep that's what I referred to as your "cruise party"
  3. At this point in time surely the notion of "Freedom" dining is a misnomer. Pre-pandemic there were 2 primary differences between Club Dining and Freedom Dining. With Club, you had set dining times and you always shared a table with the same people throughout the voyage. With Freedom there was no set time and you dined with anyone and met different people each night. Now, with the plethora of pandemic restrictions that's all changed AFAIK. No-one will be allowed to dine with anyone that is not in their own cabin or cruise party. So
  4. That sounds frustrating indeed. Do you think it's wise to keep on driving with such problems?
  5. Ah but will the clothes still fit after all this lockdown ??? 🙂
  6. It's a condition of the sail orders that they do so, they have no choice. What is not known (at least to the public) is what that threshold is. I think cruise lines should come clean and publicise it because I think it will determine for a lot of people whether they will cruise again. If the number is low like say 5 cases then I think that would put a lot of people off. You'll have lots of cruises with such cases imo. If the number is higher like say 30 cases then people will have more confidence that their cruise will manage to be a reasonable one rather than a prison ship co
  7. That's why you have multiple tests not singular ones, to remove that chance of false results.
  8. Her name was Diane Cousins and she was a brilliant entertainer and singer. Her act was a mixture of comedy and singing and always brought the house down. As you say she would stop mid-performance and get the house lights up if anyone came in late and equally if they tried to leave mid-performance. Always hilarious and you certainly learned to get there in good time ! Played many hands of Whist with her in the past as she was a keen card player and I've greatly missed her shows over the past few years. They don't make 'em like they used to !
  9. Whilst of course everyone knew what they were in for, it remains a fact that some will have consented to go on shore excursions with the ship and others will have elected not to either on principle or because they don't like or value the ship excursions. Either way you unfortunately didn't answer my question which was how many people seem to be staying on-board for the duration? I would guess this is a topic that might come up during evening dinner conversation.
  10. I don't think anyone has panicked over the TUI situation but it does highlight the on-going problems that face cruisers. In this instance it was the crew who had false-positives. It could have been passengers. What matters here is that the people involved were immediately quarantined which had it been passengers would have disrupted their holiday. Given that no tests are 100% then if we are going to continue treating Covid in the (imo) ridiculous way we are, then any cruise is going to be constantly beset with these issues. You're going to get
  11. @Miaminice OMG did you say only 4 people to a lift??? The queues for lifts must be massive esp at peak times like evening meals. Goodness knows how disembarkation is going go with people with hand luggage and only 4 to a lift. I guess for the fitsters not a problem, just use the stairs. Also do you have any feel for the numbers or percentage of passengers that refuse to take excursions with the ship and consequently just stay on-board at every port? Thanks
  12. This is simply wishful thinking. The problem here is that unless you test EVERY passenger and EVERY crew member EVERY DAY of the voyage then Covid cases on-board will spread. If you wait until someone shows symptoms and then test them then you will have missed up to 5 days or more of that person spreading the virus around. With 80% of Covid cases have absolutely no symptoms at all then the frequency of testing is of paramount importance. Quarantining an infected person clearly needs to happen but by then it's likely far too late and that person or persons will have already been spre
  13. Mein Schiff 6 comes down with a dozen cases of COVID https://www.theguardian.com/world/2020/sep/28/crew-first-post-lockdown-greek-cruise-contract-coronavirus-maltese
  14. Totally agree with you Rich/Cathy. It's a ridiculous measure and one that will likely ensure a huge proportion of the cruising market do not return. There are multiple reasons. 1. As you say it's just a very lame way to extract copious amounts of cash from passengers under the guise of "safety" 2. The very last place I would want to be on a cruise or elsewhere at this time is stuck on a coach or plane in such a tightly confined space with maybe 50 other people and/or crew or external tour guides. That increases the risk of Covid spread hugely.
  15. Carnival Corp released their Third Quarter Summary on 15th Sept. It stated: "The company's monthly average cash burn rate for the third quarter 2020 was $770 million" That's an incredible amount of money to be hemorrhaging every month. I don't personally anticipate that the share price will ever recover to former levels.
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