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  1. Normally the transatlantic cruises will be released in November/December
  2. A friend of my is also on this cruise and he wrote on facebook that about 1400 people cancelled this cruise. Did you here about this and notice it onboard?
  3. If you have people in you're group who like to go to the sauna, take the Oasis. On the Oasis you have to pay for it, but the Explorer won't have one anymore after here drydock.
  4. Ship is beautifull, but they replaced the sauna area for cabins, so no more sauna.!
  5. We had the same experience in april after here refit. We sailed the Navigator november 2018 with the old spa and gym. In april 2019 the sauna was gone, there was only a sauna for people with a spa appointment available. We were very disappointed. And we will experience the same with the Explorer that we sailed last november (spa and gym as we like it), and we booked the Explorer again for november 2020 after the refit in may. So we probably have to cancel that one. Royal Caribbean why are you doing this?
  6. I see the sauna's disappearing from the Voyager class ships after there refurbs, so I have to change some booked cruises. (or start looking for other cruiselines!) Can somebody tell me if there is a sauna (dry and steam) on the Anthem of the Seas, and is it for free or do you have to pay for it like on the Oasis of the Seas. Thanks.
  7. Thanks, Hope they leave it like it is on the Explorer too after the May refit, but seeing the new layouts on the deck plans I'm afraid they will be gone!
  8. Is there still a sauna available for everybody? On the Navigator there was no sauna available, only for spa guests.
  9. Just from the Navigator of the Seas. They removed the sauna's, there is only a steamroom in the spa that you can only use if you book a spa treatment. Is this a new trend, removing the sauna's (and fitness center for more cabins)?
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