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  1. I am well aware of the risk that my sailing may be cancelled, though the order could be cancelled if conditions improve.
  2. Hello all, Looking for anyone with experience with teen cruisers, especially on NCL. I will be sailing Norweigan Joy to Alaska on July 4th, and it will be my first NCL cruise (our previous one on April 4 was cancelled due to COVID-19). I have taken one Carnival, two Disney, and two Royal Caribbean cruises, and I enjoyed Royal's programs the most. That may come as a surprise to some, as Disney caters specifically to children and families, but I found their activities to be a bit repetitive. Royal has all-day activities within the teen club, but also exclusive teen times for Ice Skating, Flowrider, Ultimate Abyss, etc. I also liked that they separated the teens into age groups, 12-14 and 15-17. From what I've seen in my research on NCL so far, there is no age group separation, just 13-17. The different teen club itineraries I've looked at included very generic activities and no exclusive times for ship activities. I will be 17 years old at the time of my sailing, and it is a bit frustrating to me that I will have to participate in activities with 13-year-olds. That almost completely discourages me from even going to the teen club at all, even though I know it is a great place for new people. All of this being said, I'd like to hear from anyone with experience with teen cruisers. What are your thoughts and opinions? Any tips?
  3. Hello all, After the cancellation of my recent cruise due to the COVID-19 pandemic, my family has been looking into taking the November 14 sailing on NCL Joy. I will be turning 17 next month, so by the time of my sailing, I will be 17 years and 6 months old. This puts me (as well as my two triplet siblings) in an uncomfortable situation, as we will be a bit old for the teen club activities, but too young for the adult activities. Anyone with experience cruising NCL, I was wondering how strictly the age restrictions are enforced for things like Spice H2O. I know NCL has specific "young adult" rules, but they only apply to 18-20. Does anyone have experience with cruisers my age that can provide tips/guidance?? I know in my RCCL sailings I was never asked about my age in the Solarium and I spent a fair amount of time there (I was less than a month away from turning 16). If this is not allowed, it would be much appreciated if someone could guide me to the right place 🙂
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