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  1. Can you check for Escape leaving on Saturday? NCL web site says Haven and Suites are sold out. I find that very, very hard to believe but I don't know how else to check
  2. We cancelled our March 14 sailing on the Escape yesterday. Two rooms in the Haven. When I look on the NCL website, it says Haven is sold out as are the Spa rooms. So either people were booking yesterday, or it takes time for the inventory to update on the NCL website
  3. This is the trip we just cancelled. I hope you will post updates from the ship. I am so curious to know how full or empty it will be, the general mood on the ship etc. We are rebooking for December. The kids (teenagers) are soooo upset that we aren't going on Saturday. Their school actually closed because of a suspected case. We will go away, but driving distance. Just couldn't risk getting suck on a ship and missing so much work.
  4. You are correct. My mistake. It would cost us $1500 more right now for similar rooms. Hoping to keep it to the price we currently have. Of course, no idea what will happen to prices when we actually rebook. Looks like Escape, Joy, Epic and Getaway would all have similar activities and similar Haven accommodations and all have Caribbean cruises over Christmas week.
  5. Now I see it! It's about $1200 more than our current cruise and the other two I'm looking at. But maybe prices will come down when everyone starts cancelling on Tuesday?
  6. When I go to the NCL website and click on Joy and then click the View Cruises button, it shows the Joy in the Western Caribbean in December but when I click on View Dates and Prices it only shows the first 2 weeks of December. What am I doing wrong?
  7. Sounds great, but coming from NY, I don't want to add a cross country flight to the trip. That adds about $2,000 plus 2 days to the vacation for us. Have fun!
  8. Unless I am missing something (which is very possible) the Joy doesn't look like it is sailing the last 2 weeks of December. BTW, its a boy and a girl FWIW
  9. First time cruisers here. We have two teenagers who are currently 14 and 18. They were super excited for the Escape. We had cabins in the Haven which I was super excited about! We were all excited about the Western Caribbean ports. Looking for a cruise for Winter break to replace this one. Escape will be in dry dock. We want a boat that is similar. Getaway has a cruise from NY to Florida and Bahamas. Epic has one from San Juan to Southern Caribbean. The Getaway has more at sea days. Not actually sure if that is good or bad. Seems like there is so much to do on the ships! Trying to
  10. It's the cruises leaving after March 12th, after the new cancellation policy goes into affect, that will have the smaller numbers. We are cancelling Escape leaving on 3/14, but if it were not for the new policy, we may well have gone rather than lose all that money
  11. The kids don't want to cancel, so there is still a possibility, but my husband is set against going. Sounds like you are still going? I am thinking I will see if I can get someone on the phone in a few days at NCL to tell me how many people are still going. If a lot of people cancel, maybe a less crowed boat will convince him to go? Of course, at a certain point, if too many people cancel, won't NCL just cancel the whole thing?
  12. Now that we will be cancelling our upcoming trip on the Escape, I am looking to see what we might want to go on in December. Unfortunately after this month, we can't do a March trip because our children will no longer have the same spring break. So I'm looking to see which trips might work for December, which, unfortunately is way more expensive than March! But I digress -- we want to still be in the Haven and we want a ship with a separate Haven restaurant. What are our options? Which ships have the best Haven set up?
  13. I am THRILLED. We are booked on the Escape on 3/14. Mostly likely going to take advantage of this offer. I think NCL really stepped up and did the right thing.
  14. Looks like NCL is now the ONLY major cruise line that isn't allowing customers to re-book March cruises. The WH is apparently considering a tax bail out for the industry. I hope that limit tax relief to cruise lines that implement temporary liberal rebooking policies.
  15. I called NCL, the cruise agent I booked with. I hope everyone on here does the same. Call. Email. Let NCL know we expect them to match RC
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